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Hidden Agenda is a Latin American post-revolutionary politics simulator. It is very old and very little info exists about this game. Also, /games/ it self is a bit boring right now. So I declare a challenge:

Come and beat my results
OR, discover new and interesting paths in the game
OR break the game and rip it apart, to discover all that it hides
[b]Post your discoveries ITT[/b]

The game can be found here:
Download the DOS version as the emulator one has a game-breaking bug.

For all the comrades that might be intimidated by it being a dinosaur, follow these tips:
To use it, download DOS BOX:
To launch, start DOS, and type in:
1) mount [disk with savefile]: [file location]
2) [disk with savefile]:
3) ha
So, for example:
1) mount c: c:\hiddenagendafolder
2) c:
3) ha


I find it a very interesting game. It was definitely made by some people who had a lot of knowledge about politics and Latin America, although they were biased on certain aspects.
A left-winger play was all about trial and error. They suggested you to make a lot of policies they later came to regret, did a 180° on them or merely a 90° and at best you wasted a lot of time with them and at worst unnecessarily antagonised some people. But there is a trick. If you ask the right people, they will get you instantly where the left-wingers will end most of the time anyways. Finding these shortcuts at the right time is the way to success here.
And I was very pissed that I need to play it at least thrice, because you had 4 positions but only 3 left-wingers to place them there.
The centrists on the other hand were indecisive cowards. They had the right approach but at the last minute, pussied out and reset everything and you ended up which ended up with many dead innocents as a consequence, even with some of the advisors, like the nun who was murdered by blowtorch Bob, because you made moves against him but withdrew at the last second, giving him the time to carry out revenge. That's compromise seeking liberals in a nutshell here. Even Disco Elysium makes fun of that.
And then the right-wingers. I have no idea what they are all about, except business and elite sponsorship, but I never came far with these guys because I either ended up being revolted or all my right-wing ministers withdrew, lmao. Guess kinda realistic, assuming you have little US support. I heard they use this game to teach rookie diplomats and CIA agent about politics, lmao.
They were kinda biased when it came to religion, since all religious figures (nun, priest) were all about human rights. I guess the liberation theology was bigger than Jesus in Chimerica, but then again it was good that it was represented, but they should've put shady Wojtyłaists in there as well, showing that the church was not just all liberation theology and that they were willing to work with whatever fascist regime there was as long as it was against communism.
Yeah and the aspect where conservatives were willing to work with communists to get rid of a fascist regime is just bullshit. The old presidente was supposedly so unpopular that they were willing to do just that, yeah right.


You can also play it on your web browser, I had no bugs or problems with it.
Anyways I tried to go full communist but the game kinda forces you to be a centrist cuck if you don't want to get coup'd or get sanctions up your ass. I guess it's cool since it adds realism but is there any game where I can create my perfect Gay Luxury Communism world?

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