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File: 1623551912852.jpeg ( 97.22 KB , 1280x720 , kaiji.jpeg )


I got asked what my favorites games of this year were but all I've been doing is playing Runescape and TF2.
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Me neither (I'm poor).


I'm on that path right now.

Seeing any new game release – or anything related to the modern day industry – just makes me want to puke from how over saturated it all feels. Case in point being the new battlefield advanced warfare.


File: 1623680771661.jpeg ( 436.21 KB , 2560x1440 , 1004.jpeg )

Tf2 makes me wanna consider reinstalling steam.


All the E3 trailer's I've seen this year look awful. It's barely worth keeping up with new game releases the past few years.


bruh i started playing with a mouse and sniper is so much fucking fun

File: 1608527663822.jpg ( 304.5 KB , 920x920 , newest 3x3.jpg )

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what vidya does bunkerchan like
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wow the initial replies in this thread are fucked


File: 1623647529262.jpg ( 817.26 KB , 1520x720 , monza-circuit-noon_21-06-0….jpg )

I've been playing Real Racing 3 and it is quite fun


File: 1623650192835.jpg ( 114.37 KB , 600x850 , scmrpg.jpg )



Chrono Trigger is a marxist masterpiece.


ah a classic

File: 1623679691648.jpg ( 24.96 KB , 283x351 , Planescape-torment-box.jpg )


Still undefeated.


At what exactly? Bad controls? Shallow mechanics?


>Still no more crpg set in planescape or spelljammer
Literally the only good vanilla D&D settings.


I think the same. Baldur's Gate was good too.


File: 1623713814551.jpg ( 74.19 KB , 400x411 , 1601254963741.jpg )

In the 90s: Al-Qadim, Birthright, Dark Sun, Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, Mystara, Planescape, Ravenloft, and Spelljammer.
In the past 20 years: Forgotten Realms, Forgotten Realms, Forgotten Realms, Forgotten Realms, Forgotten Realms…


Has there ever been a gaut?me quite like Deus Ex since it came o


No. There's been a lot of Immersive Sims, but none of them are quite like Deus Ex.

File: 1623552520955.png ( 329.85 KB , 540x429 , 1623530005447.png )


I miss well-optimized video games. Now because processing power keeps increasing nobody in the industry cares.
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I had no idea there was such a thing

Same, worst example for me being the Pokémon games (it's all barely catchy synth-orchestral shit now)


This is random


File: 1623636334479.jpg ( 78.99 KB , 590x661 , E3x3Zz3VgAAqTKX.jpg )



I'm pretty sure most modern game developers write little scripts for an old crufty engine, that gets barely enough patches.
Most money is likely spent on highres models and marketing.
Even new low-level stuff is probably written in C++ with boost libs.
Just look at how poor of a performance Pokemon games can get away with https://old.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/bzw5pk/gamefreak_optimization_problems/


So… indie games?

File: 1622301888070.png ( 586.12 KB , 2300x1900 , hohohoho.png )


I skip the sex parts in eroge to get back to the plot like in Rance, Fate or Monster Girl Quest.
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Clannad is about life.


>Monster Girl Quest

Yeah, right.


I do that sometimes, but I'd never consider skipping the sex in a nukige.


Well, obviously. But people forget there's different kinds of eroge.


The porn is crap, but the plot is pretty good
And Paradox has nice gameplay

File: 1622344676668.jpg ( 128.07 KB , 800x391 , 1455387744151.jpg )


Knights of the Dinner Table is and was the only genuinely good RPG humor.
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Not like that precludes them being in a relationship among furry degenerates, but no, they aren't.


File: 1622872916180.png ( 211.5 KB , 712x423 , queer coded.png )





File: 1623470255272.jpg ( 31.85 KB , 500x581 , happy pride.jpg )

Love wins.


