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Diablo 2 is getting a remaster, in Diablo 2 resurrection, what does /games/ think?




why the fuck would i support this garbage company that fired all the diablo devs 20 years ago and remasters exclusively exist for retards who don't know how to pirate



Hearthstone - most greedy game in its genre
Diablo - ded lol so they have to remaster the old games to recapture the magic
WoW - same as diablo
Warcraft - Same as diablo except even the remaster sucks lol
Overwatch - stagnated
Heroes of the Storm - Abandoned
Starcraft - Abandoned
Call of Duty - Ok I'll give you this one but it's going to die soon because who saves 300gb of their SSD just to install one game lmao. Their inability to compress textures is going to single-handedly kill their money pig.

And yet Blizzard is still probably the most profitable game company of all time. Blizzard is the epitome of capitalists failing upwards and early innovation devolving into rehashed crap to cash in on nostalgia.


Also it requires windows 10.


>We're fresh out of ideas
I just torrented D2 classic and it works like a charm. Found some neat mods too. Why anyone plays these remasters is beyond me.


I'd be more interested in a remaster of Diablo 1. It looks like the studio Blizzard hired to make it did a really good job though so if I get the Diablo 2 itch I might check it out for the remastered graphics


I only care for the ost


File: 1617512642114.mp4 (1017.16 KB, 404x720, laughingwaterfowl.mp4)

>Activision Blizzard welcomes former CIA chief operating officer in its top management


You mean it requires me to check the windows 10 box in wine config.


No, starcraft got a remaster too. I mean, you aren't necessarily wrong, but, you aren't right either.


I have been trying to understand how setting up private servers works for d2 classic. Maybe help me out?


imagine my shock


From the videos I've seen, it looks good, with some caveats:

1. It's grey and de-saturated which seems to indicate that Blizzard once again missed the fucking point and utility of the original's style, and they don't know how to convey a dark, brooding atmosphere without making the visuals literally dark.

2. It looks to be just a straight remaster without additions, expansion, or improvement over the mechanics, which is a detriment to me because I still have my original disks and if I just wanted to play that, I would. They've been charging full price for the fucking game all these years so it shouldn't just be a carbon copy of the original game, it should be an ultra deluxe edition that greatly expands on everything from the original.

That's just my impression from watching some of the gameplay videos several months ago. I have no faith in blizzard to make anything good, because if they had the ability or the talent then they'd be putting it into Diablo V or whatever instead of remaking a decades old game. So, if they are expanding on it then it wasn't reflected in what I saw.

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