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Anyone here plays DotA2 and queues up in USE?


I take special care to avoid ASSFAGGOTS in my life.


I don't play dota 2 but the esports is awesome


I've been clean for almost 3 years it feels great man.


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First time I tune into a dota tournament after 5 years. What happened dotabros?


i play EUW but maybe the ping wouldnt be too bad
reply if anyone wants to play pls ;_;


last time i played i quit because broodmother was too op


I have thought for long that the point video games is having fun, but it seems that if you want to have "fun", you have to memorize the individual abolities of ten gajillion different characters.

Why anyone play this (or LoL)? If you like strongly competitive games with shitty graphics, just play CS:GO. You won't have to learn anything other than maybe map layouts or things which come "naturally", through practice.

If you like being a walking encyclopedia so much, read a bunch history books or some other commie shit. Maybe learn a trade. Enroll in some sort university (if you can afford it) and get a degree which pays you well.


im proud to say i am 2 years clean of this game. it really fucked up my life. since then ive gotten my gf back and got a really fucking good job. i never wouldve had it if i hadnt realised id hit rock bottom.


According to a former NEET friend who was really into LoL (and FFXIV), people play this kind of stuff because they want to grind to win. That's literally it. Why the fuck they don't play single-player games that require similar amounts of grinding or use their autism to do something that will actually make them happy is anyone's guess.


File: 1625444998288.png ( 383.08 KB , 759x608 , 150109386519082985.png )

Holy fucking shit please help me quit Anons, I just cannot do it. This game has to be a mind control experiment to inflict the greatest known misery upon the human mind, and the greedy fucks at the top keep getting away with it. It's frustrating because ever since I played this game I literally do not enjoy any other media, there is quite possibly nothing that comes close, but it drains more from you than it returns. I played for a year and reached low Immortal, and now I keep at it in the hopes that maybe I'll get into the higher comp scene someday, but I'm fucking missing out on life. I just want to quit vidya all together, but this is the last straw that is holding me back from doing it.

Fuck this absolute radioactive dump of a "game", you can torture prisoners with this, and I'm not exaggerating one bit here.


I had the a similar experience to counter strike. Nothing can ever top the mechanics the game allows players to execute, but holy fuck does valve give less than half a shit about the fucking game. I can't stop now though, a new map is out.


It's the same story for all multiplayer games that have a 'competitive' aspect to them. If you stop treating them like your full time job, you will eventually stop having fun after you learn most of the game's basic mechanics.
Because single player games don't have the incentives of money, fame, validation, etc. associated with them, unless the game has replay value in which case you can make some vids on topics if you're good/invested into them.


File: 1625445808422.jpg ( 87.88 KB , 500x646 , 1501092385609835.jpg )

It's really funny, people who play Valve's games (Dota, CS, TF2, etc.) actually know them and that fat fuck Gaben for the greedy hacks they really are. They literally invented some of the worst practices in the industry to date, and give less of a shit about these games now and run them as cash grabs with the occasional scam tournament to keep the scene going.

I personally stopped playing CS since it got too boring for me.
Further now, the latest revelation is to stop playing team games which have factors outside my control (being a tard wrangler for 4 smoothbrains).

I just uninstalled Steam and every single game on my machine a few days ago. I hope I can keep at it bros.


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You have two paths infront of you


File: 1625446920783.png ( 636.33 KB , 640x623 , 150192386509835.png )

I wish, mediocrity is hell.

And now that you mention it, if you really want to play skill based games, I would say even Chess would be a better way to spend your time considering it's mostly factored on individual skill, even fighting games.
A lot of being good/successful in team based games relies on… a team. A good player with 4 non cooperating randoms will almost surely lose to a stack of mediocre but well coordinated players (essentially what the talk about 'forced 50' is about, matchmaking expecting you to carry lower rated players with loss streaks on your back).

Or even better, just quit vidya and make something out of your life, the normie way. Best option of all.

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