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File: 1608528147755.png ( 34.02 KB , 300x300 , poleague.png )


/leftypol/ has gotten to the finals of the most recent poleague!


However, this team is actually run and controlled by ULP… The poleague has asked us however if we would be interested in either joining together with ULP (if they agree) to manage the team, or possibly just creating a separate team of our own. However, none of the mods can really take on the responsibility right now, so is there anyone else who is interested in being involved with this? ULP's team is pretty cool, they have custom models, custom music, and all sorts, so there's definitely a lot of scope to experiment with the engine (blender models can be imported into the game).

Thanks for your attention!
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File: 1608528254471.png ( 236.58 KB , 519x352 , 18 naked brownshirts in th….PNG )

more lefties use reddit than this site anon :^)


As I said it's probably some anons from 8/leftypol/ (might be 8/leftpol/ idk), as it was never mentioned /leftypol/.
Bat'ko linking to ULP in his channel and talking about discord drama. Danov did link to ULP as well. Again nobody talks about ULP here it is non-existent in /leftypol/
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYxtxQ1xVaE (Bat'ko's alternatives to /leftypol/ after old BO contreversy)
https://youtu.be/T3SM40yI8ec (Danov links to ULP)

Finally, /leftypol/'s community strongly rejected a suggestion to open a discord server for /leftypol/ and instead decided to have a matrix room.


Here is the thread about opening a discord for /leftypol/



Learn the difference polyp


File: 1608528316265.jpg ( 18.48 KB , 640x439 , IMG_2542.JPG )

File: 1608527610485.jpg ( 37.51 KB , 603x407 , FireShot Screen Capture #1….jpg )


Whats the hottest take in vidyogames
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really? you really didn't enjoy the deconstruction in stanley parable?


/v/ermin cry about "walking simulators" but are perfectly fine with kusoge VNs.


Talking simulators


All the hidden traitors games that are getting popular lately (project winter, among us,…) are just objectively worst versions of The Resistance: Avalon


Yes. It doesn't detract from >me&lt the consumer but it takes away a whole layer of creativity from the artists game designers.

From a mere development perspective, balancing different difficulty levels take away time from the devs, improper balancing can create whack situations like lower difficulties being the actual hard modes, or easy spreadsheet methods that invariably makes "hard" a synonymous for tedium.

From a more important perspective for me, I think making games too hard for no reason, or too easy for no reason, takes away from the intended experience. Creative people craft different scenarios with certain emotions and reactions in mind and difficulty certainly plays a big role in that. "This guy is your rival it sure would be a bummer if you could one-shot him while underleveled", "this stretch in the game punishes your mistake very hard to drive point home how dire the situation is for the heroes", "this area is meant to be a huge skip if the player can deal with the difficulty spike".
If you can just lower the difficulty slider or give yourself god mode at those points at will, then what good was it all for?

I think our disagreement here is that you seem to see games as mere products; if they're too hard you can't consume them and therefore they've failed at their task, akin to a fast food meal that's too hot to eat immediately. I wholeheartedly disagree with this approach, just accept that hard games are hard and either improve or move on imo.

File: 1608528296698.png ( 318.54 KB , 583x702 , 7f072b4d9db3f700daae1ce79e….png )


Hello, as many of you may be aware I also moderate another image board at 7chan.org and the 7chan IRC. We are looking to grow our videogame IRC network and looking for people to join us in playing some videogames. We host a room dedicated to playing videogames online, or, just discussion about video games in general. Some people in the room mentioned bunkerchan.xyz/games/ and so here I am. I am looking to get a little input from the user base of /games/ about maybe hosting our irc network here as the official /games/ irc. That way we can have more people to play vidya with us over there and /games/ can, actually, have a central location for hooking up with other video game enthusiasts. Everybody wins in this case. That's my logic behind it. The bunkerchan mods unanimously voted in support of the matter. I just wanna get a little input from you guys here before we proceed.

Our irc network is located at irc.7chan.org/6697. SSL is required our gaming room can be located at #netplay. If anyone is interested in checking it out.
I'll leave this sticky up for a day or so then take it down after I get some input from everyone. What does everyone think?
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Why do people equate a not living board with a dead board? Why are we such defeatist bunkerchan?


