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File: 1608528365124.jpg ( 242.18 KB , 1382x864 , gta-4-art.jpg )


a reminder that GTA 4 (a 2008 game) is much better than DiaperShit 77


Best GTA, captures the political and cultural environment of the 2008 crisis perfectly

Damn I wish I could play it now


Can't you just pirate the game?


I agree completely but, >>>/games/


I don't have a gaming pc you boujee


Reminder GTA is mass produced trash with a hundred million dollar budget all the same. Stop swilling corporate garbage.


File: 1608528365556.mp4 ( 1.53 MB , 480x360 , Deus Ex Official Trailer.mp4 )

Don't forget the original Deus Ex


but that's the boring one. other gta games are more fun


>advanced AI
>100s of highly detailed characters
Man, people sure were naive back then.


File: 1608528365920.mp4 ( 5.47 MB , 1280x720 , GTA 4 Stranger Stories Bri….mp4 )

Funny you make this thread now because I replayed it recently. Really didn't like killing those Italian union dudes for playboy X tho, he was like "the guy I do it for is a developer from Dubai, we gotta help our brothers that came from Africa" fucking bourgeois idpoler.


It's good, but the III-era games were better. The storylines weren't as complex but the sense of freedom in a game like San Andreas is something a lot of open world shit today still struggles to capture.


The Euphoria engine was genuinely an amazing step forward for videogames. The real limiting factor for graphics these days and back then it's polygons and shit, that is just windowdressing, the real thing that needs improvement is animations. It is a GODDAMN TRAGEDY that Euphoria never caught on and became standard because it has still never been surpassed.


The Gay Tony expansion pack brings back a lot of the less realistic fun stuff




They still try to pull off the same shit to this day.


>my shit game is better than your shit game
ok consoomer


>that's the joke.jpg


&ltimplying people don’t just pirate the game


kek that scene made me chuckle


Just replayed it recently. Was definitely more immersed playing it than the downgraded feel of GTA V. The early missions seem fairly plausible but towards the end it starts to just feel more of the same bullshit. Just found out on console if you squeeze the trigger it makes the reticle smaller before firing. Wish i would've known that before i beat the game because i used the AK instead of the M4 for more damage.

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