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File: 1608527800735.png ( 1.38 MB , 1500x1500 , citk.png )


How the fuck do you play pic related? My SU collapsed in 86 after going full stalinist


You rush OGAS, also you pick a starting leader which wouldn't piss of the intellectuals. I go with moderate confrontationist, full social liberal and hardline planned econ. You don't necessarily need to go stalinist, just purge the reformists. Your main goal is to keep the budget per month possitive. If you achieve that, you won. A slimy way to do this is to become social imperialist and adopt neocolonialism law to pillage your third world friends, droping the policy later once you get OGAS, which is basically a win. Also try to spread the sphere through events, you can get Syria and Libya (maybe Laos) turn one on the map as well. Also buddy up with China. Also never press try to take control in Afghanistan, just send military there whenever able, and never try to leave.


I prefer just couping China the moment I had the chance. Taking most of their sphere of influence while making smaller countries more likely to ally with you.


How do you do that? I thought you can only coup them in the super end game when they ally with US


I think he refers to the posdesintegration of China after succesfull Tiananmen. You can coup there.
I prefer friendship and uniting them as a economic allie. Invite them to the WTO and go to the moon with them. Free 1000 points for Mars!


This game pisses me off.

It could have been the next Hidden Agenda.

Instead it got botched with an extraordinarily shitty UI, even shittier translations, and a complete lack of guidance on how everything actually links together to the point that IN 2020 YOU CAN GO ON THE STEAM FORUMS AND STILL FIND THE DEVELOPERS ANSWERING SIMPLE QUESTIONS FROM NEW BUYERS.

It's astonishing how little they attempted to polish it.

Anyone who buys the DLC is funding a shitty development team that can't even polish the base game.


thank u for coming to my ted talk


And how exactly can Tienanmen succeed? Do you need to fund it or something?


File: 1608527801428.jpg ( 9.59 KB , 320x375 , 9750.jpg )

It's much easier to go full 1984, then achieve gay luxury automated space communism and turn the US red than accomplish Perestroika. I defeated the US at least 4 times on normal difficulty by going stalinism/conservativism + trotskyism + OGAS but never managed to SURVIVE while playing for reformists. In my last play I had 80+ loyalty in all republics, full blown democracy and market economy in 1989, no dissent, no any political nor economic problems… and then out of the blue Yeltsin gets elected (you can't stop him unless you're hard liner, which means reformists and liberals get fucked) and it brings down the loyalty of the Russian republic to 20 even if it was 100 before. After that you automatically get Belovezha accords event which brings down loyalty OF EVERY OTHER republic to 20. It took me a lot of time to survive this but I did, and guess what… Fully liberalized USSR will the best quality of living one can afford, absolutely free press and free parliament, essentially Eastern European Union, still gets fucked because it becomes impossible to bring loyalty above 50 even with 1% taxes and 300 social spending/200 state propaganda. I had ZERO problems with quality of living, intellectuals were happy, everyone is happy but the devs, because they are unironic hardline communists and just can't stand the idea of reformed USSR.


If you are conservative USSR, Tiananmen succeeds and China becomes liberal. If you are reformist USSR, Tiananmen fails and China either remains in status quo or returns to conservative Maoism.
If they go liberal you can promote the breakup of China and create independent socialist Tibet and Uyghur states, while installing a Soviet puppet state in the remaining Han Chinese area.


Is this a dlc feature? I did a few conservative-hardline into OGAS games and China would always just stay with status quo, however I am not sure how fresh my version is, since it is pirated


IF China is your ally, it will decrease the chances of Chinese Perestroika also, not to mention getting the USA to shut down before Tiananmen.


Making small changes in a game isn't as simple as you think sometimes - and would require a massive amount of work, or even be impossible. It would be more manageable to do a full remaster of an old game.

This type of game's essence is discovery. Having a detailed guide is essentially having a huge spoiler.


Lower the game difficulty. Figure out what makes you collapse.

For Stalinists, the key issue is American pressure, light industry and luxury, "spiritual satisfaction", intelligentsia loyalty. React to shortages, overinvest and compromise to compensate.


#1 rule of rightist playthrough: put pressure on Yeltsin so he's out before that happens.


File: 1608527802137.jpg ( 31.42 KB , 512x512 , ostalgie.jpg )

I think I got a decent understanding of it now, honestly kind of disappointing in its simplicity. Should I give pic-related a try?


