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Hey guys

I want to get more into JRPGs so I've gathered a small list of games that interest me (PS1-3, gamecube, 3ds and all the openemu consoles are what I can play on)

trails in the sky
breath of fire 3&4
wild arms series
final fantasy 9
suikoden 2,3,5
grandia 2
chrono trigger
legend of mana
golden sun 2
Ys series
tales of series
dragon quest series
baten kaitos
jade cocoon
atelier series
SMT series

Some JRPGs I've enjoyed so far are:
star ocean (especially the 2nd installment)
lunar eternal blue (didnt like silver star harmony that much, maybe i should try the original version)
Grandia 1
Valkyrie Profile
Golden sun 1

Anyone mind help me find more gems?


Play Golden Sun 1 before 2 if you haven't done it, it's really one big game separated in two cartridges, and a masterpiece at that.


You've never played Chrono Trigger? What's wrong with you?


This game will stay with me forever. One of the great classics.

Yeah, despite its endless praise I wouldn't consider it overrated. Extremely ambitious games that actually deliver deserve all the praise they get.

Has anyone actually played Legend of Dragoon? It's infamous for its length but is it good?


I used to not listen to other peoples opinion thats why =)

legend of dragoon is on my extended list, I've listened to the OST quite a bit and it was wonderful but was kinda thrown off by the gameplay from watching footage


File: 1610927777652.jpg ( 963.99 KB , 1687x2147 , large.717949748_PhantasySt….jpg )

>trails in the sky
I've heard its good
>breath of fire 3&4
The whole series is pretty good. It's cool to see the archetypes and gameplay evolve overtime
>wild arms series
the ost is good
>final fantasy 9
the slowest FF by far. If you can take the slow pace and loadingscreens, it's a great game.
>suikoden 2,3,5
Same as BoF
>grandia 2
I liked Grandia 1 a lot, but I haven't played 2 yet.
<le meme obscure game
just play LoZ
>chrono trigger
…you haven't played chrono trigger?
Chronocross is often called ugly and hard to get into, but it's one of the best PS1 JRPGs
>legend of mana
>golden sun 2
>Golden Sun 1 before 2
too much text for such a boring game
>Ys series
I haven't played much Y's, but I found it pretty dull
you'd get bored after the first 12 games I think
>tales of series
If you like anime, you'd like the series. Vesperia is a good start.
>dragon quest series
>baten kaitos
Haven't heard of this one, I'll have to check it out
>jade cocoon
>atelier series
>SMT series
One thing to understand about the Xeno series, is every game is severely unfinished, but that's really the charm of the games imo.
I like to describe the deterioration of the story similar to the deterioration of Eva.

Star ocean is was great.
If you like SO, maybe check out phantasy star 4. Great little gem on the Genesis.

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