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I am a socialist in almost every aspect in my life. I help organize, I promote worker rights, I don't ignore feminist and racial struggles. Yet when it comes to console exclusivity I transform into the complete opposite of everything I believe in. As an owner of a console, I enjoy exclusives and I hate it whenever an exclusive gets ported to PC. I know every game being on every piece of hardware especially PC is the right, moral, and "proletarian" choice, but I can't help but rage and denounce at the sight of any exclusive, even the ones from a different console, gets ported.

Maybe it's some residue PTSD from being in a tight-knit Demon's Souls community when I was younger, and seeing the community flooded by morons and petit-bougie assholes when the Souls series was ported to PC.

What do you guys think of console exclusivity?


console exclusivity is anti-consumer, anti-worker, and you are extremely stupid for getting mad at other people being able to enjoy something that you enjoy
even with such fierce competition, this might be THE most braindead thing ive seen posted here


Exclusives crate a more competitive market for better games. It gives workers a superior end product.


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>Exclusives crate a more competitive market for better games. It gives workers a superior end product.
No. what BS idealist liberalism is this.
AS peer everything a cross all fucking industry the workers always eat shit whether it's crunch to rush unfinished product under a crushing deadline that lead many to quit never get credit for the work.

The fucking reality is that your relationship with game is only a commodify view : "brand X does stuff" without understanding who made them.


>seeing the community flooded by morons and petit-bougie assholes
Sorry fag, all games should be free and available to everyone
But your little fag circles will always exist nonetheless, you can just sorry yourselves and pretend other people outside of that community don't exist


>just sorry
*just separate


>I hate it whenever an exclusive gets ported to PC
I suspect OP is taking the piss and yet I have to admit such people exist. Consoles really shouldn't exist and I say that as somebody who has played far more on console than on PC. On a PC, you can use the processing power for games and other things. The console is just a more restricted PC. In the future, all software and media will be freely available.


>What do you guys think of console exclusivity?

To hell with it. I do not give two flying fucks about 'community' or something like it if i can get to more easily play games with my friends.


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Back to /pol/

Or the BBS boards of yesteryear

The >Universal< Computer

OP, either you are the cringe you despise, the newfag/moron/petite bougie/pick your denigration that doesn't understand how social/public goods like communities work, or this is a bait thread.

All consoles and all culture are united in the future through emulation. You may as well cringe that Agamemnon's accent is all wrong in modern Greek plays. Or that no one mentions the French Parliament under Louis XVI with respect anymore.

As for muh culture, your unwillingness to take the time to enlighten the 'morons' is the reward of sloth and apathy. Leisure now, persistent morons later. There was a time when you were the moron in Dark Souls, I promise you.

Now for my mustard race prejudice. The PC isn't take it or leave it hardware and is designed to be maximally compatible from it's earliest conception; the consoles >are< PCs. As a result, the $500 crowd can and should still play with the $40,000 super 1337-box deluxe limited edition cringe to prevent societal decoherence in both. Just turn down the graphics settings or the microphone volume. Further even obsolete parts can be combined via SLI and other methods to encourage hand-me-downs, efficiency, and solidarity.

As for game design. Capture by liberal cultural elite and financial capital is inevitable until the political system is overthrown/reformed.

We will never have a AAA title where you have to race against time to stop Kornilov from slaughtering the people of Petrograd by subverting the train station staff and even his own soldiers to save the city.

We will someday get Kornilov: Call of Duty the very, very, not at all bad guy simulator where you get to slaughter civilians but it's okay because they say, 'socialism is good, please stop the war' and they're all traitors to the useless Kerensky government anyway. Thank goodness we have these military people like you soldier to protect the terrible gubment from itself. Now back to the front lines to die like good little peasants.

However, the contradictions of Capitalism impel the AAA studios to waste their time making expensive garbage titles which highlight the sleek, cost efficient gems of the proletariat that don't have to make it past censorship boards while advertising an increasingly transparent, inchoate, and self-defeating ideology.

Rigorous piracy likewise discourages exclusivity and should be encouraged. All human endeavor is the shared legacy of mankind, burying it guarantees it's destruction before entropy. Solidarity Comrade.


I wish consoles didnt exist because I dont want to waste my time playing sub par games

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