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[b]Server is up. Server IP is:[/b]

[b]Server Name is: BunkerHell[/b]

You should be able to download them, extract and plop them into MultiMC.

I'm going to have a shitton of free time over the next few months and I'm thinking about hosting a new Leftypol Minecraft server. Had some experience back in the day hosting factions based servers on the mindcrack modpack. I'm a little rusty but I should be able to pick it all up again reasonably fast.

Right now I'm leaning towards a factions based server (maybe with factions maybe based on lefty ideologies, or people could just sort themselves into teams or w/e) a tech-y modpack based on PVP and a limited mapsize - ideally a large, continent sized island with limited resources and with borders around it so there is some competition for resources (hopefully creating incentive for political alliances and conflict). I'll try to find a plugin which allows physical territory claiming/restricts harvesting of resources on non territory so expanding, building outposts, trade between factions and etc would be encouraged. Nuclear power, high-tech weapons/defense & industry mods are of course a must. Hardcore food/agriculture mods may also be added so there is a need to diversify agriculture/food production and encourage large teams.

I'm willing to put down the money for a decent server and can probably maintain it for a while, possibly indefinitely although that all depends on interest in the idea.

Who here would be interested in a set up like this? If I can get a dozen or so people interested at first I'm willing to put the money and time in ASAP, although obviously I'd be willing to invest more money/time if the playerbase is larger. Server will ofc be free, no pay to win/eshop garbage & ideally open to pirated copies.


Isn't the old one still around?


According to an anon in the thread, no, it is not.

The idea behind this server is a little different anyway. I find that playing minecraft without direction gets a little dull. A fun, cooperate "utopia" is fun IRL but not much fun in games. A huge point of this server would be to create a political, war-like environment with industrial level tech where players essentially have to compete over gradually deteriorating resources. War, sabotage and hostility will be encouraged as factions will have to turn on each other in creative ways in order to fuel increasingly complex industrial economies. Cooperation between groups is also encouraged, with infrastructure mods (eg, advanced rails/trains/transportation) encouraging friendly groups to work together on mega projects.

Basically, I'm setting it up to emulate some amazing political factions based servers I played on or admin'd during the golden age of minecraft back in 2011-2015.

Right now I'm looking at utilizing crackpack 3 (possibly a modified version) which as I understand it is the modpack most similar to the old mindcrack.



I'm pretty set on crackpack now due to it's world generation mods + biomes a plenty. This means we can have a "semi realistic" world which is cold in the far north, and tropical/desert in the south of the map (as it is based on a single continent). Certain resources can also be concentrated in certain biomes, eg oil in desert regions.

It also has the ICBM mod, a bunch of industry mods and a few magic mods, as well as Pam's harvest craft and others (Which will hopefully allow players and factions to specialize)

Oh yeah, and it has economy mods too though I'm not certain how they work.

If there is sufficient interest, I can get the server up within a day.


I would love something like this! It would be interesting to see a thing sort of like Dystopian Capitalism where you have to collect all the resources and gradually work up while pushing others down?


Yes, essentially. Cooperative, socialist societies are fun IRL but not so fun in video games like minecraft. The intention is to see which political grouping would survive best in an apocalyptic capitalist hellscape with increasingly dwindling resources.

*If* the game lasts for a long time, there is even potentiality for farmable land to run low, particularly if ICBM's and nukes are used to flatten large areas of the map.

As to how much of a hellscape the server becomes is down both level of cooperation between groups and level of coordination within groups. Capitalist salt the earth tactics will be useful for instance if every other faction is playing similarly (eg, unsustainable utilizing resources like oil or minerals, which ofc will be finite, or nuking dirt/farmable land to disadvantage other factions) and may also help a faction grow quickly but will of course result in a harder "late game".

Utilizing resources sustainably and cooperation will lead to more even development between factions, and more alliances. At the end of the day though, the server is finite.

If you're not familiar with minecraft mods, this is the level of industrial destruction which can be inflicted on an area, all the way down to bedrock:


Now imagine dozens of these autonomously tearing up the land 24/7, up to 100x100 blocks large, powered by finite coal or oil.


So where can I join?


I'm in the process of setting it up. We're using a server with 16GB of memory so hopefully that should be enough. Right now the modpack is installed and it's all mostly configured. I just need to generate a suitable map - which requires a bit of messing around with a particular mod's config. I should have it up in a few hours.


