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File: 1625935151291.png ( 572.88 KB , 850x687 , computers human beings.png )


If a game is too easy, I get down because I feel like there's no challenge and I might as well not even be playing it. If it's too hard, I get down because I can't do it and I feel inadequate for failing and worthless.

What do?
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go outside


Too hard.


PLay Dark Souls and Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic on hard mode.


Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic is as challenging as you make it. Do you want unlimited cash, permanent summer, and happy citizens? Just a few settings changes on the map making menu. What about a hardcore run on an island archipelago with barely enough resources to scrape by? Also possible. The sense of progression on hard difficulty is very satisfying and engaging, especially once you get a supply chain going and multiple cities.


For hard games, just grind.
What hard and easy games have you played? Which was the last time you felt the difficulty just right/finished a game/enjoyed a game?

File: 1615446151026.png ( 971.87 KB , 1008x884 , diablo 2.png )


Diablo 2 is getting a remaster, in Diablo 2 resurrection, what does /games/ think?


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You mean it requires me to check the windows 10 box in wine config.


No, starcraft got a remaster too. I mean, you aren't necessarily wrong, but, you aren't right either.


I have been trying to understand how setting up private servers works for d2 classic. Maybe help me out?


imagine my shock


From the videos I've seen, it looks good, with some caveats:

1. It's grey and de-saturated which seems to indicate that Blizzard once again missed the fucking point and utility of the original's style, and they don't know how to convey a dark, brooding atmosphere without making the visuals literally dark.

2. It looks to be just a straight remaster without additions, expansion, or improvement over the mechanics, which is a detriment to me because I still have my original disks and if I just wanted to play that, I would. They've been charging full price for the fucking game all these years so it shouldn't just be a carbon copy of the original game, it should be an ultra deluxe edition that greatly expands on everything from the original.

That's just my impression from watching some of the gameplay videos several months ago. I have no faith in blizzard to make anything good, because if they had the ability or the talent then they'd be putting it into Diablo V or whatever instead of remaking a decades old game. So, if they are expanding on it then it wasn't reflected in what I saw.

File: 1625692321033.jpg ( 46.85 KB , 460x215 , Byzantium_&_Gaul_Pack_(Civ….jpg )


DLC is good because it gives me stronger characters
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They've literally released the same game for 20 years, they don't give a shot to teach new players because only legacy players care


File: 1625865473431.jpg ( 205.7 KB , 1280x720 , mohawk-games-reveal-new-4x….jpg )

Is Old World any good?


Is there any game which makes you feel like you're building an actual civilization (and not just a bunch of important cities)?


Alpha Centauri? To me personally it feels more like you're actually building a cohesive civilisation than a regular 4x.


I'll check it out

File: 1625524546653-0.jpg ( 190.53 KB , 1024x992 , GO.JPG )

File: 1625524546653-1.pdf ( 67.53 MB , 228x300 , Janice Kim, Jeong Soo-Hyun….pdf )


Does anyone on /leftypol/ play Go? I am interested in learning how to play it, but I am not sure where to start. That said, I think I will start by reading "Learn How to Play Go" by Janice Kim (Reddit recommended it.). I attached it here to this thread for anyone interested.

Also, a quote from Deleuze, among other things of course, is what really piqued my interest in Go. I'll reproduce it here:

>“Let us take a limited example and compare the war machine and the state apparatus in the context of the theory of games. Let us take chess and Go, from the standpoint of game pieces, the relations between the pieces and the space involved. Chess is a game of the State, or of the court: the emperor of China played it. Chess pieces are coded; they have an internal nature and intrinsic properties from which their movements, situations, and confrontations derive. They have qualities; a knight remains a knight, a pawn a pawn, a bishop a bishop. Each is like a subject of the statement endowed with relative power, and these relative powers combine in a subject of enunciation, that is, the chess player or the game’s form of interiority. Go pieces, I contrast, are pellets, disks, simple arithmetic units, and have only an anonymous, collective, or third-person function: “It” makes a move. “It” could be a man, a woman, a louse, an elephant. Go pieces are elements of a nonsubjectified machine assemblage with no intrinsic properties, only situational ones. Thus the relations are very different in the two cases.

