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>No doom thread


People STILL play doom?


doom 2 blows chunks

so colorful it looks like a fucking mario game

so many stupid gimmicks that it overcomplicates the gunplay because you have to torch demons for armor and chainsaw for ammo while swinging around with a whip

dumb story that isn't even funny and brings in angels and demons like some christian knock off

2016 Doom revived the Doom series. Doom Eternal shot it, covered it in dirt, poured acid on the body, and then poured gasoline the remains and lit it on fire before taking the ashes and jettisoning it into space

fuck bethesda


Haven't played either 2016 or Eternal but they look exactly the same to an outsider. What's the difference?


TNT Evilution is the best iwad. Change my mind.
Oh wait, I already changed my own mind. It's actually chex quest


File: 1608527526648.jpg ( 73.45 KB , 955x520 , bruh.jpg )

they turned it into a saturday morning cartoon


File: 1608527526753.jpg ( 31.03 KB , 293x240 , Rip_And_Tear.jpg )

uhhhh bud le 'rib and dear' xD
is really ebin bedesda zays rib and dear de demons lige in le rib and dear comig xD

(Also why are there no flags on this board? I need spurdo flag to go with my shidpost.)


It looks better now.


fuck you that is why it looks so great
2016 one sucked donkey dick

Colourful shit in a fast fps with double jump is the MOST BASED thing to ever happen to DOOM.


I see why one might complain because the gore factor appears to have been toned down, but honestly I find the newer model more "readable" for lack of a better term.

It really does look more fun and arcadey. And there appears to be no shortage of gore despite the slightly tamer visual design.


So uhhh… Does anyone wanna make a bunkerchan server or something


Doom haz servers?!???


>It really does look more fun and arcadey
I think this exactly the point, remember old DOOM was about jumping through a flat landscape and balancing health and ammo, DOOM 2016 added the Z axis into the mix(Doom 3 was more horror though) and I feel like Eternal takes the fucking cake with it. The Crucible, low ammo count and arcadey setting seem to encourage the player to not approach it from the "run the demons down without care" and more try to treat it like the old DOOM, aka balance your fucking resources, which I raged about in my first few hours of Eternal but after you gid gud it really is a much better formula, sure it's not as gritty or down to earth as 2016 but again this is a game about a guy killing all of hell cause his bunny died, wtf do you want? The fucking plot to Evangelion? IT'S ALMOST LIKE DOOM ISN'T JUST THE NEXT "HUR DUR I'M DARK AND EDGY XXDDD GIB MEDIA ATTENTION" GAME OR SOMETHING!


Great game. As soon I finish emulating smt 3 I'll get back to it ok harder difficulties

I think people that say 2016 is better are blinded my nostalgia. Eternal is better in every way


but the scenario is exactly what you just wrote.
It's litterally edgy bullshit with high gothic visual in an even more exagerreted way than 40K,and you can't even ignore the narrative now since it's shoved on your face with unskippable cutscenes.
Making DoomGuy more human is stupid.


>It's litterally edgy bullshit with high gothic visuals
No? The only part that was forced was the flashbacks to the arena, otherwise it's basically the same as the demon voice logs from 2016
>it's shoved on your face with unskippable cutscenes
Now you're just bullshitting, hold R to skip all cutscenes, the only stuff you can't skip is if a door opens or something, in 2016 ALL the cinematics and cutscenes were unskippable.


for the first part,I'm talking about the visual narration more than the scenario,but ok.
I actually don't know why I said unskippable when it wasn't my intention,I meant that it was more classical with no real originality behind them,and without any player input,but that was the case too in the first,it just seemed not that way because the whole joke was that the character skipped them (except when the robot man speaks,but I disliked that too)
Sorry about that.
>inb4 it's all pomo bullshit.