>factions based server.
We just play as we're trotskyist-maoist party but we've just split into five different factions, each one killing each other to see which one actually has the right interpretation.


Lmao, all power to you. Long live the shining chairman!

Quick update: I've been having some trouble with the map, so what I'm going to do is boot it up in single player and just gen a few maps until I get one which appears to be half decent.

I'm setting up climate craft so it all should be a single continent, with latitude based climates (cold in north/south, hot in North). If there are further problems I may need to scrap the latitude based climates, but it all should still be on a single continent with large seas and lakes in between.

I'm still not certain about how I'm going to do world borders. ATM I'm thinking either 5000x5000 or 7500x7500. I don't want the world to be too big (Eventual resource scarcity should be a big part of the server), but I definitely want a good mix natural feeling biomes.

I do have some unfortunate news, and that is that the server will require the curse/twitch launcher and thus a twitch account. The good news is that once it's downloaded you can plop the mod/game folders in a separate place and totally uninstall twitch. If enough people have issue with this I'll get an American friend to zip & upload the mod files so people can just download that without twitch.

The good news is, the server should be up within an hour or two max. If you want to prepare, download the twitch launcher here:


Install/open it, then go to this link:


Click install, open it via the twitch launcher, wait for it to download then launch the game.

Note that you may need to increase your memory allocation inside the minecraft launcher (instructions: https://cubedhost.com/help/en/articles/1648388-how-do-i-allocate-more-memory-to-my-minecraft-launcher-client-side)

then just launch it up, and you should be able to connect to the server normally when the time comes.

The server is NOT set to online mode, which means that cracked/pirated copies should be able to connect. To do so you'll have to obtain a cracked minecraft client, then follow the instructions in this video to use it with the crackpack 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnTcx41ihtE

Update coming shortly.


OP again.

For those interested, can you put down your preferred ideology/grouping? It helps me figure out how many people are interested & whether or not we'll have to divide ideologies up (eg, if there are only a few MLs/MLM's then group all ML types in together, if too many then divide them up autisticly, etc)

Thus far I've also got about 9 comrades outside leftypol who are interested, a mix of Anarchists left coms and ML's.


1: the bunkerchanites.
ideology: hoxha.
Our base will be a giant bunker.



Server is up. Server IP is:

Server Name is: BunkerHell


Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get the world settings to work properly so no climates. There are substantially more biomes present in the server than vanilla though, more interesting world generations (eg ruins, boats, dungeons) a generally a lot more variety within biomes so hopefully that will make up for it.

At present I'm working on spawn (currently a tiny little island) and also testing out the world borders. They should be roughly 5000x5000 right now, although I may need to tweak them slightly later on because the worldborder system has changed a bit since I last adminned. For now, if you can pass x 5000/-5000 or z 5000/-5000 don't build anything there. The map should be plenty big though - if anything I'm concerned it may be a bit *too* big, so feedback there would be nice.

Feel free to pop in. If you're going to try to claim a permanent base make sure you have a good idea of who your faction represents & also pick a good spot. Server will likely be quiet until it gets some traction - I've got 8 or 9 people who will try it out later at some point so we've got a small playerbase already. If you're able, please advertise the server to comrades!

Spawn *should* be safe right now. I'd recommend finding some food, and exploring the immediate area. There may be some interesting ruins nearby..


I'm using Linux so I'll have to use wine for twitch is there a workaround?


Unfortunately I don't have familiarity with Linux. Is it a huge hassle to use wine? If so, I can try to get the mod files uploaded independent of twitch.


I use multiMC, just download it and to put the mods you put the zip that you downloaded from curseforge and stuff


Okay, I'll do that now. My upload speed is pretty atrocious so give me a wee bit of time.


Is there a workaround for that twitch bullshit, I don't wanna set up an account that I'll never use.


Yeah, I'm uploading the mod files now so you should be able to use them with MultiMc or a similar launcher without needing to use twitch.

Give it about 30 mins to finish uploading and I'll post it here.


Cool! Also, is there a way to get a custom skin for a cracked version of MC? I feel like there will be a lot of us playing pirated so this will be necessary.


Are the mod files different from the ones available here?


