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ITT capitalist guilty pleasures

which tier is your favorite teir?
i leik little cup (lvl 5 only)


1st generation, while very flawed games, were still the best games because somehow the sequels took all the bad things and just kept making them worse and worse and worse.


Separating special attack and special defense, biggest mistake.


didn't realize onix stats were that crap


dual types, and psychic nerf were pretty good things in the first sequel
> but grinding
no one cares


Too much nerf.


it was just to nerf mewtwo and the psychic type in general


<excuse me sir this aspect of your game sucks
>yes, but who cares
Yes, we all know people don't play Pokemon for the gameplay.


yea as in your only complaint is they are grind happy games (which they actually have been lessening to the chagrin of old time players), that's not a diss to any of the games meta: typing, monster variety, competition, or even how the leveling is done (ev + slow/fast groups)

Maybe you just don't like RPGs


What if I don't like Smogon rules? My favorite ruleset was official doubles (Gen 6) because that's the last generation I played, and nobody on Showdown plays that anymore, wish I could get over my hatred for Gens 7/8 so that I could learn how the new battles and pokemon work


I like plenty of good RPGs, of which Pokemon is not.

>your only complaint is

I don't believe I've enumerated any of my complaints so far. But the "competition" aspect of Pokemon has always been an embarrassing joke, filled to the brim with exceptions and restrictions because of how broken the system is. If you want to get into what makes a good RPG we can talk about that. How about the fact that the battle progression has never been very good and the world design and area progression seemingly getting more uninspired with every game these days.

>which they actually have been lessening to the chagrin of old time players

I'll concede this is a good thing if it's true, the horrible time-wasting anti-player grind shit got worse with every game in the early generations. The idea that you have to schedule a specific time out of your busy day for a leisure activity in order to catch some Pokemon at the right time of day is just monstrous. That's a game controlling you, not you controlling a game.


File: 1612593027533.jpg ( 39.55 KB , 720x528 , gwen computer laughing.jpg )

>The idea that you have to schedule a specific time out of your busy day for a leisure activity in order to catch some Pokemon at the right time of day is just monstrous.

What's the matter anon, you can't get up early enough?

I kinda empathise with the complaints ITT though, I some years ago had an idea for a Pokemon game that was more akin to say MGS5 (big open world where you have to scout out what Pokemon you want in the world, use your Pokemon to either distract or overwhelm, gadgets and devices to help you track down small/stealthy/ethereal Pokemon, etc).

But then I just want a game where you fuck the Pokemon and dislike turn based battles so w/e.


> stealing RMS's tagline
you can change the time whenever you want

> world design/area progression

Eh, GF knows what makes the game addicting, awesome landscapes you see in Final Fantasy aren't really the games main appeal and traditionally being ran on low powered hand held titles were infeasible until very recently - which they *have* been experimenting with in recent titles like Ultra Moon. This is like knocking on a puzzle game for not having more voice acting.

> battle progression

its only 'bad' because you can intentionally cheese it with type weaknesses (and being OP with efficient grinding in RPGs is usually seen as a boon to the gameplay)

The discussion is pointless though, it's fine to not like it, I'm not particularly attached to them but I've had enough fun playing pokemon to mildly defend the series


>intentionally cheese it with type weaknesses

Is that really 'cheesing' when it's the whole point of the game?


No, I just had to extrapolate what anon meant with > bad battle progression
It's clearly a great feature of the pokemon formula


File: 1612628869854.png ( 63.53 KB , 750x650 , hmm.png )

>filled to the brim with exceptions and restrictions because of how broken the system is.
Every other e-sport is like that, anon. The only difference is that, most of the time, the exceptions and restrictions are baked into the programming itself and imposed via patches. In Pokémon's case the biggest problem is that all of the enemy teams/encounters are designed on complete autopilot and don't even take advantage of any of the nuances the battle system has (to the point where trainers literally will never switch, use status moves, buffs, debuffs, or use their abilities properly), let alone have their levels properly balanced. Romhacks that actually bother to design trainers tend to be pretty entertaining (like Drayano's, or Clover, as cringe as it is)
Completely agreed on the world-design part. Why they wouldn't get bored of doing the "modern country but wholesome" shtick for 7 gens straight with the exact same gym leader > evil team > E4 > champion routine, even if they knew they were making serotonin dispensers for kids, boggles the mind. Feels like GF only ever gave the post-game and Alola any thought