Any game in which you can create an East German Cybersocialist Strasserist nuclear rogue state with Juche characteristics deserves at least a try.


Ostalgie and Mao are much easier than the Kremlin but also belong even more to the fantasy genre. If the Kremlin was unrealistic wish fullfilment dream where you could win in Afghanistan and make China and India join COMECON just within the first 3 years of your rule, then Ostalgie is the ultimate wet dream where you can save the USSR, the socialist block, win in Afghanistan, organize coup d'etats acrosss the world and be a major game changer in foreign elections while playing for fucking Albania or Bulgaria (!) just for two years (!!!). The devs greatly exaggerate influence of government policy on economy and spies on world events, you can't just double your GDP within a couple of years but apparently you can quadruple it in Mao and Ostalgie. Ostalgie covers period from 1989 (you read it right) to 92 and Mao from 78 to 85. I can't imagine what magic short of Soviet invasion could save the Eastern European communist governments from fall in 89, let alone actions of a single improverished underpopulated Eastern European country. Also, goodluck trying to survive for Kwasniewski and social democratic Poland without game exploits, it's legit impossible because of the sky rocketting westalgie. I think it was not intended.


Personally, I don't like Ostalgie. It's too simplistic and repetitive. China Mao's legacy was pretty fun. It has complicated and diverse, and at the same time non-ambiguous mechanics compared to Crisis, and much more variability than Ostalgie.


I have a few questions about CitK:
1. How the fuck do you actually make money before OGAS? The very first two months or so are okay, but soon the oil market goes kaboom boom and I simply can'tI know you can do neoconialism, yet I think you need to go some amount of reformist for that. Also I know you can tweak oil price, yet at best that gives you like 1-2 moneys per month. Tweaking taxes doesn't work, as 1% gives too little, and more than 2% seem to give a huge "other expenses" bump that makes it worse then staying at 2%. Expanding sphere costs money and gives too little of an early return (even if it isn't too expensive, like Syria, Vietnam, Libya, they don't give enough in return. I've only managed to win on easy (or maybe super easy), as at that point I'd have enoug of a reserve to burn through until I do OGAS techrush (which kills corruption expenses, finally letting me go possitive budget). All this time my industry would be doing fine, so I doubt that was the problem.
2. How do I not overthrow Sankara? That seems to be the only option left to me.
3. What determines if India wins or loses Pakistan war?
4. Is supporing Gaulists worth it? How long do I have to do it in order to get them into power?
5. Does the religion of the republics matter? Is there any reason not to just keep it on freedom of conciousness and instead go atheist?
6. Is there any more permenant way to deal with WPO allies so I wouldn't have to constantly send tanks / threaten sanctions?
7. What exact things do I need to keep up high to ensure the cybernetization of economy doesn't kill me?


File: 1608527802679.png ( 145.31 KB , 373x550 , Crisis see economy.png )

1. On normal difficulty you can let AI balance the economy, picrel. The far right button is for maximum economic gains. Read guides on Steam and post screencaps of your investments. In general corruption shouldn't drain more than 10 a month or it means you're doing something wrong. At start invest at least 100 funds in computerization in technologies and then invest as much as you can in civil technogolies (they are in the investments tab and provide you with additiona research points + boost your competitiveness very seriously), 320 funds + special ministers should be enough to reach 10/10 competitiveness. Exports should be your main profit, if you are not earning at least 90 a month from exports by 1989 it means you fucked up. The AI maximum gains starting setup is very well balanced but you should increase funds going into service economy or you will get hit with shortage of luxury event on regular basis.
3. Keep army big and strong when the war begins, it influences the outcome. Treaty of friendship with China also helps a lot. After the first month of war the power of your army shouldn't matter much.
4. You need them if you want France to exit NATO. Otherwise they are worthless. Btw, you lift French embargo and start trading with socialists during the first two months, if you pick right pre-game events you will begin with 70-76 relations with France and with right foreign affairs + defence ministers OR additional funds going to your embassies you will quickly restore relations with France. The best 1985 start: restore French relations in span of two months, don't send arms to anyone (if you send arms to Aghanistan or anyone else, your relations with France will get hit and it will be harder to start the Indian war in 1985), switch defence minister to the one that boosts your army at the expense of relations with the USA, sell weapons to India and wait til your army is strong enough to begin the war for Kashmir, you should have enough power to start the war in November 1985. India should be winning war from the start. By the end of December 1985/early January 1986 you have to send arms to Afghanistan. Don't worry, you can send arms to Afghanistan twice in first two months of 1986 if you didn't send anything in 1985.
6, I don't know what does influence their liberalization but if you're conservative and play your hand the right way you shouldn't get these events. I only got them when I was roleplaying Gorbachev.

