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Theres no way to improve 3d models, textures or lighting anymore what matters are animations and physics along with art and game design these days, battlefield 2042 wont look better than bfv, bf3 hell maybe not even bad company 2 but what it can do to show it's an improvement is by implementing improvements to its physics engine to make the world feel more interactible and immersive like bf1


There is a LOT more devs can do to make their games utilize all of the tech, but everyone is stuck on the "omg so reaaaaaal" train


True most game animations are utilizing the same tech made how far back fucking 90s when half life 1 was still huge and unsurprisingly most game animations beyond tlou2 are limited down to minor ingame details. Imagine how much more fun games like fallout 4 could've been if they bothered to try to implement the same type of physics as games like far cry 2 where burning trees actually had them break and blowing up entire buildings could be rendered in real time, not even 76 has that


lmao fallout 76 uses an "updated" version of the oblivion engine


Now if we could just get devs to stop making ill-fitting 3D models in games that feature 2D mechanics.


graphics are emphasized so much because they are easier to market than everything else
that's it
that's the entire reason


Didnt battlefield 1 get most of its praise and attention from its physics engine and atmosphere?


I don't think anyone gave any praise to that piece of shit.



is it just me or are devs getting lazy as fuck and taking shortcuts or using premade assets because they know expensive computers can handle unoptimized code?


What do you mean by 'dev' exactly? Indie developers usually have very limited budgets and manpower and aren't really capable of devoting the hours needed to make assets to the highest standard and refine them and polish them to a mirror sheen even if they want to. Especially since the vast majority of indie games fail to ever actually turn a profit.

The AAA industry, on the other hand, is notoriously shitty with low wages, and extremely high demands with garbage company 'cultures' revolving around crunching yourself to death if you don't want to get fired. They generally have insane employee turnover and the bulk of their workforce are going to be kids in their early 20's straight out of college with little to no experience, because everyone else has moved onto jobs where they get deep dicked by porky somewhat less. Besides a lack of experience, they may not even have any conception of how things could be done better because they grew up with shitty games themselves and think that's just how it is done.


File: 1627509706462.jpg ( 4.14 MB , 1920x1080 , dj khaled gta loading scre….jpg )

Good physics are way harder and more annoying to implement than fuckhueg textures and shit, so go figure why the industry pushes textures/lighting effects/etc so much.

If there was actually any progress in gaming, then all games today would be using an updated version of the NaturalMotion physics but instead GTAV didn't even use it.


Due to the rate of profit AAA studios like ubisoft and Activision have been pumping out shitty bargain brand releases every year because profit margins are too thin within the pc and console gaming industry to produce well written,refined games with original assets like portal 2 ,old school runescape, half life 2, call of duty classic and world at war, and far cry 2. The modern gaming industry isnt what it was like in the early 2000s where most games were polished linear 1 purchase games that occasionally came with expansion packs that doesnt make enough mullah and that sure as shit doesn't keep the absolute vultures that are investors from pulling out their stocks so to compensate game devs are systemically forced to keep finding ways of pumping out money out of the same fucking assets out of the same unoptimized code with the same safe new releases every year that people are already familiar with because the risk of a new title like anthem coming out and just fucking flopping is higher than ever as profit margins continue to lower and the prospect of innovation within computer graphics to provide gamers better performance and new experiences is a dream. We will never see a game like bad company 2 ever again for a long long time


>We will never see a game like bad company 2 ever again for a long long time
Good, because it was dumbed down trash that signified the death of the Battlefield series. You shit eater.


I just mean some games look the same or worse than 5 years ago but struggle to push 60 frames on current hardware.


WiW is unironically the best looking game there is, and it has deffended this title ever since 2004. Art design and a good sense of creating aesthetics that fit together beat any sort of super fancy graphic technology, ESPECIALLY the meme experimental shit like textile/hair physics or "advanced" liquids like FromSoft shit after DS2 exemplifies (DS2 best looking FS gane btw), where suddenly every monster with loose clothes or some fur becomes a hairy scrotum that splashes shitty looking blood which then goes on to place a stain on the 3D model skin which just makes it look dirty.


File: 1627581784284-0.png ( 10.52 KB , 256x256 , Metal Slug 3 zombie vomit.png )

File: 1627581784284-1.png ( 435.48 KB , 304x224 , Metal Slug 3 rawket.png )

File: 1627581784284-2.png ( 179.18 KB , 266x242 , Metal Slug 3 hermit crab.png )

>WiW is unironically the best looking game there is
That title belongs to a game released ten years earlier.

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