The visual narration is more just an extension of the weird ass lore that was hinted at in 2016 with the whole night sentinels and stuff, it's more there just to have padding to the story for those that really want it but is just a backdrop or afterthought for everyone else. Considering that the scenes are skippable, they're comically cheesy and that Doom Guy looks like he couldn't give a rat's ass about what the other person is saying I think the game is encouraging you to skip it but I understand the complaints about having a story in a game about not caring about motives, which is why it's great that you can just skip it all and ignore it. I personally like the story but it's definitely just a means to an end for setting up each level and nothing more and just going "Doom Guy is cool", that one female scientist recording makes it sound like she's getting off to Doom Guy's manliness and I just couldn't take it seriously.


I really want to enjoy retro shooters but no matter what I do, I keep end up feeling nauseated


File: 1608527527687.png ( 32.58 KB , 648x595 , e1096dc4da6d9afc3276243817….png )

I tried to do that a while back (mostly for the /leftytrash/ crowd) but I couldn't figure out how to get it set up in Zandronum. Now I live at a place with an ever shittier internet connection so there's no point in even trying to set up a server. I just wanted to set it up to play some Project Brutality in co-op but apparently just to do that I have to do some tech wizardry with my router.


there are multiplayer ports, zandronum being the most popular. I also like zdaemon kind off.


The story was cringe af but gameplay was fun and and graphics not bad either, dk what you're complaining about. also call it eternal, doom 2 came out somewhere in the 90s.


Play it with a mouse pussy


what's that?


File: 1608527528238.gif ( 8.29 MB , 530x536 , mouse.gif )

You'd better fucking not.


DOOM 2016 wasn't that great either, games like Doom are dinosaurs that should be put in the fucking ground


File: 1608527528503.jpg ( 71.66 KB , 800x999 , 1814-descent-dos-front-cov….jpg )

I remember when fast 3D games such as Doom first came out, and a lot of longtime 2D gamers started to get a bit nauseous unless they paced themselves… Then picrel shipped, and they were just like "NOPE!".

Why is it that both the waggle era in 7th gen consoles, and the VR meme have passed, without a resuscitation of 6DoF FPSs?


File: 1608527528615.jpg ( 66.73 KB , 1024x768 , Overload.jpg )

I can't remember all their names, but three or four other 6DF shooters came out around the same time as Overload's release.


Now go play your Call of Duty


That's a really retarded take my dood


People are still making content for it. It's great. Brutal Doom inspired a lot of the changes they implemented in D16


File: 1608527529032.jpeg ( 7.37 KB , 225x225 , Varg.jpeg )

This Swede retard's Doom wad contests have actually gotten a lot of good content made


I just found the story juvenile and edgy in a 12-y/o kind of way and the gameplay, while fairly fun when hanging with my friends, was nothing to really write home about. I think we can demand more from modern AAA vidya.


I've been playing Doom 2 (the original) off and on since this game's level design feels like a chore to get through. It's either stupid gimmicks or wide open areas with a ton of enemies, and I thought the latter levels in Doom 1 were annoying.


Sandy Petersen is the one to blame for the overly spacious and gimmicky maps. He still regularly gets shit for them.


Doom 2 is a much better creative platform than it is as a game, you should play an actually fun wad like Ancient Aliens or Stronghold


I don't know, I just finished Doom Eternal and enjoyed the retarded plot. It is pretty charming, probably because it specifically isn't trying to be ironic, and thus takes it self very seriously. The effect is the same as with the Room or any other example of a shitty story, however since it is Doom, the main problem of boredom is solved and you actually start wanting to see more retarded shit, since the more stupid it is, the more fun in gameplay will it be to experience: Why am I in space right now, and where did I get that knife from, fuck is even going on? Who gives a shit, let's shoot an angel robot in the head and make it rain in ammo.


this shouldn't be so cute.


nah, Hexen is best and if you won't let me choose that then Plutonia


Hexen has really repetitive action when you get past the lame switch hunts. Heretic is way better.


hdoom is best doom



Downloading atm to see what its like, expecting jank as its still alpha


Should have named it COOM


existed years before that meme was a thing


Once you get past the more arcadey visuals the gameplay in Eternal is just far superior.


