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File: 1608528260044.jpg ( 3.61 MB , 4608x2240 , 20201123_195509.jpg )


Anybody play Wreckfest? One of the only newer racing games I've liked


What's so great about it?


My limousine for example, soft body physics, relatively good destruction and tricky handling make you want come back for more. Also online play is good from my experience. You could join a server and BTFO the serious racers by having all the lads choose school buses. At least until they vote to kick the lot of you lol


File: 1608528262148.jpg ( 450.22 KB , 1920x1080 , 20201124104020_1.jpg )

Yes, it's actually the only racing game in my steam library.

Reminder that real men play with realistic damage in all modes.


Based Rammer RS, i play on Xbox unfortunately because that's what the homies are on and limited internet connection

File: 1608528131071.jpg ( 61.65 KB , 674x366 , 7b0dfe54edf324c932f7c522a5….jpg )


I think it's a really good game about managing a small community of individuals with different skills, needs and personalities.

Warfare in RimWorld is fucking terrifying because every warrior is a guy you have spent hours with, you understand their importance, you know of their relationships, you understand their personalities and if they die theres a true sense or loss there.

Vanilla is pretty barren, but there are excellent mods for this.
Much recommended for any leftyanon
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it seems like my gay pwns never find love


isn’t this just DF for casuals?


Yes, but also with a bigger emphasis on base deffence




Not really, the two have a similar premise but focus on completely different things. Dwarf Fortress is a simulation of a fantasy world and Rimworld is more "arcadey" if that makes sense.

File: 1608528226402.jpg ( 121.44 KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )


>don't care for story
>don't care for graphics other than it should have more co lours than just gray and brown shit
>should have controller support
>should be re playable

so far, i think the borderlands series, far cry and doom fit these niches
do you have any other suggestions?

i basically just want to binge youtube videos and shoot at enemies leisurely
this mario micro fps ticks all boxes but it's extremely short
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>what is this game?
SYNTHETIK. It's an top-down tactical shooter with randomly generated levels, in-depth gunplay and a perk system.


File: 1608528254378.jpg ( 56.51 KB , 758x462 , caliber.jpg )

Caliber, a recent Russian one where you play as Spetsnaz soldiers.


this is perfect
it's an fps about food and very much bright


File: 1608528254712.webm ( 170.29 KB , 640x356 , Mr. Plinkett - Oh...-1.webm )

>game from the creators of world of tanks


Deep Rock Galactic kind of fits. No story to speak of per se, Grapics are low poly but well made, and isn't "realistic" drab grays. Definitely has controller support, and is very replayable since the levels are randomly generated.

Only way it differs from your list of requested features is that it is also multiplayer. However you can defiitely play it singleplayer and you get a (literal) bot that will help you out if you only do solo mode, and there isn't really any content locked out if you are playing singleplayer.

File: 1608528232892.jpg ( 24.15 KB , 400x406 , 1420064183444.jpg )


>he doesn't roll with depleted uranium dice
What's your excuse?
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yeah me too, i especially hate underlined 2s


>tfw successfully convinced people that I rolled 999 with 3d6
What can I say? They played their INT 1 characters well



Numberphile has interesting videos on dice, got me interested in using casino dice for dnd stat rolls


File: 1608528247075.png ( 540.54 KB , 595x717 , richsmile.png )



File: 1608528248885.jpg ( 290.55 KB , 929x702 , 1520165003184.jpg )


File: 1608528236975.jpg ( 115.22 KB , 640x853 , 1605446564177.jpg )


bottom text
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Wait, holy shit, I just realized that the good ending is actually the most based one as well. I always thought that the implication was that after closing the Demichev loop you "go back to normal" with minimal changes, but no, the ending clearly implies that the Soviet Union won the Cold War under Barisov.


it's also the biggest kino, it starts off same as the intro except all the words that were in english in the intro are now in russian and even though things sorta look the same they really aren't. and nobody even pretends it's weird, which means only one thing: the soviet union didn't win the cold war, because there was never a cold war. it won by default through world communism, thus achieving as of yet unheard of levels of based


Still fucking pissed that the game got treated like shit by activision. A lot of the devblog can still be found on Raven’s old site which details a lot more story elements and concepts that never got into the game itself due to corporate bullshitery. It’s a goddamn shame.
Also they also has the coolest minigun ever, which only have a single bullet but rewind time each time it fire to shoot it again and again.


File: 1608528246471.png ( 1.12 MB , 1336x684 , monbol.png )

in the spirit of what could've been…


monbol gang assemble


File: 1608528246796.png ( 776.95 KB , 1271x672 , a0d70528a5b808887d92d69c64….png )

File: 1608528092326.png ( 121.58 KB , 496x430 , 8d35d1bc384f37a8ddf398a142….png )


Seems like the trends of this year is going by real fucking fast. It hasn't even been a month before fall guys was on the airwaves and now it's Among Us. It seems like the trendy shit to be into today in the vidya game sphere seems to be moving at a faster and faster pace day by day.
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among us has more longevity than fall guys. sure its a trend but you can't deny that they absolutely hit on something


File: 1608528198910.jpg ( 23.33 KB , 390x259 , cute-pug-dog-man-hands-260….jpg )

Helltaker was never really a big thing, only in like super weeb spaces.


fallguys is literally just counterstrike deathrun cartoony style and among us is like jackbox push the button, no wonder why i feel like everything is recycled


File: 1608528223355.png ( 151.15 KB , 520x748 , pand_drink.png )

shes cute


File: 1608528244641.png ( 24.88 KB , 115x159 , fivey fox.png )

Whats the latest trend?

File: 1608528243119.jpg ( 168.96 KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )


Opinions on this top down shooter?

File: 1608528223765-0.jpg ( 270.59 KB , 719x708 , IMG_20201109_040352.jpg )

File: 1608528223765-1.jpg ( 186.54 KB , 603x773 , IMG_20201109_052844.jpg )


Anyone here play arknights? You know RPG in futuristic style & mix with old civilizations? Drop in, m8. Discuss anything. Memes, guides, spoilers to next events, etc.

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>but is this really the best kind of gameplay you can ask for?

Who said anything like that?


Well yeah. You should try it. Gacha games ain't so bad.


File: 1608528231780.jpg ( 80.29 KB , 678x960 , 116709546_3212134088905284….jpg )



You aren't going to trick me into gambling for jaypegs.


Bruh, you don't need gambling. Just use the mod apks.

File: 1608528234346-0.png ( 907.81 KB , 1222x1272 , illuminati confirmed.png )

File: 1608528234346-1.jpg ( 127.77 KB , 1920x1080 , INSIDE.jpg )


I just played INSIDE and I want more games like it. Not gameplay but subject matter, themes, mood, etc. What are the best games involving secret bases, shady experiments, working in the shadows, etc?


First for Deus Ex, obviously.


Metal Gear!


Perfect Dark


XCOM kinda?

File: 1608528232236.jpg ( 410.44 KB , 1600x900 , 0fmJHVe.jpg )


so I've been trying to build a gulag in fallout 4. trying. so far I haven't made any tangible progress and I'm constantly scrapping ideas. I can't find any good guides online either. help me out comrades


Play a better game.


Play a better game.


Come now, this post took OP some effort. He went through all that trouble of making the Stalin character and grinding that Bethesda grind for all those wall resources

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