>Within their milieu of interiority, chess pieces entertain biunivocal relations with one another, and with the adversary’s pieces: their functioning is structural. One the other hand, a Go piece has only a milieu of exteriority, or extrinsic relations with nebulas or constellations, according to which it fulfills functions of insertion or situation, such as bordering, encircling, shattering. All by itself, a Go piece can destroy an entire constellation synchronically; a chess piece cannot (or can do so diachronically only). Chess is indeed a war, but an institutionalized, regulated, coded war with a front, a rear, battles. But what is proper to Go is war without battle lines, with neither confrontation nor retreat, without battles even: pure strategy, whereas chess is a semiology. Finally, the space is not at all the same: in chess, it is a question of arranging a closed space for oneself
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There are good beginner resources here I think in the puzzle section.
I also suggest playing games on that site as that's where a lot of English speakers play.


thanks, I made an account there.

There is a local Go club in my city, I may check them out. Seems to be full of Asian boomers, though.


How is your learning going
Lost your first hundred games yet?


I've been reading that GO book I posted and doing some tactics on that website 89 posted. Haven't started a game yet, but I might do so soon.


Unlike a chess board, a simple grid on a flat piece of wood won't do.
Depending on how big of a board you play on, you may need a whole lot of stones, which also adds to the cost.

That said, there isn't much to game, so it may be a good workshop project.

File: 1625788118699.jpg ( 132.28 KB , 1280x720 , subligmabawls.jpg )


ff11:national parks::theme parks:ff14

File: 1619797651503.jpg ( 49.83 KB , 451x482 , 1618927533064.jpg )


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force cope


It's true Taris gets destroyed when the Sith still have forces on it and the Admiral protests until Malak uses his big dick energy to force compliance.
Revan's people are genrally pretty good but Malak was just an unhinged sadist.


>so what if she wasn't an adult
I just said she was an adult, why are you defending kid fucking out of nowhere


good luck with your brain damage


>good luck with your brain damage
where's the argument


New mechagamezilla/infinite review episode out lads
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I didn't know these guys, but I watched this video, and even though I laughed at most of the jokes shitting on the E3 and game companies, I don't like the fact that they're massive consoomers anyway.


How else do you distract yourself from the inevitable doom that awaits you? No ethical consumption, etc.


"There will be a fifteen minute Call of Duty demonstration."


<Thank You

>I have wanted to write this post for a little while, but kept putting it off. I will try to keep it brief.

>The viewing figures for The Infinite Review have been steadily declining for a while now. Maybe it's the algorithm, maybe it's the rise of tiktok or vtubers, maybe I am simply not as entertaining anymore. Whatever the reason, it is discouraging. I know it's unwise to judge the worth of ones work on Internet Numbers, but the rate of decline is stark enough to make me worry about reaching a point where I question if it's worth making these videos at all. Don't get me wrong, I never saw the channel as something that would grow to dizzying heights, but I did hope to at least maintain the modest audience I had - and lately it feels as though I've been failing to do that.

>And this is why I want to you all how much the patreon support means to me. It's so easy to sound disingenuous when you're a youtuber saying things like this, but honestly: there simply would not be any videos or podcasts without you. This patreon remains an anomaly. It frankly should not have this much support when you look at how small my channel is. And while the diminishing views on the videos can be disheartening, the patreon reminds me that even if my audience is small, it's a dedicated one that truly enjoys what I am doing, and that means the world to me.

>Even though I'm a little embarrassed writing all this, I would feel much worse about not saying it. So there you go, it's off my chest for now. Thank you all again so very much. There are lots more Infinite Reviews planned and hope you'll enjoy and share them with others.

>Owen x

Our boy deserves better.


This year's E3 was pretty rubbish, but Mecha always finds enough stuff to make fun of each year.