Post Doom lewds


>overlong, overly dark levels
TNT sucks shit


just play hdoom


Anyone else tried BPM? While I did turn off its strict beat mechanic, it is basically a DOOM roguelite regardless, pretty fun one at that.


never heard of it, what is it? Is it like CoC but with actual images?


It's a mod for DOOM and where the pic in OP comes from. Link:


How do I DOOM? Seriously I just grabbed the brutal doom package from the AUR and started playing freedoom but I think something is missing. There is more to DOOM than this. Can someone here guide me on how to really enjoy playing DOOM? Also I don't know how to load WADs in gzdoom, and have absolutely no idea whither gzdoom is the best for me or not

t. GNUtard


Try using ZDL. It makes managing mods a whole lot easier, especially if you're using a large modpack (like Complex Doom Clusterfuck, for example).



Start with the original games and throw that Brutal Doom horseshit in the trash.


Man this game rocks no wonder people are still playing this shit 30 years after its release.

Give me some good commie wads comrades if there's any.


Man this game rocks no wonder people are still playing this shit 30 years after its release.

Give me some good commie wads comrades if there's any.


File: 1608528239188.jpg ( 70.25 KB , 397x600 , flamesandsoon.jpg )

Hideous Destructor is the best DOOM mod to ever exist. It is the ultimate DOOM challenge. If you can't beat freedoom2 with HD, then you shouldn't play DOOM. Here's why HD is the best mod:

1. It adds complex reloading mechanics. No longer will you be able to just reload without knowing how the gun is supposed to be reloaded.
2. Bleeding. How the fuck are you not bleeding after being ripped open by a demon? HD fixes this problem by adding bleeding mechanics and forcing to you bandage yourself.
3. Actually useful iron sights. Did you ever ask why the fuck brutal doom and project brutality have iron sight despite being absolutely useless? me neither. HD adds accurate recoil, shaking, and focus giving the iron sights a damn purpose.
4. HD balances DOOM. Remember the zombies you used to blaze through like they aren't there? well think again cause the zombies are on your level now and have the same skill and weapons as you.
5. Inventory. How can doom guy hold the BFG, super shotgun, regular shotgun, plasma gun, rocket launcher, minigun, and a chainsaw all without it affecting him at all? HD balances this out and limits the amount of things you can carry.


File: 1608528240293.png ( 10.34 KB , 556x493 , 342ebb49.png )

Just tried it out, holy shit the autistic level of detail in this mod when it comes gun handling, wound treatment, inventory management, etc. is glorious. Love it. 10/10 would recommend.

Ps. the idea behind the proprietary "smart" magazine with the assault rifle which locks you out of using the mags you steal off the enemies would be fucking hilarious if it wasn't so frustrating as a game mechanic.


I honestly am having trouble telling if someone was attempting to make the most annoying mod of all time or if this is genuine European Thinking Man autism.


Holy shit I didn't even know why the fuck I couldn't load those magazines. It kept warning me about breaking the EULA and I didn't give shit about what it says. It turns out DRM has been implemented in armory.

FCK DRM now before the demon invasion prevents from defending yourself.


>FCK DRM now before it prevents you from defending yourself in the demon invasion
sorry. you can also check Defective by design.


After a week of pain, suffering, and unending hell. I finally know how to swap items in the inventory. Hideous destructor needs to revamp it's documentation. There are many subtle and tiny stuff left out, despite it being crucial to the mod.

I haven't played anything but hd for the last week. I can surely say I no longer know how DOOM even was supposed to be played. The Archvile that was supposed to be a pain in the ass is now an unstoppable god. The Archevile will force you to have a chainsaw or waste ammo, so you can gib bodies.

Projectiles are not a joke anymore. Face two barons and you're done for without cover. While speaking about cover. You can't hide for long against a cyber demon. Walls, boxes, anything you can cover behind can be destroyed by the cyber demon.


