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File: 1608528213124.jpeg ( 27.67 KB , 616x353 , 8873cbc62981e617e65fe8e7b….jpeg )


What are your opinions?
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pretty good ethics mod that is quite well balanced in my opinion, also contains the original ethics so you don't have to worry too much


>What are your opinions?
The only good thing about stellaris is that it conforms to the leftist worldview (ironically, porky Collectivism equals Authoritarianism versus Individualism equals Freedom equals Entrepreneurship was overtime changed to Freedom equals Egalitarianism and Communism, Private business equals oligarchy)

The game, however, was broken by later patches. It's overcomplicated and requires tedious routine, but also doesn't have any variance at all. It's perfectly balanced, but due to being overcomplicated and drawnout doesn't work out for multiplayer.


Now now, let's not get into extremes. The Xeno is made to be oppressed and exploited, same as the native population, to fuel the war machine.


>Freedom equals Entrepreneurship was overtime changed to Freedom equals Egalitarianism and Communism, Private business equals oligarchy)

I mean kinda but not really, a very common egalitarian empire type is 'democratic crusader' which is basically just America/NATO, there's nothing to say that egalitarian nations have to be commie, just that they can't be full hyperfascist

Fool. The xeno is to be integrated into our interstellar utopian state, and their best genetic qualities added to our own.


>Democratic crusader bad
Well I am sorry hippy doodle, but communal parity has to be spread from the barrel of a gun.

To add:
The Khan sounds cool, but…
He croaks way too soon to his assassin sex slave gf, so he only ends up a threat for like a quarter of the Galaxy
The War in Heaven is cool, but…
The rest of the game past midgame bores me so much that I literally never seen it.
Galactic market sounds cool, but…
Its fucking sterile and carries zero weight for the actual gameplay, as its just a seperate tab where you can buy or sell limitless amounts of goods. Traderoutes? Piracy? Smuggling? Nah, fuck that shit, no need.
The L sector or whatever its called is a cool idea, but…
Its just three prescripted outcomes of what is inside.
Curators are a cool idea, but…
They are just a guaranteed thing that will be a part of all your games and there is no real poin to them outside of "dump credits to gain x modifier".

File: 1608528098007-0.jpg ( 219.86 KB , 1280x720 , 4313123.jpg )

File: 1608528098007-1.jpg ( 786.52 KB , 1013x1433 , 99810342872776f58f066c601b….jpg )


What do you think of weeb breath of the wild.
Should I play it, or should I fuck off to do more productive things.
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Yeah it's true, but I got lucky I think. Are you a more experienced player? I'm not very far into the story. Is the battle pass worth it? How bad is the resin issue?


I'm adventure level 28 going on 29 now.
Progression slows a lot; I'd been binging the game pretty hard since I'm NEET right now, but I had to slow because I can't go faster without paying at this point.
I will not pay a dime; I will not buy the pass, so I can't attest to it being worthwhile; it's ultimately your choice, but I wouldn't advise it because it doesn't seem wholly necessary unless you really wanna power through the game.
Anyhow, I take issue with the whole resin thing, but ultimately the fact that the amount of stuff I can do on any given day is limited has promoted a healthier lifestyle for me.
I can't just keep binging the game straight through to the cruel and bitter end because it prevents me from doing so,
so I just hop on and do my commissions and the domains if they got what I need and leave it at that; it's fun enough that way.


Hm guess I'll save my financial support for when they put out cosmetics. I don't want to power through the game, I want to just enjoy the slow burn.


Tried it.
Luckly my attention span is so short I lost interest after the first session


The Liyue part just made me a little bit sad. Outside of the rich city, there are abandoned mines, villages with only elders and children. It strikes too hard, is this really espacism or just social commentary under the guise of isekai?

File: 1608527776804.png ( 54.46 KB , 230x219 , 20110720-cfad.png )


I honestly do not get their obsession with what character will get into smash.
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It's a popular video game and people like to see what character gets in. Where's the confusion?


"/v/" is derogatory at this point so either 4chan's /v/ or its dozen spinoffs with the same retarded culture.


I don't get why people are angry the character from that game for little kids is going to get added to a game for little kids with a bunch of characters from other games for little kids.


It’s a good game and anons have nothing better to do since Nintendo doesn’t want to fix their joycons drifting so starting drama is the next best thing


the game's roster has become a huge part of the game's marketing. also, there are only 4 more characters left to be revealed so people are worried that their most wanted won't get in when the dlc ends.
he's pretty good online

File: 1608528196746.jpg ( 1.03 MB , 2480x3508 , 1597764618850.jpg )


So Big Navi is (according to AMD's own benchmarks) better than current gen RTX in most games, uses less power and costs less (but still almost 1000 bucks).
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Honestly I'm only interested in the low/medium range. That and the hope that this will lower the price of previous gens. My 950 is starting to show the sign of time, plus lately the nvidia drivers for linux are shit


File: 1608528209922.jpg ( 28.73 KB , 640x424 , torvaldsnvidia-640x424.jpg )

>lately the nvidia drivers for linux are shit
Haven't they always been? I always see novideo giving Linux users (and developers) a headache, and to top it off their drivers are proprietary, which is BIG CRINGE if you ask me.