Use googletranslate on Russian Crisis in the Kremlin wiki to understand the effects of tecnologies in the research ministry


1. Raising taxes and raising price of alcohol is an alright option. Of course, you have to play around republic loyalty and luxury deficit.
2. IDK. Generally, if you have enough gold reserve and army you should have it available.
3. Go for friendship with China from the get go (Appoint China minister), don't do ANYTHING in Asia before you do, and certainly don't let India go to war.
4.I'd say it isn't if you go Stalinist. While the boons of France living NATO are nice, it's too much of a hurdle early game.
5. Actually, NOT pressuring them to be atheist is beneficial early game. Still, nothing wrong with spreading atheism when you have the means.
6. Just make sure you invade everywhere in pre game events, keep Breznev doctrine minister, be hardline in WPO-related events and they won't bother you ever. Also, when America starts struggling, it will stop sending CIA shills to WPO.
7. The related events says what you needs to solve it, even if the option is disabled. Apart from having high loyalties across the board, you either need to be Generalissimo or have independent COMECON members, so that soldiers/allies can save you from the KGB.


Lmao, I've done that at least 3 times.


I have like 24 hours in Ostalgie because I would just play it in class when I was bored.


I've played full games as Albania wherein I get Hoxha's wife into power and survive the collapse of the Soviet Bloc to form a pact with China and North Korea.


Weirdest fucking Governments I've managed to get:
>Dengist DDR USA friendly Under Milke or whatever the fuck kraut Stasi boy, the wall still up.
>Islamic Albanian Socialism
>Le Strasserism
>Actual Republic Based Korea
>Yugo Cuba
>Socdem pilled Deutschland

Still need to get the weird Romanian ones.


File: 1608527803212.png ( 43.14 KB , 640x480 , 1992.png )

I made it to 1992 on the 1991 version.


File: 1608527803372.jpg ( 207.21 KB , 1242x1394 , GigaCCP.jpg )

My general strat is
>Set economic plan to "Economic productivity" (I dont know what it actually is but the econ preset that has cash and a stonk line going up)
>Stop sending "envelopes" to everyone these are apparently meant to be bribes and they drastically increase state corruption and lower income overtime
>Spam economic / Agricultural tech straight off the bat obviously select depending on your preferred economic course
>Pump money into the Army and the KGB early on. Army so you can wreck pakistan and save the DPRA and invite india into the COMECON. KGB so you can help unify Korea make japan neutral etc etc etc

Now the best possible choices imo?
>Blockade south Africa then support the council of trade unions. this makes an ANC-CPSA-TUC alliance come to power and makes them pro-soviet
>Save Qaddafi and invite him and Syria to the COMECON early. Once the egyptian election event happens just 'Condemn the Goverment' this with Libya and Syria helping you lets a coalition of the Communists and Nasserists come back to power
>Send Weapons to Afghanistan DO NOT launch operation typhoon send guns to India and help them invade pakistan AFTER you invite China to the comecon this lets India seize Kashmir and you can form a comecon that stretches from Afghanistan to India and China. Bomb the Pakistani militant bases this should eliminate almost all the rebels in Afghanistan.
>Send Saddam weapons but still condemn the US downing the Iranian air-lines flight in the event straight after.
>Use Stronk KGB to take down the South Korean Junta and unify the Korea's (Also take the event to unify Yemen and if your playing as a big enough lib Germany neutral nations while not contributing you also take away power from NATO)
>If your playing as Andropov / A new Stalin then just wait for the Cambodia event to fire and ally with /pol/pot loyalists to instantly get Cambodia in COMECON otherwise send them guns and money and invite them to COMECON beforehand or they become a monarchy again and neutral.
>Ally with China. The minor cool of factor of getting Maoists in charge isnt worth cost of a balkanized PRC
>During the Japan event. Use Stronk KGB and a bunch of funds to force Japan out of the US sphere and to demilitarize.
>Now for these next ones you will need to save up an absolute fuckton of gold reserves.
>Use KGB + Funds to prosecute Pinochet. Send funds to help the PCB win the Brazilian election. Increase support for the Sandinista. Bailout Castro so he dosent perform reforms. When Mexico defaults on their debt bribe them into joining COMECON instead of NAFTA
>Also if your a good enough tankie and KGB is stronk enough you can get Finland to join Comecon and france to open free trade with the COMECON
>Avoid all the dickwagging cold war events that just cost money like the US ship sailing into soviet waters and the pilot landing illegally at a soviet airport
By 1989-1991 if you manage all of this the US should be actively haemorrhaging money and military power and be close to collapse or Authoritarianism. Try to help Ron paul get elected if he does you can do the Super endgame where you take over the world basically. But If trump gets elected thats "Probably" it so just keeping investing in tech and making the USSR stronk as possible


