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<CCP Games tried new monetization amid a ship shortage, and it's backfired

>On top of the scarcity patches, roughly one year ago, one of the largest wars in EVE’s history began. The war has raged hot for nearly a year, causing destruction on a scale that is unheard of in EVE’s 18 year history, further diminishing the resource stockpiles of players and driving the cost of the vessels players need to fight in the war through the roof. Outside of the financial toll the war has taken on player wallets, the mental stress of the conflict also seems to be building in players on all sides. War in EVE is one of the most interesting things the game has to offer, and probably one of the more realistic simulations of massive real life campaigns available in the virtual realm. Each side needs competent generals, massive supply chains, and most importantly, players to fight in battles that can last for hours across all time zones multiple days a week. Over time, these things take a measurable toll on people who are just trying to play a game to have some fun and blow off steam. With something close to half of the game’s active playerbase involved in the conflict, it’s easy to understand how the situation could create some tension among players. Further compounding the stress of war and waning pocketbooks are the latest changes to the already complex industry system. Almost all spaceships and the ammunition and equipment for those ships are produced by players. Resources must be harvested, transported, and combined to create the ships, and when those ships die in battle, they are gone forever. Over the course of the war, those ships have been dying by the thousands. Since the changes implemented in the last few months, the production chains, cost, and complexity of crafting most ships in EVE have become more complex and expensive, leading to a further burnout of already overtaxed industry players.


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War is hell, maybe they learned a lesson.


When Socialism is achieved the top 10% of EVE players will be recruited as central planners and the game itself will be kept going to scout for new talent in future generations.


Pretty sure the top 10% of EVE players are just the bourg fucks that run everything in real life. Like Goonswarm's PR department is led by a LITERAL K street lobbyist.


Looks like he has a giant butthole in his chest wew


EVE is fucking boring as hit


What's this clip from?



Or if you mean the anime: Future War 198X


If only all the cool assets and things from EVE could be used to make a game like Elite Dangerous or Freelancer instead of a turgid ability-based MMO trash that relies on a single gimmick (omg, in this game, that you're presumably playing for entertainment, you can lose a month's salary in a few minutes! how cool!).


The entire game has been more or less stagnant for a decade , Goonswarm won and now they have hegemony of this world and they are more ore less unassailable .

I think CCP is making one last cash grab before they cash out and the game collapses.


SomethingAwful paypigs ruining things for everyone… who could've seen it coming eh?

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