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Suggested by >>6447, here's the victoria 2 general






oh cool, hope you don't mind that I'm going to talk about HOI4, specifically the TNO mod


Reposting one of the few good things to come out of 4chan /gsg/: https://github.com/napoleons-legacy/mod


>Play Vanilla Vic2
>Start as any monarchy
>Put Liberals in charge
>Now put Conservatives in charge
>And now Reactionaries
>Repeat process ten times
>Big discontent
>Enough to pass welfare reforms
>Pass healthcare
>Repeat 4 times to get best healthcare
>Population skyrockets past anything realistically feasable
>Too little jobs, factories literally can't upgrade fast enough to catch up
>All unemployed proles go into the army
>Become Top 1st military power as an OPM or a TwoPM just because, in theory, you have the worlds biggest reserve army
>Crash the army goods market by starting to build them all into units
Man, so sad they fixed the Government Appointment to have a time limit in HoD update.


Also what countries are good?


For HFM, I’d recommend you play as Spain and lose to the carlists, then you events to get cores on all of Spain’s new world territories. HFM is a bit annoying if you’re playing a rising power though, because the colonization of Africa is very railroaded. I don’t know about HPM because I could never get it to work


Ah I'm on HPM, worked first time for me. It's still a little railroaded for French Algeria, soon as Nationalism and Imperialism was done full sized Algeria just fucking pops up under tiny French Algeria and France gobbles them up.
France is a right cunt on this playthrough, they were my ally at first and helped me take out Two Sicilies, but then rebels went ballistic and booted me out and I couldn't get the wargoal again, and at some point I lost France as an ally and wound up with NGF.
NGF is alright but fucking Austria has allied with the Brits and France has allied with the Russians. Soon as I formed Italy everyone went bonkers trying to steal my fucking land, luckily I only lost part of Italy and a decent colony rather than the two good chunks of Italy they wanted of course they took the one province I had with coal


Cold War Enhancement is my favorite way to play Vic2. I wish the politics in the base game were less ridiculous and had some more variety.


Also, I hate that there's no way to add accepted cultures. Maybe I WANT to have an Ashkenazi/Polish/Cherokee Texan Republic!


Even in the modern era barely any countries really accept outside cultures, it's a bit unrealistic to expect it to happen in the victorian era


I mean it's not like the political and economic sim in paradox games is especially geared towards realism anyway as much as it's abstractions that allow you to play with a sandbox history, but more to the point the rapid speed of assimilation in Vicky2 is far more unrealistic than conditional acceptance of certain cultures would be. It should take at least a couple generations, and there should be syncretic cultures/religions that form under certain conditions out of the presence of different cultures. Like if you have strong traditionalist/conservative politics, and strict immigration law, some portions of a minority culture should quickly assimilate (within a generation) while other portions maintain high discontent, and if you have socially liberal or left politics and lax immigration law, immigrants should assimilate more slowly and there should be significant syncretism that can produce "subcultures" like Irish-American, Italian-Argentine, Anglo-Irish, Brazilian Confederados, etc.

Maybe that's autistic but what is the point of Vicky2 if not POP autism?


How is that mod these days? I remember when I tried to play it years ago, the economy was completely fucked.


It seems decent within reason to me, at the least playable. They've been working on it consistently over the past few years so I'd say it's worth giving another try.


That would be cool, I guess I just think it would be dumb if you can pay 50 whatever points and wait 6 months and suddenly Serbia embraces Han Chinese culture or whatever.

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