Reposting here what I posted on that /hobby/ thread

>As for vidya, I consider Pokemon a guilty pleasure of mine. I don't see anybody on this site talk about it so I automatically assume I'm alone in liking it. I know the games are shit compared to pretty much any other game and I've hated the franchise since Gen 7, and under this system there's nothing I can do to stop that trainwreck of a series. But I like the monsters and characters, and the setting has so much potential. Which is exactly why I hate it because it's all wasted. Not to mention that they're still selling 2 versions of the same game which in this day and age could be easily replaced by some pokemon randomization per player like what they did with the Friend Safari in XY, but for obvious reasons they'll never do something like this. It's disgusting to see, but I can't help it, I still like Pokemon to an extent. Unfortunately if I tried to hack the games to make them better in any way, and share it with the world, I'd end up in some top secret Game Freak/Nintendo list, after which I'd get sent a C&D letter or worse, men in black would visit my house and physically threaten me so that I stop all "violation of intellectual rights" forever.

(By the way, that last thing about the men in black is real in case some of you didn't know already https://youtu.be/th1ijyjnulw


Defense should've just been a general defense stat instead of having multiple defenses. Although special attacking special was dumb.


Surely that would make the game way shallower. Also, it makes sense for some pokemon to have higher defence against physical attacks and lower against special attacks, or vice-versa.


I like Monotype because it lets you larp as a gym leader/elite 4 member. Did pretty well with a trick room Ghost team. Does anyone play gen8 competitive at all? What's the meta like? Do the restrictions on mons narrow it down even more than usual or does it give some spotlight to previously underappreciated mons?


Genuine question from someone who's older than the pokémans, but never got it: what's the appeal? Why do people above age of 8 go crazy over them?
And I don't mean massaging their innards with your dick. That's the part I get.


It's nostalgia from when we were kids, Pokemon was like, a 'social movement' that everyone was involved in.


The monsters and characters are cute/cool, that's what keeps me hooked. But the reason I'm hooked in the first place is because I've liked it since I was a kid, so I've become used to it, I'm immune to its shittiness.


The biggest reason is obviously nostalgia for when you were a kid, but the monster designs are really neat for what they are (wanting to fuck them aside) and IMO the competitive aspect of it is pretty enjoyable. It has plenty of the elements that make, say, TCGs interesting while keeping it simpler and with a much different combat system.


File: 1613244647179.gif ( 1.05 MB , 320x240 , 1395690428831.gif )





Sinnoh remake looks lame and I feel like the open world game is going to have the same trappings the recent games have minus being linear.




In all seriousness, I admit I'm kinda hype for New Pokémon Snap. I'll definitely try to emulate it. Looking forward to the Sinnoh husbandos and waifus' redesigns. But damn, was that video disgusting.

I'm expecting the remake to be kind of the same as the original, but in 3D! like ORAS was, but I also think it could surprise me in a good way that we can't see now. Partly because another company is also working on it. What sort of infuriates me though (and it's something they also did in ORAS) is that the maps look exactly THE SAME as they did in the original games. Sword and Shield came out nearly two years ago, why can't they modernize the look of an old region for once? Shit, I'd say even Kanto in FireRed and LeafGreen looked more "updated" than the main entries of that generation, Ruby and Sapphire.
The fact that the Arceus game is apparently being developed solely by Game Freak/Creatures is sort of terrifying.
And speaking of Arceus


right now it's looking like unrendered hills and fps crashes for pokemon loading in nearby. they did trailer cuts, so you're supposed to assume that triggering a battle will be near-seamless transition from overworld to battle-mode. given the trailer alone, it might as well be linear because if "interesting events" dont render at a large distance, the player will essentially just be looking at their map and trying to get to the next location the fastest. this would probably be the best gen for having field puzzles, but all we've seen are just hills and grass. pokemon just stand around waiting to be captured.

i was hyped at first bc i saw the leaks but the real thing ended up being very disappointing.
also, i was wrong about it being feudal. clothing resemble the Ainu people, and its architecture being early Showa period.


Pokemon Conquest went into a 3 based stat system and it is actually fantastic to play and setup.


I downloaded that game, but still haven't played it. I liked the sprites and characters, it looks like it's a pretty cool game


File: 1615957873354.png ( 1023.05 KB , 800x566 , ClipboardImage.png )

OK, I'm gonna say it

Team Magma are tankies
Team Aqua are anarkiddies


team aqua are eco-terrorists, their plan was to drown civilization so that nature can flourish.


