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So I got addicted to this damn game, and I think it has a lot of leftist potential. Your character is rooted in anti-capitalism, and there's even a corporation destroying the environnement and community life. Two NPCs bear scars from imperialism (Kent, a soldier) and capitalism (Shane, a depressive alcoholic working a 9-5). Besides from that there aren't many references to ideologies (except for the religion of Yoba and a book against the war). What would you think of a mod adding more political substance to Pelican Town? (for example an active faction against Joja, or NPC helping you rebuilding the CC). I don't like this idea that everyone in this town with so much free time gave up that quickly their community center, and you are the only one able to save it with your bare hands.


File: 1608527521965.png (720.35 KB, 800x588, junimo-hut.png)

How about a mod that makes the junimos you enslave revolt on our petit bourgeois ass?


File: 1608527522136.png (32.8 KB, 539x537, Stardew-animals-buildings-….png)

Maybe it's just because I've already done all the deep planning into order to get the best high score, but I feel like Stardew kind of runs out of objectives in year 2.


I think the mayor literally defends private property at one point and you have to agree with him to defuse the situation which is lame, other than that pretty good game.


I didn't get the junimo's hut. It would be an interesting mod.

Yeah half the time you see him collecting taxes, and he even made a gold statue out of himself. He seems more like a feodal lord than a capitalist.


I had fun with it, but I would like it much better if he just started a Stardew Valley 2 and hired a lot more people to provide more content. One guy can only add so much, but he's obviously greedy and wants to lap up all the profits he can or else he'd have hired a ton of people now that he's a millionaire and could go crazy with adding content.


Or he's like Toby Fox, the solitary genius who would be likely a pain to work with. And why pay people when there are so many modders willing to make content for free?


The grandfather and the main character are pretty Kaczynski pilled tbh


Undertale was an overhyped let down though.


>Or he's like Toby Fox, the solitary genius who would be likely a pain to work with.
Toby Fox had a whole team though


It really wasn't, you just don't like it cause it was popular


I thought it was just Temmie for art and him with everything else.


I thought it was shallow, and overhyped indie trash that only sounded deep to twenty year olds with a furry fetish and no developed sense of politics other than "discrimination is bad." I have played better RPG maker games, bullet hells, and story driven games.


sorry dude but the game is literally good hearted american naivity in a nutshell… big corporations bad, small businesses good, muh individualism is everything
i really wish it was like this… but no

dont get me wrong guys, ive enjoyed both games to an extend but i think its neccessary to speak out the truth even if it sucks to hear


File: 1608527693295.jpg (92.76 KB, 1080x412, Screenshot_20200507_130400.jpg)

Reading about the dev I knew I put too much hope in it. The game is still enjoyable and mods can bend it to any ideology.


I wouldn't want to play Stardew Valley on my car screen, sounds like a great way to use up your battery. I played a lot of Stardew Valley a few years ago, but there isn't enough new content for me to ever go back to it. He needs to hire a lot more new people to increase the content.


File: 1608527740666.png (1.28 KB, 176x176, bee-range.png)

Anyone have any thoughts on optimal beehive layouts? You can't fill up a flower in its entire range or you won't be able to access the inner hives.


>He needs to hire a lot more new people to increase the content.
No, you need to understand that the point of a game isn't about endless content. That's the exact mistake the later Harvest Moon games made. Endless, pointless, superfluous choice doesn't make the game better.


Got really bored after the first year. I think Rune Factory 4 is better


File: 1608528134147.png (40.31 KB, 539x538, Stardew-animals-buildings.png)

Remove pig.


I just want a mod that lets me marry any NPC.


Nice OP number LOL


Rune Factory makes me angry because all the best waifus can't be married.


Pretty sure that exists.


Ok, I wanna marry a character that's already married. But I'm not having any luck finding a mod like that.


Lynette is the best Rune Factory waifu anyways all the others suck.
Convert her to anti-imperialism through the power of ur dick. Her empire is literally called the Sechs Empire lmao she's so deprived.


File: 1608528208604.png (111.83 KB, 1280x1024, Stardew giant cauliflowers.png)

I can't quite figure out if it's more profitable in the long term to try and fill barns up with pigs as fast as possible or get the bus repaired and open up the oasis shop as fast as possible in order to spam starfruit over the summer. What are anon's thoughts on this matter?

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