This is hilarious. So if you haven't played Hideous Destructor yet, here's another reason why you should. Door Busting. DOOM was made decades ago destructible environment wasn't a thing back then, but with hd you can bust about every door in the map. I was playing hd with Dimension of the Boomed a quake-1 style map. DotB is gorgeous. I love its style, but I noticed how it forces to solve puzzles and fight more enemies so you can open a path. I was okay with this until I reached map04. This map is just a giant puzzle. It requires you to look for 8 switches all over the map in order to finish the map. I already had a rocket launcher with some heat missiles and decided to bust the door and finish the map in less than a minute. Completely skipping the whole map like it's not even there. Isn't this how DOOM guy supposed to be? and they said hd is the opposite of DOOM.


File: 1608528288553.webm ( 27.47 MB , 1920x1080 , skipped.webm )

>>6254 (me)
Clip from action




File: 1608528293351.webm ( 294.17 KB , 480x360 , jpeg.webm )

>27MB for a 30 second clip
Have you heard of compression, anon?


For what ever reason my uploaded videos don't show up so here's a link to the compressed version: https://streamable.com/m8rk3p


I still can't find anyone to play doom with :(


>It's 12 am and I can't sleep
>decide to spend some time playing doom
>launch jade earth with hideous destructor and Ugly as sin
>reach the first archvile in the map
>decide to rack all the bodies in one room so I can put my DERPs near them
<this shit took a long of time but finally I can just move on
>go and finish archvile for good
>wait for him to restructure the entire room
<nothing happens for 15 minutes
<hmmm… I guess I can pick my stuff and go then
>pick up the DERPs and drop the vulcanette that took ages to fix
>about to go to next sector
>Entire room resurrects with 3 hell knights, 5 chaingunners, shit ton of imps, spectres, babuins, shotgunners and zombies
>I run for the vulcanette I dropped earlier, grab it and give a last fight against the resurrected corpses
>A single hell knight fire ball makes it's way through the 2100 rpm barrage of bullets
FUCKING hell. This took almost an hour and ended being absolutely useless.


resurrect* Sorry for the mistake.


You gan shidposd all you want gomrad


What modifications and port are you using? That shit looks interesting.




The one on the right is more visually distinct, which is important in a game where you are twitching around blasting at shit. I haven't played Eternal, but DOOM 2016 was often hard to tell what the fuck was going on because all the designs look like they got shredded through a blender first.

Also the gore should be a reward for you fucking them up instead of their default state. Wound decals showing up on the character model or blood spurting out is less striking when the model is already covered in a layer of blood and guts.


Zik and his damn mods keep looking fresh as fuck


Hideous Destructor player here. I've been thinking about making a giant map pack for Hdest that is more like a campaign with a branching story that revolves around the lore present in Hideous Destructor. But I have to learn ZScript before I can take any step forward.
So Can I ask people here for resources and good mod examples for zdoom that has a campaign or similar idea? I know some C and currently learning java. I want to see the capabilities of zdoom and how to exploit it to achieve what I want.


Action Doom 1 and 2


I've been working with zscript since it was published. Drop some questions and I'll answer whenever the planets align.
Just FYI: I'm not a programmer, but I do have a whole lot of experience writing (functioning) code.

For code examples, you can learn a bunch of things from the zscript code that comes with gzdoom. You can also find it on the official github:

marrub was working documenting zscript here:
Do not let the repo's age deter you from using it: the information that *is* there is still hugely informative and up-to-date. marrub announced a replacement a while ago.

Guncaster was popularly chosen as the best zscript mod, codewise, on the zdoom forum a while ago.You can find it here:
I can vouch from personal experience that KeksDose code is well written and worth copying. Reading Guncaster will also teach you about libraries, how to use them, and a bunch of other shit specific to (gz)doom modding.

>I know some C

zscript is pretty much a subscript of C++. It also more limited than your big boy languages, and so more straightforward to picking up. Familiarity with C++ concepts is helpful, but not necessary.

