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What is the materialist explanation of esports cheating?


Making (more) money.


Stop allowing players to being their own hardware. Set a standard and let people practice on that. Its easy to stop the cheating


e-sports aren't about fun, they're about money.


>you can't cheat on lan


You don't know how smart these guys are man it's something as simple as installing a cheat engine on their cell phone and plugging it into the usb drive for 1 second and then unplugging it. People are paying thousands of dollars to compsci devs to make them custom cheats so they can go undetected it's insane (my friend literally made money custom making cheats for CS).

These assholes ruined an entire game and Valve does nothing about it.

CSGO more like Counter-Cheats: Global Aimbots




Valve was content to see TF2 ravaged by cheats and later as they saw what juicy cake Overwatch ad taken from them…
They relaunched TF2 without spectator mode for "competitive reasons", didn't they?

I'm more worried about things like a company rigging the game to condition players or extract microtransactions TBH


They shouldn't be able to bring a phone in either. Look I get your point but I'm saying, these big tourneys are making hundreds of thousands of dollars. If they really wanted to stop the cheating they have the resources to try harder.


File: 1621384243478.png ( 79.29 KB , 1072x606 , G2bIrIM.png )

Just email yourself your program (why would you use anticheat on a lan computer? muh fps!) and delete all the evidence

in my opinion, these big tournament organizers are all corrupt in one way or another, be it in collaborating with or allowing cheating, or sucking the players dry

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