Like any "pro-soviet" game it's designed to fail regardless of almost any decision because "muh communism don't work" and "muh Cold War has 1 winner"


Wrong. The Kremlingames devs are die-hard pro-USSR.


Who made this game? Westernoids, thus it follows those kinds of brainlet models.


I thought they were Russiana hence the bad translations


The devs are Russian.
Also in this game it is harder to win if you do Perestrokia and easier to win if you go full Stalinism which does not seem like the model a Westernoid would make.


Go full stalinist, pick leaderism, leader makes laws, generalissimo…
…And then switch to laws by referendum, direct democracy and all the most democratic options.


Go Stalinist to save Sankara.


Take more denbts and subside third world countries. Overthrow preferable blue states then stabilise them, make them unoverthworable.
Hang the capitalist by the rope he is selling you. Once you break the dollar hegemony, the debt doesn't matter.


Make them go reformist, which will end up in Tianamen.
If you are still communist, you automatically get Xinjiang-Uyguristan under your influence.
You can get Tibet through a mouseclick and the rest of China through event.


You could, but it's incredibly hard


>where you can save the USSR
In Mao yes, in Ostalgie, no matter what you do, you end up with a reformatory mess, something even GKChP will not be able to fix it.
Gorbachov in Ostalgie is the all powerful antagonist.



Yeltsin & friends are basically super-opportunists who will do their best to undermine your authority, even if you are ideologically on their side or close enough.

Kick Yeltsin out, then you can reform.


>then Ostalgie is the ultimate wet dream
>where you can save the USSR
you can not, no matte how you play it
>the socialist block
which is very hard to do and you there are chances you may lose Poland, Hungary and Romania along the way, which puts an even more severe dent in you economy
>win in Afghanistan
you either use special agents and turn it reformist or convince the entire Warsaw Pact and turn is socialist. It is very expensive and the WP option is only effective as long as you keep them all in the actual bloc. All for little reward in the end, since all you get is a contract, which is nice to have, but considering the effort, too little. But then again, whatever keeps the SocCamp stable.
>organize coup d'etats acrosss the world
You turn Algeria and Nepal reformist, Ethiopia socialist and Somalia nothing at all to gain exclusive access to their resources
You meddle in Laos (I never got this, what did that guy do to you) and Ireland after you researched the third (out of three) security tech, with severe diplomatic cost.
And through events Yemen and Iraq (or not assuming you followed the chains of event) and Romania if you are not Romania (fuck Chao).
Sri Lanka too, but aside from a beautiful dot, you get nothing.
Oh and you can assassinate Deng, but that was by popular demand. But aside from China all these countries were kinda instable to begin with.
>and be a major game changer in foreign elections while playing for fucking Albania or Bulgaria
Japan (with pre-investment), Greece, India, Nicaragua and South Korea (only as DPRK) and the reformist turned GDR. The three in the middle were rather close cases irl, but then again you have very limited options here as well. And then again no matter which of the 10 available countries you pick, you will never be able to prevent a nationalist victory in Yugoslavia and save the country. Where the devs actually goofed is Albania helping out Milosevic. Specifically if you play a benevolent Albania, that guy is still an ass to you.
>(!) just for two years (!!!)
Three years

The thing about Ostalgie is, it is really a game of survival. And you seek out help wherever you can. If everything remains the same, you just lose. Most of the time you have no money and no agents. So all the potential wonderous things you could do won't actually happen.

>Also, goodluck trying to survive for Kwasniewski and social democratic Poland without game exploits, it's legit impossible because of the sky rocketting westalgie.

If you are blue (socdem or lib), high Westalgie means jack. After all that is what Kwasniewski stand for (Euro-Transatlantist)

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