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Anyone that plays twilight struggle here?


I like the idea of it but I suck at it.


Same, and I'm scared to play online :(


Maybe we should play and both be brainlets together then


Sure why not ? A bit busy atm tho


is it fun?


On of the best board game i've played actually.


Is this like precipice?


Kinda, but more complicated and with events and things (and no furries sadly)


Here's a few tips to play the soviet side:
>As an opening 4 influence into East Germany, 4 into Poland and 1 into Yugoslavia (mainly to threaten entering into Italy).
<Try to always coup on the first Action round to keep the defcon at two and prevent the US to coup battleground states.
>In general try to prioritize operations over events unless the event is very good.
<In general try not to play your own side asterisk cards (the one who gets removed). You want to keep the deck stacked with your own good cards and force the opponent to play them.
> Same logic also works in the reverse, is often better to eat the bad effect of an US asterisk card and use the operations to mitigate the effect and remove the card from the game and save your space card for a strong recurring event.
< Decolonization and Destanilization are your best cards early game you want to always play them as events and play around them since they are some of your best way to get into africa, america and south-east asia.
> Couping Iran is a good first action round move since it opens the door to Pakistan and India while preventing the US from entering.
< Once you got a foothold in a new region (let's say Fidel let you enter center america) try and spread out, or the US might be able to realign/coup you out of the region and lock you out.


I like how enemy cards get played after you use it for operations - it's a cool idea I intent to appropriate for my own game.

Events and event texts are terrible, though. Heck, 5-year plan is America's card which discards one Soviet card at random (and if discarded card is America's, it gets played) - meaning that developers think that 5-year plan was a NEGATIVE for Soviet economy, hence it's American card.


Even if 5-year plan is a technically a US card is actually one of the best card you can get as the USSR. It's one of the very few cards (maybe the only? I can't recall now) that can allow you to discard a score card, you just keep it until the last operation round. (AND you also get the operations if that wasn't strong enough.)


I bloody love Twilight Struggle. Used to play it all the time, not as much nowadays bc of work.
I'd highly encourage newbies to stick with it for a bit until the pieces fall into place. It can be a daunting game when you're starting out, but you soon learn by heart what most of the cards do, and that's when the game becomes so much more fun. If you'd like to watch some high-level matches to pick up strats and stuff, Crow Crowlas on YTube is a pretty chill dude whose commentary is p. good.
Btw, the dudes behind this game made a follow-up called 1989: Dawn of Freedom (yawn). It's an even better game in my view, but sadly doesn't have a digital version so finding people to play with is too damn hard.
Yeah, made by libs unfortunately. Even more hilarious than the 5 Year Plan (actually a god-tier card as >>11667 explained) is De-Stalinisation being one of the USSR's key early game cards that lets you move into South America.

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