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File: 1608528300634.jpg ( 25.17 KB , 160x160 , HillaryKing-GTAVC.jpg )


ITT: Video game characters that make you SEETHE.


File: 1608528300792.png ( 198.94 KB , 621x338 , commander deko.png )

Prepare to bleed.


File: 1608528300929.png ( 1.86 KB , 320x224 , Gradius II option thief.png )

What a lovely set of options you have there, would be a shame if something happened to them…


File: 1608528301253-0.jpg ( 208.24 KB , 1680x1050 , TheDriver-GTAVC3.jpg )

File: 1608528301253-1.jpg ( 321.15 KB , 1680x1050 , TheJob-GTAVC26.jpg )

For context, this guy almost made me drop the main storyline and not touch it ever again out of sheer frustration that his recruitment mission is.

First, he starts the race in an invicible Sabre Turbo while Tommy has to settle for a humble Sentinel. Then, approximately 15 seconds into the mission the cops join in and start chasing you and ONLY you. If you're lucky, he'll crash into some wall and thus give you enough time to outride him. However, if you somehow lose momentum then you're FUCKED, because the game spawns traffic only relatively to you so he'll have no problem catching up and outriding you with no obstacles.

Secondly, when you finally win the race you'll be in for a letdown. This fat fuck contributes fuckall to the actual heist and when he gets a chance to be helpful, he instead decides to stand up to the fucking SWAT and promptly gets shot to shreds.

Seriously, what the fuck R*?


File: 1608528301442.png ( 115.43 KB , 431x437 , Suguru.png )

Mostly because every other villain in the game is shit compared to him.


Also what the fuck is the point of recruiting a getaway driver that is the second best driver in the car?


R* really didn't think this one through properly, also that's the issue with R* game design in general in that a poorly designed mission can make you really hate its character even if they're otherwise okay, same thing happened with Zero and his missions in SA.




Only now do I see how similar he is to El Grando Smokio

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