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>You are a proletarian living under late stage capitalism. >You hope to live under communism, but you know that it will never be possible for the foreseeable future. The only thing you can do is work hard and survive in this world of scarcity.
>You wonder why it's not possible to just go back to your old life, but then again maybe it would have been better if you had died during the war. It was a very dangerous time when people were dying left and right.
>You wonder if lower stage capitalism is possible in some form or if it's always the case that the only way to go is directly from a war-torn feudal society. You imagine that it would be much easier to go back to when slavery was still legal.
>You don't accept this conclusion as you want to achieve full comminism as soon as possible. You don't know how long you have left to live, but you're going to use it to fight the powers that be.
>You fight the powers that be by doing your job. You're just a cog in the machine, but you feel a great sense of satisfaction knowing that you're part of the problem, the system that exploits and subjugates you.
You start a communist party because you believe that it's the only way to go, but then you find out that there's already a communist party. You were so engrossed in your studies that you failed to notice this tiny little sect.
>You join the communist party, but never get a chance to use it. The member of the other party kill you in a surprise attack when you least expect it.
>You come back to life and find that the system still hasn't changed. The working class still doesn't have enough to survive while the rich continue to get richer. This isn't what you fought for, but what can you do?
>You start the revolution all over again and when you're done with that you go back to fighting the rich. It's never ending, but then revolutions always are.
>You gulag the rich until you're old and then die in your sleep.
>You come back to life as Stalin, but you don't want to be Stalin, you want to be free. You find it ironic that the only way to be truly free is to destroy the system that enslaves you in the first place.
>You destroy the system that enslaves you and the working class. You bring down the capitalist state and create a workers' state.
&ltThe revolution has succeeded!


Full communism is a far cry from what we have now.
What we have now is the result of many years of struggle and sacrifices by millions of people who were willing to give up their freedom for it.
They did not do it for fun or out of the goodness of their hearts. They did it because they saw it as a way to improve their lives and the lives of their loved ones.
Which is exactly what happened.
Our towns are not collection of free-loving individuals. They are little more than tightly-knit communities, all working towards the greater good.
Therefore, we have chosen as a society to stop regarding property as a sacred right. Private property is fine for personal use, but it was never meant to be more important than the community itself.
So we got rid of it.
We have found that when it comes to large-scale work, we are much more efficient with a larger number of people working on the same task, all pulling together as a team.
Making sure everyone has enough to eat and a comfortable place to live is not only good for the individuals, but for the whole.
We have a saying: "When one struggles, all struggle."
Because it's the truth.
The few have been nibbling away at our gains for far too long. It's time to stop letting them get away with it any longer.


That AI is so broken that it uncannily reminds me of what it feels like to dream.


how does this work? is it machine learning? GPT-3?


For me this game ends up being a stream of consciousness where a bastard language model elaborates on moment-to-moment drives. It usually starts off with exploration and dogging the AI into generating side characters and finishing my worldbuilding for me. When I feel like I want to kill something, the story becomes a whirlwind of blood and guts. When I feel slightly hungry, the protagonist stops by the wayside and samples the lovingly detailed local cuisine. Then when I get horny in the middle of the night, it's getting double-teamed by Asian robot twins in a zero-gravity libertine club. And then it's back on the road again…

Currently it is on GPT-3 model. Originally it was GPT-2 finetuned on handcrafted adventures commissioned on Mechanical Turk. The model doesn't directly evolve from player input, but when implementing new features they have players analyze other people's adventures for free.


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top kek


It doesn't seem to generate coomer text by default anymore. You need to click the NSFW switch per adventure. Of course, it's a basic wordfilter and sometimes Twitch streamers end up with rape scenes by way of euphemisms.


File: 1608527903871.png ( 97.15 KB , 1771x595 , Cletus the Dragon Slayer.png )

Well, that was short.


Does the job, if only all fantasy was that easy.


>murdered endangered species for no reason


File: 1608527904162.jpg ( 13.53 KB , 262x337 , 1307922622001.jpg )

>No reason
>Self-defense against a dangerous animal whose clearly trying to make you into a snack isn't a reason


The wyvern is endangered, you should be good and let it eat your sheep.


File: 1608527905396.png ( 49.27 KB , 814x412 , adventure.png )

Now THIS is an adventure


This has to be the shortest one possible


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the feel too real


Oof, the closing line


i like the AI dungeon game, i played on the cyberpunk genre


LOL same
it freaks me out sometimes


I think about this one almost daily


how do we stop this from being our end


hit the refresh or edit




They understood. They were trolling you.

You could open a thread in /leftypol/ about it.

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