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Assault rifle, shotgun, metal armor build.


Anyone plays a glasscannon melee build? I've only reached the DLC content and the nets are really annoying.


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you should invest in dodge and evasion.


here is a dodge and evasion build, take a look.


Can’t believe that they’re still updating the game with balance patches. Has anyone made a throwing focus build after the recent update?
Also the blast suit is OP as shit now wtf:
>Blast Suit: agility penalty reduced from -6 to -3, dexterity penalty is completely removed, but there is now a perception penalty of -2 instead. Also, the armor's weight is reduced from 40 to 25
>[Expedition] Industrial Powered Exoskeleton: activating it now gives 3 extra strength instead of 2, 40 MP instead of 25 (to offset the high armor penalty), and the agility penalty is removed. The drill attack AP is also reduced from 40 to 35
Makes you wonder when will Styg make the sequel Infusion.


Dodge and evasion are pretty mediocre as a defense mechanism. You either pair it with high con or with decent resistances.

Well, take Escape Artist if you can. But if you play glass cannon, you brought this on yourself.


File: 1625244017306-0.png ( 111.39 KB , 754x232 , Underrail_Infusion_Title.png )

File: 1625244017306-1.png ( 1.02 MB , 1193x581 , 65665.PNG )

>they’re still updating the game

Apparently these are the last ones.

They will make minor updates and shift the overall focus to developing a new campaign.


Hope that we can explore the pseudo-Russian Fatherland more than just the gray military base in the sequel. From what Kokoschka told of it seems pretty based.
Also an expansion focusing on making the cities like Hexagon Expedition sized would be nice. Core city was hugely underwhelming.


We won't. I remember talking with Styg about that, i think he was pretty explicit that Infusian won't be about west underrail.


I don't understand why this game is soo highly rated, its a literal rng purgatory that forces you to reload every five seconds either because you got ambushed by a group of enemies that can instantly murder you in a single alpha strike or a random landmine that you failed to perception check. It's pure masochism for no reward.


Yeah, if you just create a character without thought and refuse to learn how the game works, it is pretty punishing. My guess is that you created some glass cannon build that relies on stealth and getting a drop on enemies and dies horribly if even one action fails. You have no one to blame but yourself.

The game is highly rated because it gives what almost no other game does - fast paced deep combat mechanics and good variety of playstyles and crafting. For people who have a minimaxing itch, this game is the scratch they need.


What is the most OP build in-game? I decided to go with SMGs and basically steamrolled through everything, only getting slightly annoyed with the high-armor security bots in Lemurnia. Wonder if there is something more broken than that. Love how you can do the Fortnite thing of carrying to guns that are the same just so you could skip reloading.


PSI is the most OP thing in the game


>mines and traps
Not really, once you murked the rathound king his suit basically helps you detect almost any traps when stealth walking. Or just craft a pair of motion tracking goggles and negate the need for that entirely.
The game is great because it allows you multiple ways to deal with this. You can go for a tank build with loads of armor and health (or shit loads of dodge and evasion) to soak up the first enemy salvo before annihilating them on your turn. You can go for stealth to always be the one to start combat while detecting any hidden enemies. You can go for an initiative heavy build to always hit first in any encounter.
For instance, I’m playing a blind psi monk build that have so high initiative that I always hit first, and because unarmed cost next to no AP I can punch any ambusher to death before they can do anything. If there’s too many of them I’d just cast Stasis and laugh at them for 2 turns.
Definitely Psi. With the recent addition it’s hilariously broken. The new neurovisual disruption completely negates the need for much of the stealth skill. While the new plasma beam allows you to destroy a bunch of enemies from afar.


File: 1625367000303.jpg ( 136.55 KB , 640x400 , stop and think.jpg )

>isometric clickfest without direct movement control
>fast paced deep combat mechanics
Color me skeptical, anon.


>fast paced combat is when you WASD character's movement
I will color you retarded.


File: 1625509436325-0.jpg ( 288.48 KB , 1600x900 , 20210704130554_1.jpg )

File: 1625509436325-1.png ( 102.88 KB , 1142x601 , 5445.PNG )

>"that destroyed biocorp"
and that's bad?
Wasn't Biocorp an "old-world supercorporation"?

Can General meleke be considered a revolutionary?
>" About 17-18 years ago Melek began his rise to power in the north, recruiting local gangs, training and shaping them into a paramilitary force that eventually grew into the army known today as the Protectorate. 15 years ago, he finally made his move and took over Biocorp's capital city Dis, and other key locations soon followed. The High Council was disbanded, the technocrats along with anyone deemed to be a threat to the new government apprehended and executed.".


There is original Biocorp, which ended after Hollow Earth incident. There is reformed Biocorp, established after that to maintain peace, that was overthrown by Melek. And now it is Protectorate Biocorp.

I guess it is kinda bad because it lead to shitload of deaths and the result was a fascist regime bent on expansion.

>Can General meleke be considered a revolutionary?

Most likely, no.


>direct movement control in isometric game
Trash taste you’re having. The fast paced is mostly coming from the fact that getting zoned out by multiple enemies is so easy with a shit build.
>Can General melek be considered a revolutionary?
<Can a military junta that toppled a corporatist regime and replaced it with another oligarchy revolutionary?
If anything they’re even more reactionary.


You're still wrong, but ironically it sounds like you're making a case for isometric being a shit perspective.


>The fast paced is mostly coming from the fact that getting zoned out by multiple enemies is so easy with a shit build.
No, it comes from combat being resolved very quickly one way or another, while having plenty of tactical options. Except for a couple of encounters (beach invasion) i never felt that i grinded through enemies, repeating same actions over and over

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