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File: 1608527759365.jpeg ( 50.89 KB , 620x289 , werwgfg4.jpeg )


Been trying to play this game and I can't even get beyond the second level. What's the deal with bullet hells. Why can't I play them? I want to be a bad ass at them, but, they seem impossible! Give me advice, /games/.


What're you struggling with, exactly? Never got past stage 4 on that particular shmup but IMO, generally if you're playing just to survive it's absolutely necessary you lighten your mental load and devise in advance simple ways to dodge bullets without too much effort (which includes bombing when necessary). That also includes things like trying to constantly move towards the center are of the screen so you don't run out of space, moving along with bullets so your brain has time to process where to dodge, grinding against the bottom of the screen to dodge mostly vertical patterns, etc. Essentially before you can 1cc the game you'd want every run to be more of a learning experience than to go "aw fuck sick i got a full combo on stage 1" and ramming your face into things to get decent scores and shit like that.


File: 1608527761405.png ( 6.03 KB , 288x384 , are you great.png )

The trick to bullet hell is realizing that they're mostly just visual gimmicks: they're not actually harder than other shooters with smaller bullet counts.


File: 1608527761598.jpg ( 347.53 KB , 960x681 , 39d2d42969cc762b3b39e325f7….jpg )

I mean, for a newcomer it's slightly easier to figure out where the deathzone is, but shooters with 'smaller bullet counts' are still hard as fuck, that's not really encouraging.


Isn't this game made in love2d?


Bullet hells are slower-paced and give a lot more warning (bullet travel time, mob wind-up time) before a particular threat can kill you. It's rarely the end of the world if you forget that an enemy spawns somewhere, but it can force you to dodge an ugly or awkward wall.

Contrast a shooter like R-Type that relies on speed, tight spaces and enemies going into blind spots. There's a lot of "That's bullshit!" moments and I've generally preferred bullet hells for that reason.


Focus! You need to focus!


What game is that?


It takes practice, just play a bunch of games regularly. No shame in starting on easy mode to learn.


what >>2008 said. It just takes tiem and getting used to the mechanic.


eroge shumps is exactly what I'm looking for. What game?


Galshell 2


File: 1608528335802.jpeg ( 121.53 KB , 640x834 , 233A3BC1-B892-4494-8B0B-D….jpeg )

Is there a good modern bullet hell game that doesn’t have an anime aesthetic? It seems like they‘re all made for horny people now


I think you're all out of luck fam, the pandering has been completely out of control since the '00s.


Well, I can tell the picture is at least something Touhou related. However, I'm interested in Galshell 2. Thanks.


There's Steam Hearts and Yakouga too. Ero-STDs aren't too common because they don't usually work out well, going from a high octane shooting thrill to an abrupt H-scene for fapping.

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