I've actually been having serious issues with Nvidia on my Linux due to driver madness. Between the lack of hw stock and this fuckery I am leaning extremely heavily towards AMD gpu for my new build (running a 10yo box rn). I just hope their drivers are up to snuff and that they actually have stock.


I'm also stuck with nvidia on Linux (I'd still dual linux boot with amd anyway because I'm too lazy to sandbox everything properly) and afaik amd drivers are as good if not better than on winblows. Last I checked the FineWine™ meme was real and they took some time to become really good, though even a valve employee publicly shamed nvidia a few months ago and recommended amd over them for linux use (https://twitter.com/dan_ginsburg/status/1261403868279140353)


>Haven't they always been?
They used to be always loaded at boot instead of not working one third of the time

File: 1608527789286.jpeg ( 608.44 KB , 1746x2147 , Persona-5.jpeg )


I've seen some people who claim this game has very revolutionary messages and even promotes anarchism but it just seems like a really half baked and generic "rebel against authority" message. Thoughts?[spoiler]Also, Haru best girl
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Love Persona 3. Took the FeMC pill and didn't regret it one bit.
Eternal Punishment is next. I've seen somewhat mixed reactions online but the good things I've heard have got me intrigued.
Ok, mainline SMT it is. Is Nocturne a good place to start? I tried one of the DS ones when I was like 16 but it was too hard for me.
Also wasn't too into/good at JRPGs at that point yet so idk, maybe it was just a me thing.


Haru's getting the guillotine, the floof is going into a basket.


>They don't have or slice of life bullshit with teenagers taken straight out of your run of the mill romcom anime or galge.
But that's unironically the best part. The turn based RPG is the lamest part of the game.


Far too late on this but yeah, Nocturne is probably the best place to start. It is hard, definitely harder than 4, but nothing too impossible or demanding.


I started P3 with this mindset but through the middle part I just kept booting the emulator on my free time only to dungeon crawl on Tartarus. The RPG part is weirdly compelling to me despite being pretty barebones.

I played Nocturne after P3 and was blown away, now THAT'S a fun RPG. I still like P3's plot a lot

Is it? I beat Nocturne and went for the TDE on my first playthrough, it was kinda challenging but not really hard imo.
On 4 I got filtered almost immediately by Naraku.

File: 1608528210074.jpg ( 64.95 KB , 600x349 , fbthumb3.jpg )


1. Get Slither Friends on Firefox

2. ID: 297


is this a virus?


its actually very fun




That's a really well made edit and an excellent reference. 10/10

Also, Wesley is the cutest :3

File: 1608527691251.png ( 522.2 KB , 800x500 , Sunless_Skies_2.png )


>Shows the deep running corruption, inefficiencies and the shear oppression of Anglo-imperialism>Working classes oppressed by the rich who have the luxury of time made material on their side>Queen Victoria is a tyrannical monster, literally cannibalizing her servants and consuming highly illegal and body altering drugs Bonus Lyndon LaRouche points just for that>Warhammer 40k type work-worlds staffed by wageslaves living in worse than slave-like conditions, exploited by their Dickensian overseers>Communist, Anarchist and Esoteric-Anarchist revolutionaries portrayed mostly favorably, or at least more empathetically than other sides>Reform is not enough and thus fails, only way away from the current situation is through drastic change to the current material conditions of the setting>Trains. In spaceIs this literally the most based game apart from really specialist kind ones like Kremlin Games in the last few years?
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Its an Alexis Kennedy game so the bafflingly frustrating gameplay is intentional and you can find blogposts about how he deliberately made the gameplay irritating on purpose for narrative reasons which I feel missed the mark in this one (although I maintain the very slow pace of Sunless Sea was a major asset to the game that Skies lost). I get that he wanted to make it feel like you're a cultist in Lovecraftian fiction trying to piece together forbidden lore to figure out how to commune with your chosen god but for the most part it makes you start playing large chunks of the game on autopilot and losing the atmosphere while driving many people to just looking up how to achieve things.
I have enjoyed the large amount of time I have spent with it but the signature AK frustration doesn't help this one.

>I guess one shame is that there are quite a few wasted things. For instance certain principles, as I just couldn't find a use for them, I don't think I have ever used Edge or Winter ever

All of the principles are really useful, edge, winter and knock are probably the 3 most useful because they are all key components in late game summons including the incredibly useful Maid In the Mirror which can solo most of the expeditions in the game and is required for one of the apostle ascensions.


Similar to Disco Elysium in that they are effectively books with RPG mechanics. Different to it in that its also a weirdly punishing roguelike with grind.


>Sunless Skies
heh, more like Punless Pies!


…absolutely awful


File: 1608528211517.png ( 372.66 KB , 640x360 , Lawless Lands.png )

Anyone here tried 'Lawless Lands'? It's a recently released Dark Fantasy RPG made by an Indie developer. Really fits mobile well if they could do it.

Takes place in a pandemic ridden setting, full version released late last month.

