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So the entire premise of Majora's Mask is that Link lost his friend Navi and went on a journey to look for her… And never finds her in the end. Did they forget about her at some point in development? Tatl gets a nice resolution to her story, but we never hear about what happened to Navi. What a cruel way treat a character from the previous story.


Doesn't the link from the majora's mask timeline die and become a ghost knight in twilight princess or something


No that's a retcon.


Majora's Mask was rushed.
Link searching for Navi isn't the focus of the plot anyway, it's only vaguely referenced in the intro to explain why Link is traveling again after Ocarina of Time.


>Link goes on adventure searching for Navi
>on the way Majora's Mask happens
so the whole game is a sidequest is what you're saying


Side quests within side quests…


For some reason after not playing Majora's Mask in a while I always seem to remember the "friend" Link was searching for as having been the Skull Kid.


much like links awakening


Link was actually on his home to Hyrule when he was shipwrecked, having finished his side quest. Link never finishes his side quest in Majora's Mask.


Isn’t it implied that he simply went back to searching after Majoras Mask


She was dead and he learns throughout the game to make peace with that


Zelda games are so boring
It's all text and text and text

What do people like about them exactly

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