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Which switch games should I get?


Tonight we riot
also what cfw are you using



Zelda is good


The "No More Heroes" saga
Mario Odyssey
Fire Emblem : Three houses
Bayonetta 1 + 2
LoZ : Breath Of the Wild
Astral Chain
Deadly Premonition Origin and Deadly Premonition 2
+ Many indie games available, depends if you have them already on PC.


Shovelknight + all the other Knights DLC's
Return of Obra Dinn
Cultist Simulator
Rock of Ages I and II


are the pokemon red/blue/yellow remakes any good?
what about sword and shield?
ive literally only played 1st gen so far

also, what you guys think of the following switch games:
ni no kuni
xenoblade series
tales of vesperia
cosmic star heroine


>are the pokemon red/blue/yellow remakes any good?
They're pretty mediocre tbh, Pokemon games have never been hard but the Gen1 switch remakes are easy to the point where it's boring


File: 1608528345813.jpg ( 4.93 KB , 238x195 , smug battletoad.jpg )

Hol up… Are you saying Pokemon has been remade [b]two[/b] times now? I was not aware of this absolute creativity vacuum.


What are the chances of random Japanese otome games for the Switch being uploaded online? I still haven't downloaded a Switch emulator so I have no idea how many pirated games there are. But there's an upcoming game I really want and it's a Japan-only Switch exclusive. Depending on the answer I might have to somehow import the cartridge in the future and share the game myself if it's even released physical.

And it was basically just made to complement Pokémon GO. Not only that, but it's lacking things from Yellow and FRLG (reminiscent of ORAS disappointment). As a coomer I would only play it because of the updated trainer designs.


Only plan on buying one once Metroid Prime 4 comes out


File: 1608528349321.png ( 7.44 KB , 846x42 , sleep_well_sweet_prince.png )

>>6767 (me)
>Mention Rock of Ages in this post
>Google its OST because its just that good
>Turns out there is RoA3
>Check my pirate site
>There are no seeds anymore because no one downloaded it
Fuck this gay Earth



OP here, I'm using atmosphere, never used anything else

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