"Plunge into the Lawless Lands of Crossia, a once great kingdom where chaos slowly consumes more and more of the country. The cities have plummeted into poverty and crime, and the surrounding countryside is littered with famine and death. The army is close to collapse from an ever-lasting war and cannot stop the spread of the disorder. Hope is almost nonexistent, restoring order is believed to be futile, and panic lingers everywhere. Take on the role of a champion who rises from the ashes to end the suffering."

File: 1608527544328-0.jpg ( 24.26 KB , 435x229 , DarkestHourLogo.jpg )


Comrades, does any of you play this masterpiece? It's great, you can get it for a few dollars, It's quite old so it runs even on potato computers it has basically got all of the fun realistic stuff like arma but without the drawbacks. When you are in a tank your view is actually inside the tank and the game (the mod) is managed and updated by fans whom the developers gave "control". And, best of all YOU CAN BLOW NAZIS TO PIECES
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File: 1608528104887.jpg ( 356.01 KB , 2560x1440 , 20201009052514_1.jpg )

gi go home


File: 1608528105555.jpg ( 27.76 KB , 460x500 , dad5c85069bf73a5ea9d976ee0….jpg )

>you can destroy privat property


How do you configure your mouse settings. Sometimes the screen gliches and I look straight into the air and when I try aiming it takes alot of effort if the target is really far away. Like if I move a fraction of a millimeter with my mouse it moves the rifle like an entire degree, that's like 60 MOA. I can't hit anything like that.


File: 1608528143132.png ( 21.75 KB , 100x96 , icon.png )

I just realized once you try joining a squad and doing what the SL tells you or doing what the game wants you to do i.e. bum rush the cap points and hold it. you tend to die without getting any kills.
I seem to get the most kills (and not die most importantly) just doing my own thing. Surveying the land and moving to naturally superior terrain.
Managed to take at least four out before dying as a sniper that way. Problem being they already capped like three locations. My mouse is bad so I consider it pretty good.
>imagine dying for a dumb piece of land.


> My team has lost on Dom Pavlova (Pavlov's House) several frustrating times because too many people set up in the buildings and never pushed forward, and worse, were innefective. Objectives could be taken but not held, because too many people wanted to be another Vassily Zaitsev.

This is what I hate, the game forces you to get killed. Like, it's just a house, if defending it would be more strategically useful to just hold your current position. If attacking it would be better to scout around and get behind to the logistics and avoid the fight altogether. Holding dirt because it holds magical properties doesn't really make sense to me. Holding a bridge so 30th corps could pass to arnhem to relieve troops make sense. Securing Carentan so Utah and Omaha can link up make sense, but rushing a bell tower or a hill on higher ground in 15 minutes or less because *reasons* just boggles my mind. Omaha I understand, the beach is a death trap and it's the only way on the mainland and you have several divisions behind you who will be doing the same thing you are trying to do if you fail securing the beachhead. (but that's 3-6 hours, not hyper 30 minutes.)

File: 1608528201334.jpeg ( 121.3 KB , 840x560 , 840_560.jpeg )


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>they critque big tech fine and all but they seemed unwilling to go further
I don't think they could, even if they wanted to.


I like the idea of recruiting anyone from the city but thats about it




> hacking the police to plant fake arrest warrants and getting people killled
Uhhh, what?


That's one of your hacker abilities, you can send a fake APB to go arrest whoever you want, and then there's an upgraded version so you can send in a heavily armed SWAT unit instead. If you use it on civilians they'll probably just get arrested but gang members will often enough fight back and then their buddies will join in which creates a giant horrific street battle (especially if either side calls in reinforcements).

File: 1608528188646-1.jpg ( 11.59 KB , 222x227 , index.jpg )


Does anyone else play this cesspool of suffering and misery? I think I just want to see the promised grand new update and then abandon this game for good.
Picrelated another normal battle in ground forces.
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File: 1608528189228.png ( 28.78 KB , 500x461 , i_hug_that_feel.png )

It really is a more widespread feeling than we even like to admit ourselves. I too keep leaving for months and went back again few days ago. It just makes you miserable with little payoff.


Ehem… well that was illuminating. Thanks for the comprehensive reply


Well, I've promised myself that if I won't get an enjoyable match in 3 games on a KV-1 (ZiS-5) i'm uninstalling. What do you know, gg. Some things need to be let go for good.


How similar is it to World of Tanks? I played that piece of shit for way more than I ever needed. Grinded all the way to the IS-3 until calling it quit. always hoping that, perhaps, the next tank will be in any way fun to play, but they never were. The guy who thought it was fun to fight tanks 2 tiers higher then yours needs to be shot.
Hilariously the only tank I found somewhat fun was the Bong tier 3 Valentine. Super accurate, fast firing low damage rounds are great.


It doesn't have an hp system, instead it's closer to reality with crew, modules like engine, ammo racks, transmission etc which have their own durability and so long as a shell pierces the armor any tank can be one shot. It doesn't have the accuracy circle or arty. But the addiction process and frustration are pretty much the same, so it's not worth it if you hate the general system of wot. I guess there just can't be a good tank game.

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