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What could we do to push people like this to realize that just whining at a massive corporation is not going to fundamentally change anything, and that the problem is the system? I'm tired of hearing the same "look, I'm not promoting copyright infringement, but I also hate what this powerful company who is the copyright holder does to fan projects/its own games…" and other such cop-outs. Sounds like cuckoldry to me.

Maybe the first step is to promote the idea of changing copyright laws so that big businesses can't fuck people over as much, instead of allowing consoomers to try to defend fan projects/piracy and cucking out to copyright law designed to protect the rich at the same time. Maybe some already realize this, but I think the majority hasn't even thought that in this case, the problem is not the company who is unwilling to be nice and ignore the law to cooperate with fans, the problem is the laws (and system, of course, but they're not ready for that yet) that allow "anti-consoomer" companies to force their own rules onto those fans whenever and however they want, and it's hypocritical to simultaneously support such illegal activities and copyright law. They definitely already understand that corporations are not their friend and just want to make as much money as possible, gamers only need that little push towards real action.

From there, we could start promoting criticism towards the system itself, little by little. Hopefully, they would end up realizing that the issues in the videogame industry such as overpriced pieces of plastic or overpriced and limited re-releases of old unoptimized software are never going to be solved by reforming the company's policy or capitalism, that the implications are much more bigger than they ever imagined, that capitalism is not a universal and unchangeable state of affairs that we just have to accept and deal with, and that there exists a viable alternative to it which we could help bring about.



>and cucking out to copyright law
*and to cuck out to copyright law

My point with that paragraph is that I would expect this idea to prompt consumers to think beyond their narrow view that companies are the origin of every one of the problems that they bitch about, which of course are only some of the logical consequences of capitalism. Or, in gaymer/programmer terms, "it's not a bug, it's a feature" but unironically. Perhaps realizing that the scope of these issues is bigger than they thought would result in them eventually seeing the whole system we live in as the fundamental problem.


Great essay op. I don't think that the fanboys nor the consooomers would realize the underlying conditions that result in corporate behaviour.


File: 1610444571559.png ( 31.39 KB , 920x331 , 1000 dollar app - i sleep,….png )

Just look at this shit.
>A $1000 shitty mobile app? Sorry, we can't do anything about it; their business, their rules, you're not being literally, physically forced at gunpoint to spend that much money to see the full game, so there's nothing wrong with it even if you think it's exploitative and their workers are being paid above average wages. That's how this world works!
<Oh what's that? The creators like some incest ship or used to be obsessed with gay rape anime porn 7 years ago? REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE CANCEL THIS GAME
God I hate liberals so fucking much.
Plus, when will it become popular to tell these goddamn pussies that we can and should change the status quo?

Thanks anon, although I wouldn't call it an essay, it's just my ranting out of frustration at this conformist, weak-ass, passive bullshit. So it comes down to this? Consoomer dicksuckers will be our enemies forever? No hope for them to be enlightened whatsoever?


>above average wages
*below average

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