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What's your favorite Shoot Them Down (STD), anon? What do you think of this fine genre of games?


File: 1608528195727.jpg (142.79 KB, 1024x1024, C31fZsyUkAAStiF.jpg)

CAVEfan was here.
Y'all cowards can't beat Hibachi.


File: 1608528195993.jpg (1.36 MB, 2048x1536, Raiden Fighters Jet XTB-1.jpg)

Because I'm not allowed to fight Hibachi. Give me a boss without a lame autistic loop requirement to face and I'll meet your challenge. Helps to not have a gutter trash scoring system too.


File: 1608528196197.jpg (13.82 KB, 164x208, guy-are-us.jpg)

Fuck yeah, I knew it was you!
Keep on posting Anon: only one of might have good tastes (me), I love to see your posts and fury.


Cool shooty OP (fag) doesn't want you to know about.


Thank god I can have underage stomach to gawk at while I play


File: 1608528196845.jpg (33.65 KB, 209x165, what does tadayo see.jpg)

Seems kind of low effort, I'd rather be playing Radirgy or Illvelo.


Thanks for bringing these up, they're awesome. Particularly like Illvelo, but I haven't done a deep dive yet.



>Holy fucking shit. I want to bang the Tawashi loli so goddamn >bad. I can't stand it anymore. >Every time I go to the arcade I >get a massive erection. I've seen literally every rule 34 post >there is of her online. My dreams are nothing but constant fucking sex with the underage cartoon >drawing. I'm sick of waking up every morning with six nuts in my boxers and knowing that those are nuts that should've been busted on top of that 8 year old animu's >exposed stomach. I want her to have my mutant human/anime babies but then she'd be too old.

The absolute state of modern pedos

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