Because they're newfags and doomers


sounds good to me think itll take a bit to pick up activity cus this is one of the more dead boards on bunkerchan


I would join your group if it was on Matrix.


In anticipation of posts like this, given the popularity of Matrix on bunkerchan, we have been considering a Matrix bridge to the IRC channel. I think there are some user consent issues to work out though: even though Matrix isn't Discord, it still represents an added layer of logging not normally present on IRC that some users may object to.

File: 1608528137166.mp4 ( 3.46 MB , 1280x720 , destroyamerikkka.mp4 )


Hey did you guys try out the free beta period of Cold War that's been going on these past couple days? Feels good gunning down CIA imperialists in Moscow, or blowing up Miami as a qt KGB wannabe. The only Soviet operator so far is also the only woman so we got the coomers on our side. Might as well make the clan tag BLM too in order to automatically trigger /pol/tards in the lobby amirite?
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Pepsi-fag spam would make /v/ reee as much as /pol/ would reee about commies modding their vidya about killing "le sandn*ggers"


Is there any reason to listen to the retards who claim cod tried to pin the real highway of death on Russia


they let you nuke the west with american nukes so, maybe?



Can't ever take COD seriously anymore after this video (not that I really could before but hey)




Now I just wanna post more montage parodies. Those were the good times truly.

File: 1608528302980.png ( 18.55 KB , 400x400 , nationstates400x400.png )


If any of you guys play NationStates, I made a region for leftypol/dirtbag left/etc types if you wanna join


also if this is against some board rule plz no ban im new


>dirtbag left
You're very obvious


go back to /pol/ rightfag


Probably wanna remove the dirtbag left statemnet


Can I make my own nation state?


The mods over there are just as cancerous as over there.
Litterally banning the word two in some convenient contexts.

File: 1608528148576.jpg ( 8.55 KB , 290x200 , C9ZZ7B5XoAAqvLI.jpg )


Anyone play nations likes Cybernations or Politics and way
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Best game to roleplay an Amish Jeffersonian democracy with Khmer Rouge characteristics?


Dwarf Fortress.



Based game tbh


Pretty sure you can nail the feel better with Rimworld.

File: 1608527892175.jpg ( 17.64 KB , 284x351 , Freespace1box.jpg )


what does bunkerchan think of the Freespace series, meaning descent freespace 1 & 2 plus the expansion silent threat for the original.Freespace 2, and its open source version remains to this day the crowning achievement of the "Space Sim" genre which it has never really topped, despite having come out over 20 years agothe storyline is essentially a less personalized version of mass effect, or more accurately mass effect is ripping off descent freespace since it came out like 10 years later. Dead space also has similar lovecraftian themes
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The exceptions to this being Outer Worlds, Disco Elysium and maybe No Man's Sky


File: 1608528310720.jpg ( 61.65 KB , 674x366 , Rimworld.jpg )

I think it's a really good game about managing a small community of individuals with different skills, needs and personalities.

Pretty barren but it is a really good platform for modding with lots of open space for turning the game into whatever you want, from making a colony of raiders moving across the planet and razing settlements to exploring the stars in your handmade spaceship and fighting the mechanoid hoards.

Warfare in RimWorld is fucking terrifying because every warrior is a guy you have spent hours with, you understand their importance, you know of their relationships, you understand their personalities and if they die there's a true sense or loss there.

Vanilla is pretty barren, but there are excellent mods for this.
Much recommended for any leftyanon


File: 1608528310819.jpeg ( 27.67 KB , 616x353 , Stellaris.jpeg )

The only good thing about Stellaris is that it conforms to the leftist worldview (ironically, porky Collectivism equals Authoritarianism versus Individualism equals Freedom equals Entrepreneurship was overtime changed to Freedom equals Egalitarianism and Communism, Private business equals oligarchy)

The game, however, was broken by later patches. It's overcomplicated and requires tedious routine, but also doesn't have any variance at all. It's perfectly balanced, but due to being overcomplicated and drawnout doesn't work out for multiplayer. Like every other 4x strategy game, it seems to think that throwing a billion different menus and mechanics at players is an acceptable substitute for actual fun. Even if I don't mind it breaking the KISS principle, the issue is it doesn't get anything from it. The reason for their design is to try and make it a "real sim of a sci-fi galaxy". It awfully bungles it, as none of the systems are actually in any way deep. Its just a bunch of puddles that haphazardly get dug with each DLC.
For instance:

