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What's your opinion on this man and his work?


Love him, Revolver Ocelot remains one of my favorite characters


Is that the neon genisis dude?


never has one man been so lucky


File: 1610953655197.gif ( 341.34 KB , 763x809 , burger.gif )

His newest game was too high iq for americans


There's already a MGS thread my dude

I think he's just a lib but probably doesn't actually think much about politics. He's a bit overrated, but I think he does deserve some respect as an artist, because he seems genuine at least.
He always wanted to be a filmmaker but got stuck making videogames, however his latest games have had actual film actors in them, with actual acting (not just voice) so I guess in the end he became a filmmaker, since video games are becoming a mainstream form of entertainment and it's slowly fusing with other media. AAA video games are the new movies, not that that's something inherently good or bad, but I digress.

I don't know what to think about the language theme in MGSV, even though I study linguistics. There were some features relating to that which I liked, such as needing staff that speaks a certain language to be able to understand what the enemy soldiers are saying.

How so?


>How so?
They didn't like that it was a collaborative box-transport walking sim instead of MGS 6.


it had everything that I hated about mgsv


I like Kojima because he's uninhibited and slightly mad and that makes for unique and inventive experiences, if not particularly coherent ones.
I haven't played Death Stranding yet but if anyone could get me to play a game about literally just walking it's him, because he's bound to throw unexpected things your way.


Like what? Fun???

I'd seriously recommend giving it a try, even if you just grab it from redbox for a weekend or something. Play it online if possible.

||I hope you like monster energy drink||


>Like what? Fun???
>boring, inconsequential open world?
>half assed voice acting?
>shitty hipster music?

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to play mgs3 just one more time


>half assed voice acting
What do you mean by that exactly?


File: 1611687763348.png ( 269.16 KB , 800x703 , IMG_2731.PNG )

I will never buy another Open World game in my lifetime

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