No matter what you'll have to do math, so teach yourself trigonometry, vector math, and calculus if you aren't familiar yet. More advanced topic might be useful, but don't overdo it.
A good resource is Eric Lengyel's Mathematics for 3D Game Programming and Computer Graphics. Ignore the hilarious cover, it's genuinely useful.
GZDoom is also sensitive to cache misses and I recommend you familiarize yourself with cache optimization.

All that out of the way: you don't need to know a whole lot of zscript, or math, or code to do what you want. What I'm charitably going to call "complex zscript code" is more for performing abstract operations efficiently, i.e.: internally extending the engine. You won't need to do that.


Thanks for the info. It'll be of great use in this journey. I should've mentioned that I indeed never wrote any zscript except for some slight modifications to fine tune some settings.

I'll keep posting my progress here. So far:
I still haven't done anything technical, as I'm still conceptualizing the aspects of this map pack. How the story should progress, how should I turn the linear progression of doom maps into a choice based branching story, NPCs and their interactions with the player (ace's follower mod is relevant and I might make it so that followers get to act on their own be it dynamically or according to a script). Once I answer those questions and hopefully find some inspirations, I'll be able to start making something real.
Some map packs that come to my mind when mentioning simulating progress are Unreal RPG, Ashes 2063, and Eviternity. Eviternity's back-to-back transition creates a connection between each map, which makes the game feel more like a progressive story rather than disconnected travel between locations.
I didn't talk about the story much, besides being inspired from hdest lore. The lore of hdest itself manifests in the mechanics it adds to the game. Guns, handling, devil magic, etc… Though it's not much, it's more than enough for this project. I intend the branches to be based on the items the player decides to use along his journey through whatever failed UAC/AGM experiment, which the player is tasked to cleanup with a team (why I mentioned ace's follower mod).


File: 1614574899866-0.png ( 1.56 MB , 1920x1080 , screenshot_dynoomic.png )

File: 1614574899866-1.png ( 977.14 KB , 1920x1080 , screenshot_toxic_planet.png )

File: 1614574899866-2.png ( 412.01 KB , 1920x1080 , screenshot_corpfrsq.png )

File: 1614574899866-3.png ( 810.25 KB , 1920x1080 , screenshot_conservatory.png )



Perhaps a little more context?


File: 1614628522277-0.png ( 1.11 MB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot (280).png )

File: 1614628522277-1.png ( 1.85 MB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot (281).png )

File: 1614628522277-2.png ( 1.09 MB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot (283).png )

File: 1614628522277-3.png ( 1.07 MB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot (284).png )

>tiny test map from 2019, after hiatus from a making a mapset in development hell
>singleplayer only, UDMF format


File: 1614628741334-0.png ( 846.35 KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot (287).png )

File: 1614628741334-1.png ( 879.81 KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot (289).png )

File: 1614628741334-2.png ( 980.92 KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot (290).png )

File: 1614628741334-3.png ( 726.28 KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot (292).png )

Toxic Planet
>somewhat larger map from summer of 2020
>singleplayer only, UDMF, still no difficulty settings


File: 1614628943450-0.png ( 646.15 KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot (267).png )

File: 1614628943450-1.png ( 355.6 KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot (268).png )

File: 1614628943450-2.png ( 682.21 KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot (269).png )

File: 1614628943450-3.png ( 831.77 KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot (273).png )

File: 1614628943450-4.png ( 739.23 KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot (275).png )

Corporate Firing Squad
>made in October 2020
>singleplayer only, UDMF
>difficulty settings and custom par time implemented


File: 1614629233158-0.png ( 800.95 KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot (296).png )

File: 1614629233158-1.png ( 931.58 KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot (298).png )

File: 1614629233158-2.png ( 503.6 KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot (301).png )

File: 1614629233158-3.png ( 1.04 MB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot (305).png )

File: 1614629233158-4.png ( 488.13 KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot (304).png )

>development was from November 2020 to early February 2021
>singleplayer, UDMF format
>one of the better two maps, along with corpfrsq.wad
>what if TNT MAP22 but better/in my style
>honestly, screenshots give the context for my wads


What is the longest single Doom map anyway? And is it fun?


