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Seriously, I made an unarmed khajiit adept in theft and other based shit.
I did a bunch of theifs guild shit and did a bunch of fighters guild shit. I can finally kill enemies and I was finally feeling happy. I went to this cave near caldera that had a bunch of Dedra worshipers in it, I guess cause there was some random book of dedra in there. I made it to level 8 and I walk outside and I am immediantly bombsarded by a fucking clif rider and two fucking alits and now I am stuck in this fucking gay ass cave and have no idea what to do now. I tried running and I finally was making it back into a fucking city AND THEN THE FUCKING GAME CRASHED ==WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK MORROWIND? HOW THE FUCK DID ANYONE EVER PLACE THIS GOD DAMN SHIT!? I am fucking pissed beyond all belieF!!!



On the matter of it crashing -
did you install any code patch or mods?
Every beth game tends to get a complete code overhaul made by the users since they're buggy as shit.


I did, I did. Technically, I am playing morroblivion, which, ok, I expect there to be bugs in something as crazy as that, but, I have owned this version of the game before and it used to do the same shit on me randomly before the overhail a long time ago. It's just some annoying bug probably from the version I pirated. ITt's just frustrating.

I still have now idea how I am going to beat those fucking alits. One is literally right outside the door


Are you a zoomer, outlander?

Back in the day games did not autosave every two seconds to hold your hand so you had to get in the habit of quicksaving yourself.


I'm 30 faggot.
I hard save ever 5 seconds. It was the autosaving that fucked everything up. Autosaving directly infront of a alits. Fucking insanity.


If you are in a truly gamefucked scenario, there's no shame in using the console commands.
'tgm' your way away from certain death and get back to playing normal as quickly as possible.


That still doesn't take care of the enemies being so strong…

I actually managed to run all the way to a slave plantation and ended up getting chased bu teo altir and 3 cliffriders on the way LOL. Some argonian slave saved me by distracting them. It was a huge mess. But, really how do I deal with the difficulty and the shitty combat system?

Also, how the hell does sneaking work? It's like i'm either caught or not.


File: 1608527518003.jpg ( 111.95 KB , 982x690 , slider.jpg )

I don't know what changes Morroblivion makes to the actual game balance, as in my experience Oblivion wasn't particularly hard.
Unarmed combat is self-imposed challenge as well.
The best advice I can give for immediate ease is just to turn the difficulty slider down.

There's a myriad of mods on Oblivion nexus for changing the difficulty balance and combat system,
but I don't know how any given one would interact with Morroblivion.

Sneaking is just kind of wonky in general. By the time you're at sneak 100 you can basically be in plain sight without being caught.
But at low skill level it kind of sucks, even in places where you think you should be stealthed, someone might 'hear' you.
I just recommend crouching around a lot in general in any given place with NPCs.
The way Oblivion works that should get the skill to level up fairly well.


Just cheese the game with potions dude.


File: 1608527518176.jpg ( 24.24 KB , 368x450 , 56194287_630113580782147_9….jpg )

Cheating is gay. I want to play the game.
No worries, I have managed to over come this struggle as I do all struggles.


Oblivion is poorly balanced and kind of messy. Playing archers having managing inventory is tedious, playing mages is too easy but then enemies just null your magic if you dare to level up too high, and talking about that, the leveling system is a total meme.


For all the flaws of oblivion the morrowind combat system is worse. Though, I do think that morrowind has a superior environment.
Morrowind is just more fun to play than oblivion.


As a tardbarbarian type player I actually prefer Morrowind combat to Oblivion/Skyrim.
Even if I start the game with two-handed specialty and only use two-handed weapons, it's true I'll still miss a lot of hits until I'm high skill.
But that still gives me a sense of actual progress because by the time I'm high skill I'll annihilate everything that once gave me grief.
Whereas Oblivion/Skyrim I just flail my arms floatilly/sluggishly respectively no matter what my skill is and eventually shit dies in about the same time.
And of course everything else about Morrowind is comfier as you say so it's my top pick, not having played Daggerfall properly.


File: 1608527518492.jpeg ( 30.46 KB , 370x278 , er23r23.jpeg )

Fuck man, I have been wanting to play dagger fall for ages, but, getting it set up with DOSbox is a fucking insane chore && getting a computer that is old enough to run it is, also, an insane chore.
As far as the combat system goes, what I dislike about the morrowind combat system is the fact that it is so clunky; The enemies run around sporadically and there is no real sense of direction when attacking or even a feeling of actually being engaged in combat. When I hit some one in skyrim, I know that I hit them. I can see it and feel it in my bones. It's obvious. When I hit them in morrowind (if I actually manage to land a successful hit [cliff racers are impossible to actually hit some times]) it doesn't give me a sensation of actually having made contact. I just feels like I am punching wildly into the air. What you are describing I think is the leveling system and, yes, I agree that it is far more rewarding in morrowind when playing from the aspect of a barbarian or anything really. You really do have to work to get what you desire, but, as far as the actual mechanics of combat go, holy shit they are clunky a fuck and that just ticks me off.

Oblivion made small improvements and obviously skyrim has the best improvements on actual combat mechanics, imo. But, yeah, I think every one is pretty much n agreement morrowind is still the best of the three so far.
I usually just crank up the difficulty on oblivion slightly and on my skyrim play through I am one rung under legendary, lol.


Oh on the subject of Daggerfall btw some fellows ported daggerfall into Unity so it runs better (and on linux) and is more moddable.
I don't know if it's totally finished, but I think the whole game is playable now.
Some anon over at hobby made an effortthread on it awhile back with install and instruc links and I've downloaded it all and never played.
I think this is how you link threads /hobby/>>6456




Holy shit this is the most based thing I have ever seen in my life.



lol the conversation mini game horseshit


You link threads from other boards like that >>>/hobby/6456


Hello, mod here.
I was being an autist and moved that thread to https://bunkerchan.xyz/roulette/res/979.html



>Actually playing as a fucking thief


File: 1608527519072.jpg ( 105.5 KB , 1242x1181 , 066ccec1aced36de395985b3cc….jpg )

It's better than playing the barb for the 999,999,999,999^5 times.


Help me anons, I'm not sure what's best.
I joined House Hlaalu because they are anti-slavery. However, they are also allied with the Imperials/Empire who seem very EU-like to me. If not EU, then straight up colonisers.
What should be done?


the Empire is the better choice as compared to rival powers like the Aldmeri - who are straight up genocidal. Really I would have went Redoran because they are also anti-slavery but pro-independence or morrowind and hate the telvani pricks, but massive corruption aside Hlaalu is alright.


Sounds like Redoran are who I should've gone for.
There's not a chance I'd join the Telvanni, they're absolute scum.


Is it? I found Skyrim ridiculously easy and brainless.


On that note of the game crashing, what is the most unstable game you've ever played, /games/?
It's probably KotoR 2 for me:
Every door loading screen in the first city (the terraforming station) has a 40% chance to crash you.
Every cinematic (which get scaled down to like 200x400p) has a 50% chance to crash you.
Every time you use space travel its like 90% chance to crash you.

Also KotoR 1 also deserves a shout out, as the string of different cinematics after Bastila bossfight each have a huge fucking chance to crash, meaning you have to do the boss 10 times.


Actually, now that I think about it, it was that bad on Windows 7. I dread to think what it would be like on 10.


Morrowind isn't particularly difficult, it's just you. I could play through it without problems and I'm legit retarded when it comes to games that aren't turnbased.


File: 1608528281822.jpg ( 1.23 MB , 2460x2240 , TES - Oblivion.jpg )

Oblivion was comfy

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