File: 1623494430034.png ( 1.28 MB , 712x4750 , ClipboardImage.png )

Thank you for introducing me to this stupid ass webcomic, it reminds me of Sweet Bro & Hella Jeff

File: 1623459394015.png ( 381.62 KB , 1308x596 , palestinian aid bundle.png )



>inb4 'lol paying for games'

Yeah yeah, true, but a lot of these games are obscure enough that it will be a pain in the ass to pirate them and anyway, it's for a good cause, you literally get 1272 games, there's gonna be something you like.
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I guess relatively so sure, more legal aid is always good


>implying this will do anything against the billions Israel gets every year


I don't think this bundle is going to save Palestine, but it's games for next to no cost and you are helping Palestine at least a tiny amount. I don't see the big deal.


>Yes 30 min means 30 minutes


You go back to /pol/ and stay there Nazionist faggot

File: 1619752977125.mp4 ( 42.15 MB , 640x360 , cowadoody.mp4 )


Call of Duty Cold War "Bad" Ending
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Perseus is also the ultimate daddy.


I heard a lot of the "Soviets are heartless retards" shit is actually recycled from shit Tarist Russia actually did, but I'm no expert.


Oh definitely, I don't think it ever got as bad as not giving soldiers guns, but in WW1 morale among Russian soldiers was rock bottom for reasons such as not being given replacement boots and having to wear ones with holes in them for months (in snow and slush).


Wow apparently that is actually true about the guns:

"By December, 1914, the Russian Army had 6,553,000 men. However, they only had 4,652,000 rifles. Untrained troops were ordered into battle without adequate arms or ammunition. "Untrained troops were ordered into battle without adequate arms or ammunition. And because the Russian Army had about one surgeon for every 10,000 men, many wounded of its soldiers died from wounds that would have been treated on the Western Front. With medical staff spread out across a 500 mile front, the likelihood of any Russian soldier receiving any medical treatment was close to zero". (12)

Tsar Nicholas II decided to replace Grand Duke Nikolai as supreme commander of the Russian Army fighting on the Eastern Front. He was disturbed when he received the following information from General Alexei Brusilov: "In recent battles a third of the men had no rifles. These poor devils had to wait patiently until their comrades fell before their eyes and they could pick up weapons. The army is drowning in its own blood." (13)"


Now I'm wondering how this got recycled into EATG. I love that movie still, even though the politics of it are revolting. A lot like the movie Patton was ruined for me after finding out that the man himself was essentially a fascist.

File: 1613356984768-0.jpg ( 587.7 KB , 1440x1788 , DutchWantedPoster.jpg )

File: 1613356984768-1.jpg ( 48.04 KB , 540x699 , TIMEmagJuly1899.jpg )


Was he based? It seems like he was a flawed individual that did his best until he went mad. By the time of RDR2 the gang was already well past it's prime. To me Hosea seemed more so the wise one of the two. Sure Arthur understood the Pinkertons were pawns of the capitalists. Nonetheless he still thought the gang were the bad guys, maybe worse than the capitalists. He particularly despised the usury practices of Strauss and Micah's killing of innocents but went along anyways. There's also the influence the fictional writer Evelyn Miller had on Dutch's supposed ideology. Funny enough Miller admits he's an urbanite hack in side missions and ends up killing himself in the last one. The anti-civilization ideology Arthur and i assume Dutch hold is hardly expanded upon but I'm sure there's real world examples of the era the developers drew from. Despite this their gang seems to be the most civilized out of the enemy ones encountered in the game. So what's the conclusion? Was he just a caricature of leftism the same way Reyes was in the first game or something else?
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Yeah lmao my bad

Yeah and its not even close. RDR1 is still a great game it's just living in RDR2's shadow now


File: 1615830838127.gif ( 1.08 MB , 680x680 , 06a22a3ee00a0f82d9274d4758….gif )

>mfw I'm trying to grind for the Legend of the East Outfit while still in Chapter 2, because the Outfit is made for Arthur


I think the only vaguely leftist Character in RDR2 is Javier, who escaped Mexico, because of his Revolutionary Activity. People from Rockstar wanted to lump him into the broader Zapatista Movement I think


I don't know if I have ever seen cringe like this before



Why is the american frontier clouded in such mystery, while other historical frontiers rarely get mentioned at all? I mean this has been a thing before hollywood and mass media

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