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I don't want to be "that guy"
but it's always stuck out to me as strange that the ending of the witcher game series ends with Geralt as a landlord. Both as a character and story wise it's a strange place for him to end up. He's very accepting of suddenly having a servant and literal peasants working this big vineyard for him.
Should seem like Geralt would resist being in that kind of position. Witcher series also examines a lot of contemporary ideology through the prism of this particular world, even economic exploitation like debts or unfair wages, but in this one instance the feudal arrangement just goes unremarked upon. I dunno what was up with that.

Not a bad thing, i just noticed it.


>game and book both made by cucked poolanders
>the devs being noted to love crunching employees just as much as other publishers just that they hide scummy shit really well
&ltgame and book take after their reactionary bourgeois ideals
Wow gee. So strange!


>Polish authors
What did you expect?


I personally just don't consider the last DLC to be cannon, or at least consider it to happen separate from the main story. The actual W3 endings for Geralt of:
>Dying after loosing hope in a self-destructive fit
>Keeping on witchering
>Becoming a prize-husband for a court sorceress
>Retiring with his love in recluse
Seem way better.

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