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Real shit.

>wut an STG

STGs is another term for shoot 'em up/shmup (though typically used for Japanese made ones), all of which kick ass.

>didnae die???

No, though we came close. STGs have been kept alive in no small part by doujins, which has led to such awesome games as Crimzon Clover, Blue Wish, Hellsinker, and Blue Revolver, and the players who have been documenting, replaying, and scoring since the early days.


Blue Wish Resurrection is awesome and free:
Plus: http://www.vector.co.jp/download/file/winnt/game/fh452584.html


Sure. Just try out Dodonpachi at some point.

What are you playing?
What are you replaying?
What are you scoring?
How's that highscore going?
How's that survival run going?
Horzy or verzy? (Verzy is the correct answer.)
What's your favourite ship?
What soundtrack has the highest bop ratio? (It's SaiDaiOuJou)
Why was CAVE so good?
Are you excited for the original M2 STG that's in development?

Listen to the ESP Ra.De. Ψ remix soundtrack of that port if you haven't yet!


Been chipping away at Daifukkatsu for over a year now. Won't rest until I get my TFB clear.
Also picked up Blue Wish Revolution Plus after postponing for ages. It's great, I'm mad at myself for not trying it sooner. Didn't expect the soundtrack to be as good as it is either.

Still hoping for a CAVE revival.


File: 1608527563395-0.png ( 58.38 KB , 436x158 , STDcollection.png )

File: 1608527563395-1.png ( 4.36 KB , 576x448 , We Love Gradius I.png )

You seem confused, OP. The correct term is "STD" (short for Shoot Them Downs, or ShooT Dems).


Lies. STD stands for awful Star Trek series.


File: 1608527563688.jpeg ( 338.51 KB , 1280x720 , dezatopia.jpeg )

>Still hoping for a CAVE revival.
Why so they can stagnate the industry for another decade? I for one am incredibly happy that they're finally dead and the industry is free to pursue non-autistic, creative shooter design again instead of an endless torrent of bland CAVE clones.


Euroshmups were being made for as long as CAVE was making their own, so that's some pointless anxiety.

>pursue non-autistic, creative shooter design

I bet you think doom2016 and doom eternal are progressions of the 90s FPS, too.


File: 1608527564114-0.png ( 42.57 KB , 222x303 , Dragon Breed.png )

File: 1608527564114-1.png ( 13.03 KB , 256x224 , Chimera Beast.png )

File: 1608527564114-2.jpg ( 269.36 KB , 1200x850 , In The Hunt.jpg )

Euroshmups are far from the full extent of creativity in the genre.


Sure. I myself praised HELLSINKER in the OP, which twists and turns mechanics and does even more interesting things on a metanarrative level. Doesn't mean we can't have both.
As for CAVE, they iterated over their work in each release and changed things around, many of those experiments turning into staples. Not to mention that they are not nearly as monolithic as you present them to be (CAVE itself was building on top of the teams previous legacy). There have always been developers trying to push the borders. That's one of the things that makes STGs as a genre stand out, at least to me.
Frankly, your initial comment is a little silly.


File: 1608527564487.png ( 848.7 KB , 1075x1518 , 4969444aeb7148f15792c2e1fa….png )

which 2hu wud u hug?


>many of those experiments turning into staples
You say staples, I say tropes. Fuck CAVE. Best thing about their death is now Yagawa is freed from their icy grip again.


File: 1608527564801.jpg ( 235.89 KB , 1469x1956 , shikigami-no-shiro-evoluti….jpg )

I like this one.


You posted her.

What has Yagawa been up to, anyway?


File: 1608527565261.png ( 43.62 KB , 920x500 , STD awareness month.png )

STDs came first, they get precedence.


Like everything STD touches, it's been ruined forever.


File: 1608527591804.jpg ( 148.32 KB , 616x353 , capsule_616x353.jpg )

I'm a fan of Sora. Great controls and you don't die in one hit if you hit a bullet, but can dash over lasers (only if you hit missiles without dashing do you take damage.) Dashing raises your heat though which causes you to take more damage if you get hit later.

There's actually a lot of depth, and I wish the creator would make a sequel instead of continuing to be a salary worker who also develops DLC for 100% Orange Juice in his free time. It feels like a waste of his talents.


File: 1612239812124.jpg ( 79.71 KB , 511x600 , 1612239803852.jpg )

How's this game? I wanna get better at STGs



File: 1612276320305.png ( 6.77 KB , 256x239 , Image Fight penalty zone.png )

DRM-crippled garbage, just play something good like Image Fight.


File: 1612287771596.webm ( 2.66 MB , 858x480 , 1612282232492.webm )

this is a Chinese game apparently. it’s causing lots of butthurt on /v/eddit right now


File: 1612291888653.jpg ( 400.11 KB , 1920x1080 , eXceed 2nd - Vampire REX.jpg )

eXceed 2nd - Vampire REX is super fun, short but sweet. Basically Touhou + the color-swapping mechanic from Ikaruga, satisfying melee, and vampire lolis. The dynamic difficulty is nice for scrubs like me, it increases if you go long enough without getting hit and drops when you die.


Wrong thread? This ain't even an STD.


Oh shit, this thread revived.
Some music to celebrate.

>Basically Touhou + Vampire Lolis
You wrote Touhou twice.

Not a fan of eXceed myself, but you should definitely take a look at Stella Vanity, Anon. Now that is a well made STD.


File: 1612988069685.png ( 119.42 KB , 640x480 , Hellsinker logo.png )

Best Touhou comin through!


Excellent taste, Anon.

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