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Don't see a thread for this game, let's have one.


I'm also going to ask a question: does anyone know why a nation with 1500 people might suddenly die in less than a month? Just had this happen to me, luckily there's a save just before but I need to know why. Can't be food, I have more than enough. It's in the middle of winter, but I have adequate heating last time I checked.


well its difficult to tell. But i think aou can only check if they had necessities like clothes could they go to a hospital etc


are there any good guides (maybe in video format) for this game i have some troubles getting started


The problem was heating. I don't remember the specifics but it was either a lack of coal, a lack of workers, or both. Basically everyone froze to death.

There are some YouTube channels linked form the main site at least:

In my most recent game I went immediately for setting up a petroleum industry. Exporting fuel and bitumen by train is very profitable, at least in the 60's. I invested all of the initial 1M₽ and $1M in setting it up, had 1.5M₽ in profit one year later. Set up a chemical and a plastic plant, then electronic components. I think I'll build an electronics assembly factory next, and start exporting electronics. I just need to figure out how to load a train car with the things. Rail warehouse doesn't seem to work for electronic components at least.


I tried it a bit back and it felt too unfinished. I’ve been watching it but it still seems a bit too crusty for me to seriously get into it yet.


It needs something to do. Like you get production goals from Komintern or something. Global events are in the pipeline, so maybe we'll see a geopolitics mechanism.


I like what I've played, but I'm waiting for a campaign or some kind of challenges.


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ITT noobs who played on ez mode. Here is my distribution and construction center from a hardcore run I just started. Hardcore means as little is autopurchased as possible, and purchased materials have to be brought from customs and distributed to their destinations. The game's scope is massive and the gameplay is very deep and rewarding.


Is the game more fleshed out yet, or is it still in an early stage of development?


It's more fleshed out than any city sim I've played


it gets more and more fleshed out with every update


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I'm starting to build out my city a bit more, it's at 4500 population right now and it's fairly compact. The traffic isn't a problem at all because I use trolleybuses to ferry the workers to the edges of the town to bus stops where they are picked up by high capacity buses and taken to workplaces. Inside the town the trolleybuses collect students, tourists, and passengers from the residential areas and deposit them in the university and park, where I have four hotels set up. The tourism industry is extremely profitable, it makes more money than my iron, bauxite, and oil exports combined.

Soon I will build a railway construction office and terminal, and a bulk storage area for the harbor.


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One of the most frustrating things when I was learning how to play was trying to produce gravel efficiently. The gravel processing plant is the worst factory in the game because it can only be filled up with a truck, and it has a buffer storage of only 10 tons. To make matters worse the factory only has space for one truck at a time, so if you have multiple trucks feeding it quarried stone, you'll soon get a traffic jam. The trick is to use only one truck for feeding the gravel factory, and making the other trucks unload the quarried stone at an aggregate storage. This way, they can operate continuously and fill up the storage without interruptions, and the other truck can go back and forth providing an almost constant supply of stone. For greater efficiency, place a gas station next to the quarries and use fast trucks.


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Singriopol International Airport (under construction)



Is this game a bit like a modern Banished?


Yes, it's more like Banished than Cities Skylines but it contains elements from both and expands them massively to become its own thing.


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Red Dawn


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these are some based tips anon. I never realized the gravel plant was this shitty

yes, including to the possibility of everyone just fucking dying for no apparent reason


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Can we talk about Railway Empire here too? Or is that too capitalist?


Do you recommend? I've been eyeballing it on steam lately
Same genre I suppose, but this game has a VERY steep learning curve and tons of depth, whereas banished is pretty simple.


Yeah I think it's good, though it takes a while to figure out how to set rails properly on 'realistic' (ie trains don't just fly through each other) difficulty (not that complicated really but the game does a poor job of explaining it). You'll want to look up a short guide on that.

I'm going through the DLC now, pretty fun stuff. You can get them on sale for like £3.50 which is worth it to me for a new region and new scenarios.


politics completely aside, I love this game and hope I can soon spend more time in it again.
I do love making my micro DDR


Are there hotkeys for navigating the menu in this game? I don't want to destroy my mouse hand with too much clicking.

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