What are Team Magma then?


Guess i was meant to be a tankie since i was 6 then.


iirc magma wanted to evaporate the ocean to uncover hyperborea


File: 1616033015573.jpg ( 36.29 KB , 472x348 , heavy breathing.jpg )

>In Pokémon Omega Ruby, Team Magma's role in the story remains largely the same but their motivation has been significantly altered. While in the original versions of Ruby and Sapphire Team Magma saw a world with more landmass as ideal for both Pokémon and humans, in Omega Ruby Team Magma wishes to put an end to the misguided ideal of coexistence and expand the land to give humanity more space on which to build and develop civilization. This puts them in direct opposition to Team Aqua, who in this version of the story believe that the sea must be expanded to wipe out human civilization so that Pokémon may live without interference.


File: 1616033288541.png ( 1.5 MB , 600x832 , ClipboardImage.png )

not sure if serious or not but I laughed either way
Team Magma wanted to awaken Groudon so that they could create more land for people to live on.


File: 1616349818385.jpg ( 68.88 KB , 526x1000 , sirfetchd.jpg )

wtf these fakemon are getting wild


Some of the new Pokemon are fucking awesome, like Corviknight and Vikavolt
Some of the others, however…
I didn't know that part about Nu-Team Aqua's goals and ideology, because I didn't play Alpha Sapphire, only Omega Ruby and RSE.


Ngl this Trailer is kino


It's not a trailer, it's just a music video.
But yeah, I agree. They "forgot" the Frontier leaders even though they would've fit neatly at the end


Will the Diamond and Pearl Remakes suck ass? They are the games brought me into Pokemon, so it would be a shame if gamefreak fucks this one up


Most likely, although they got another company to help them handle it this time. This could mean that the games are going to be good.


I heard they made the characters in chibi form. Lmao why would you do that?


Perhaps to emulate the style and feel of the original DPPt? Yeah it was a very controversial decision


there's something about the philosophy of competitive pokemon that bothers me.
i suppose it's that pokemon, more than most games, gives the impression about one where you should just make a team around your favourites - and they're probably shit, but your friends faves will also be shit - so if you're going to play against each other you're just fucking around. but at all times, basically, it's about the monsters, it's about what you like.
but then you look at competitive and it's not about that, it's about winning. so you see a different strategy built around what's objectively effective rather than what your subjective preferences are, and you see people pulling apart the game in all kind of bizarre ways to find the best way to win in a way that goes against whatever stupid philosophical stance i have.

it's not fundamentally an anti-competitive instinct. with something like chess i'm all in on how people play it in ingenuous ways, but there's something specifically about reducing pokemon to being about that style of play. perhaps i have internalized some of the confusing morality of the movies. "gotta catch 'em al– NOT LIKE THAT!!"


The problem is that if someone wants to win, they'll use objectively better pokémon and everyone else will be forced to do the same because losing every time to the same guy is no fun.
How about a rule that you can't use more than one pokémon of each tier?


The thing is, Pokemon was never really designed for competitive play, it was designed for you to play with your other 12-year old friends at school.


Your cognitive dissonance ultimately stems over what it means to be a game. At its most basic level a game is a test of skill for the purpose of entertainment. If a game's test of skill is exceptionally poor, like Pokemon's, it may try to present itself as something else, perhaps analogous to stamp or coin collecting. Pokemon attempts to be a different kind of hobby to hide the fact that it has a poor test of skill, but ultimately it can't escape from the trappings of being a game and that is where the dissonance arises.


>filled to the brim with exceptions and restrictions because of how broken the system is
Literally every e-sport that grew organically is like this, the rest are corporate trash that was made to attract the e-sport crowd from the get go


It stopped being a pleasure when gen 6 rolled around, 3D was a mistake.


Gen 6 was still fun because there were a few new mechanics and the 3D looked fresh at the time, even if ORAS was a bit disappointing
It's Gen 7 where everything went to shit even though they tried to write better plots. At that point every new thing they added in Gen 6 (including the Z-move gimmick which was a repeat of Mega evolution) had gone stale, plus the fact that they released two new versions of the same game instead of just one like they used to


The pokemon games are and solid gameplay wise. Hit me




Yes, I think they're fun, but I don't agree that they're solid in terms of the battle mechanics. They haven't changed the core system at all and it's gotten stale. The most innovative thing they've done was add Fairy type.

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