It would be cool to have each empire be ideologically or culturally different…
But in practice this is done by barely noticable gameplay wise (unless they are op) traits that have no effect on the procedural "story".
It would be cool to have politics of your empire…
But in practice its just a tab that you farm influance from that has no narative response to your actions.
It would be cool to have space trade…
But its just a simple pact with a flat income boost and a non-specific value resource that maybe atracts pirates if you are stupid and can't play the game right.
It would be cool to have your empire evolve over time…
But all the outcomes in the civics are predecided, you just choose when to unlock them.
It would be cool to explore the Galaxy…
But there is zero randomly generated expedition sites, so you will see the same shit each game.
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Huh, so what is this? A collective review? That actually sounds like a rather iteresting idea. We could do something like "/games/ reviews X" and make compilations like this. Weird how this one fits together well.
Also bonus points for making me feel somewhat insane, as parts of that were posted by me, so I had this weird moment of "wait… did I post this? Why is it bumped up? And did I also write those other parts?"


To be honest I noted that the Stellaris and Rimworld threads were basically dying since the topic is too specific to stay alive, so I proposed making a single Space simulator thread for smaller games that aren't relative big shots like Outer Worlds. I compiled the best posts, edited them a little and added my own two cents (or old posts).

Your idea holds quite some merit however

File: 1608527952132.png ( 201.38 KB , 364x420 , WITCHFINDER.png )


I think D&D has degraded over the years, but I wanna hear your thoughts.
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File: 1608528020890.jpg ( 215.12 KB , 472x354 , tea-party-child.jpg )

It's not so much that they're bad, but that they aren't good.

The main thing you get out of buying and using an RPG somebody wrote, aside from incidental setting "fluff", is rules, especially for conflict resolution and world generation. But rules in storygames invariably boil down to "make shit up", just like little girls holding a pretend magical tea party, thus the epithet "MTP".

Now, there's nothing wrong with using MTP sometimes, there's even a discreet reminder about it in D&D with "rule 0". The problem is, every child already knows MTP, so anything written inside a published tabletop RPG must be different from and superior to MTP for at least some tasks, otherwise it's just a book full of "fluff" instead of a functional RPG.

Aside from weak or outright nonfunctional rules, however, actual rules and guidelines typical of storygames are also corrosive. For instance, fate points and narrative control disassociate players from their characters, and discourage detailed worldbuilding, in favor of vague worlds that leave room for limitlessly escalating bullshit:
>the wolves press you to the cliff's edge
&lti jump off
&ltso you fall to your doom?
>*burn a fate point* *POOF* *a branch appears*
>no, i grab a branch and climb back up after they leave


I see, hey, so Burning wheel is a storygame, but it's like a thousand pages of rules and shit, what say you?


think it really depends on who you're playing with and what kind of person the dm is


Any DMs willing to start an online /leftypol/ D&D campaign?


>all this discussion
&ltnobody even plays

File: 1608528300634.jpg ( 25.17 KB , 160x160 , HillaryKing-GTAVC.jpg )


ITT: Video game characters that make you SEETHE.
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File: 1608528301442.png ( 115.43 KB , 431x437 , Suguru.png )

Mostly because every other villain in the game is shit compared to him.


Also what the fuck is the point of recruiting a getaway driver that is the second best driver in the car?


R* really didn't think this one through properly, also that's the issue with R* game design in general in that a poorly designed mission can make you really hate its character even if they're otherwise okay, same thing happened with Zero and his missions in SA.




Only now do I see how similar he is to El Grando Smokio

File: 1608528299669.jpg ( 181.88 KB , 800x1125 , 106777-no-more-heroes-wii-….jpg )


Why do you fellas think of the No More Heroes games?


Another bad Goichi Suda game full of terrible mechanics but trying real hard to be cool.


>trying real hard to be cool
This is my shit.


watched all the bosses in a lets play…
would never bother to play it myself


I played through the 1st and 2nd recently. Pretty neat games even with the jank and repetition. Liked 1 better than 2 way more though. You can really tell the latter was unfinished and rushed with how they padded out the latter levels and with how undeveloped a lot of aspects of the plot are.

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