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Does anyone here work in the gaming industry? Be a programmer, artist or related
Is it bad as people says it is?


Nobody works here actually.


>Is it bad as people says it is?
There's always news about gaming studios crunching and other shitty practices, so yeah.


the worst part isn't the sketchy employment practices, it's the egos. i worked at a studio split between macho bro types who "practiced" kickboxing during lunch (mostly posing and flexing in front of a mirror to "perfect their form") and textbook PMC liberal women with massive savior complexes. the few normal people i worked with often volunteered to work overtime on salary just to get done with our part so we could be laid off and free of the social black hole that the studio really was. we convinced the director that the greatest "experience" (the favorite buzzword of the lead designer that got slathered on everything like hot sauce in a university dormitory) would be achieved by using a 16 year old RPG engine for an MMO/action hybrid. We fucked that game up so bad just so we could be done with it and out of there. I've been working at an animal shelter ever since. Programming is a fun hobby but doing it for a company is masochistic just because of the nightmare personalities it attracts.


Sounds nasty, glad your new job really gives back to the world


he didn't ask you dr. expert news article reader. this addressee of OP is abundantly clear.

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