File: 1625534719663.png ( 26.54 KB , 201x400 , unnamed.png )


>why yes I automated, weat, egg, sugar cane, steak, carrot, pumpkin and beetroot production
>why yes I've farmed every ingame mob including the wither
>why yes I've conquered entire biomes
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>why yes I play with Legos where there are no real threats and the goals are trivial because I'm too casual for real games


>why yes, I am a retard that gets angry at how other people choose to have fun


>why yes I have used the productive forces I have painstakingly constructed to build wonders the likes of which you can't even imagine


>why yes I enjoy tossing a bag of shit around because it's fun and you can't judge how I have fun


>why yes I play Terraria instead

File: 1625184251658-0.png ( 25.55 KB , 300x300 , 300px-Protectorate_Symbol.png )

File: 1625184251658-1.jpg ( 72 KB , 554x302 , 20210629205028_1.jpg )

File: 1625184251658-2.jpg ( 136.48 KB , 1000x463 , 959f62_dc68e34dfd864a17961….jpg )


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File: 1625509436325-0.jpg ( 288.48 KB , 1600x900 , 20210704130554_1.jpg )

File: 1625509436325-1.png ( 102.88 KB , 1142x601 , 5445.PNG )

>"that destroyed biocorp"
and that's bad?
Wasn't Biocorp an "old-world supercorporation"?

Can General meleke be considered a revolutionary?
>" About 17-18 years ago Melek began his rise to power in the north, recruiting local gangs, training and shaping them into a paramilitary force that eventually grew into the army known today as the Protectorate. 15 years ago, he finally made his move and took over Biocorp's capital city Dis, and other key locations soon followed. The High Council was disbanded, the technocrats along with anyone deemed to be a threat to the new government apprehended and executed.".


There is original Biocorp, which ended after Hollow Earth incident. There is reformed Biocorp, established after that to maintain peace, that was overthrown by Melek. And now it is Protectorate Biocorp.

I guess it is kinda bad because it lead to shitload of deaths and the result was a fascist regime bent on expansion.

>Can General meleke be considered a revolutionary?

Most likely, no.


>direct movement control in isometric game
Trash taste you’re having. The fast paced is mostly coming from the fact that getting zoned out by multiple enemies is so easy with a shit build.
>Can General melek be considered a revolutionary?
<Can a military junta that toppled a corporatist regime and replaced it with another oligarchy revolutionary?
If anything they’re even more reactionary.


You're still wrong, but ironically it sounds like you're making a case for isometric being a shit perspective.


>The fast paced is mostly coming from the fact that getting zoned out by multiple enemies is so easy with a shit build.
No, it comes from combat being resolved very quickly one way or another, while having plenty of tactical options. Except for a couple of encounters (beach invasion) i never felt that i grinded through enemies, repeating same actions over and over

File: 1625432036681.jpg ( 50.62 KB , 637x358 , sectoids.jpg )


the long war mod for xcom 2012 doesn't make much sense.
Xcom like all games has a snowball effect, and the rest of the difficulty tweaking is in contradiction with this.
What would make sense is for more wins to lead to a faster increase in difficulty and a shorter game overall, since you're progressing through the challenge at a quicker pace. Then if you fuck up and lose a mission or some soldiers, the penalty is having to play more game, and its not a campaign ending setback like it is now(at least on the higher difficulties).

I don't expect many to know what im talking about. I had this thought in my head from when long war was still played 6 years ago, before xcom2.


The problem is the way it is now, since the design goal was to make the campaign really long at the cost of all else. Winning doesn't feel like much of a reward. This is why people get burned out after only 20% of the whole campaign. You can't make progress and you can't take risks, you have to play the safest way possible and wait for the game to be over.

unrelated, i checked in on beaglerush and he became a huge sjw which is kinda gay but whatever. thats the price of success.


>This is why people get burned out after only 20% of the whole campaign. You can't make progress and you can't take risks, you have to play the safest way possible and wait for the game to be over.


nah,it's litterally only like that for XCOM2 where it throws bullshit at your face when you progress or upgrade stats of weaker ennemies so they are still as hard as before or if you play on autistic difficulties that are clearly not tested by sound human beings. (or if you play apocalypse for some reason )

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