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You asked for it, you get it


I never wanted this


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why do they think they are on a "side of history" ?
Isn't entertainment meant to be escapism from the part of reality that matters to history ?

>You asked for it, you get it

Who asked for this ?

If those games were foss-software people could create a non-snitching-fork of the game and none of this would matter. Those that wanted the policed experience would stay on the original branch an everybody else would migrate to the forked branch.
People would also have already created plug-ins that auto-mute excessively rude teenagers, assuming that's the point of contention ?

And it's possible to do free-software but with closed art assets which basically keeps the "muh business model" unchanged.


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>now I have to deal with the Israel lobby when I'm trying to relax and have fun
Let's be honest: humanity never deserved video games, did it?


File: 1676376323218.jpeg (143.61 KB, 706x907, gaymers.jpeg)

AAA/Steam/Console/online gaymers suffer? Me happy

Go Go Ubisoft! Fuck them to death! Squeeze them out of every penny!
willing paypigs should pay, and they DO pay - that's one of the few things I really appreciate about capitalism, if only they couldn't get their income through exploitation


fake news

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