You could always find longer maps in doomworld but I had ton of fun playing jadeearth
Will give some of those a shot.


Respect for mappers, my boy. Gonna give these a lick and let you know.

Are you generally curious, or looking for recommendations?




Third link (corpfrsq.wad) don't work.


File: 1615282939356.png ( 2.12 MB , 1920x1080 , 2021،03،09-12:26:32.png )

I like the concept behind this, albeit it could be done in boom format. Imagine a larger map that constantly sends you through teleports to keyhunt with switches scattered around. Fast encounters on conveyors is worth a try.
I love the way you made the encounters here. From rooms full of imps to the vile, baron, and revenants mixed with hitscanners fight. I had ton fun playing this, albeit it was rather short. One more thing I like the design in general I noticed how the blue key is held in a hand. The overall look of the map is like a mine and that was interrupted once you go past the red door.
Again I fail to see why was this made in udmf and not something that's more adopted like boom or even vanilla. I don't see anything here utilizing any of the features UDMF provides.

Gonna try the other two maps now, [spoiler]both vanilla and with gameplay mods[/spoiler].


Playing this right now and I gotta say that's a lot of imps my man


Youre wrong, its fucking amazing. Best game ive played last 5 years


This one works, thank you!
Also, played the other maps. Gonna review 'em proper later. Been busy, sorry.
The micro-review is: love your aesthetic sense and you have the right (i.e. experimental) attitude, but you still got some learning ahead of you in terms of flow and feel.




Looks like this thread dies the moment i stop posting clips here, huh.
Here: https://video.hardlimit.com/videos/watch/3c6605c3-11b3-4d82-8960-bdd313ce86ce


More like there isn't much to talk about. If you don't know about Doom wads yet… what are you waiting for?


True. We haven't done any mp sessions here, or mapping projects (would like to see more of your maps GDE), or managed any events really. I'll think of something to push this thread higher


File: 1624105661615.mp4 ( 73.02 MB , 1920x1080 , unknown_2021.06.19-14.15_2….mp4 )

good place to share my vanilla doom mappack I guess, It's kinda old by now but I still work on more maps for it from time to time.




File: 1625684014440.png ( Spoiler Image, 760.66 KB , 587x577 , BWARGH.PNG )

The only excuse I can think for this is if there are way more enemies, I feel like hardware would choke trying to render all of the first ones, I hate the arms and legs of the new one


File: 1629489092710-0.png ( 243.36 KB , 1353x1014 , Screenshot (681).png )

File: 1629489092710-1.png ( 203.05 KB , 1353x1015 , Screenshot (684).png )

File: 1629489092710-2.png ( 271.2 KB , 1353x1015 , Screenshot (688).png )

File: 1629489092710-3.png ( 232.96 KB , 1354x1015 , Screenshot (693).png )

File: 1629489092710-4.png ( 326.98 KB , 1354x1015 , Screenshot (694).png )

I'm back!
This map is made for PrBoom+ 2.6um, it is Boom format with use of DEHEXTRA Dehacked patch and a UMAPINFO lump.


File: 1633999282028-0.png ( 264.28 KB , 1353x1015 , Screenshot (775).png )

File: 1633999282028-1.png ( 160.14 KB , 1353x1015 , Screenshot (778).png )

File: 1633999282028-2.png ( 142.29 KB , 1352x1014 , Screenshot (792).png )

File: 1633999282028-3.png ( 178.82 KB , 1351x1013 , Screenshot (799).png )

File: 1633999282028-4.png ( 162.86 KB , 1353x1015 , Screenshot (802).png )



I don't get it.


Quake is better 100%

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