Oh damn, I didn't know you could download the zipfiles straight from curseforge?

That should be all you need right there.


Setting the game to allow cracked copies disconnects you from Mojang's servers, so unfortunately skins aren't possible. Everybody is gonna be either Steve or Alex.


Shame. I remember there was an old launcher that I used back in 2012 that allowed you to use the skins of abandoned minecraft accounts just by typing their username in.


NVM, Just tested and that appears not to be it? I think it's just an update + server files.

Upload should be finished in 10 mins.


Mod files are done uploading, get them here:


You should be able to download them, extract and plop them into MultiMC.

If anybody has trouble with this I can write a step by step.


Hmm, sounds really cool and I'd like to join, but I literally never modded or played mp MC. As for the game it self, I have a cracked shiginima launcher thingey, but I didn't touch it in a while now, so not sure how up-to-date it is.
Anyway, so with this setup that I have, how do I connect to the server? So, where do I plonk in the mod files, and what do I do from that point?
ps, I'm a europoor with stuff I gotta do in the evening, so I'll only respond / try to get it working tomorrow.


Hey comrade.
I'm not familiar with the Shinginima launcher. Are you able to use multimc? If not, can you set up separate "instances" of minecraft inside the launcher? Either case, it should be possible.

If you can verify, I'll be happy to help.

In other news, we figured out that the list on mods on curse is outdated. There are actually quite a few more than I thought there was, like Galacticraft, which to tldr lets you build rockets and fly to mars, the moon, build space stations, etc.

So if you feel like building a space bunker, feel free lol.


Not sure about the instances thing, but I can just get the multimc launcher tomorrow. Guess I'll try and see how it goes.


Server host here -

Logging out from the server for a bit. Will be back later. Server is 24/7 so you should still be able to connect fine but if there any issues let me know in this thread.


Based mods.




Ok, so I just got multiMC set up, but don't know where to go from there. I got the crackpack, but don't really know where to put it. Just into the main folder, or one of the other ones inside it? And after that, what do I even do with multiMC launched? I guess I create an instance, but how exactly?


I can run this shit it takes way too much ram. I only have 8 gigs ffs.




>Go into MultiMC, sa in, the application, open it.
>Make new instance.
>import from zip.
That's it.


Ok, I think I did that, but now the launcher is demanding me to log in through an official account. How do I bypass this?


Gotta be honest with you, I only use MultiMC because Twitch is hot garbage that doesn't even work to install the modpacks.
Aside from that, If you haven't bought minecraft, then… I don't know. I'm searching what's the alternative you can use.
I said Tlauncher before, but that has it's own modpacks and it might be that it doesn't have the modpack in question, or has it but outdated. Either way, give it a try https://tlauncher.org/en/


I got this running using the launcher from https://www.mc-launcher.com/. Do the following:

1- Download the Launcher (https://www.mc-launcher.com/special/minecraft). Don't run it yet.
2- Extract the Crackpack 3 from OP's link (https://ufile.io/37ru6kdy) anywhere you want.
3- Open the Launcher and click on the 3 bars which will open the Launcher settings
4- Next to the Directory field click browse. Navigate to the place you extracted the Crackpack
5- Save the settings and click on the Home icon to close the settings
6- In the second drop menu which sets the version, scroll down to 1.12.2 and chose the Forge version should be named "Forge 1.12.2"

- When choosing an account I suggest you choose the Ely.by skin system to have a skin
- Please allocate some memory to this shit. I couldn't start a world with 4 GiBs allocated and it would suck all my 8 GiBs until I forcibly kill it by switching ttys.

t. >>4746


Hey Comrades, server host here.

Intended to get up earlier but I woke up feeling ill, so I ended up sleeping like all day. I'm back online now though, gonna hop on the server now. Let me know if there are any issues.

Some advise for new players: Ruins can have some pretty great loot, but powerful enemies. There are a few ruins of varying sizes closer to Bunker Island (spawn). Be careful of these if you're just starting out.

Also, read the open blocks book you get at spawn! There are some useful recipes in it, like gliders.


File: 1608528113001.png (1.39 MB, 2560x1440, 2020-10-11_17.51.25.png)

Big ass castle located


Higuys didn't make it.


File: 1608528113302.png (661.03 KB, 2544x1365, Juche Tower.png)

Just cleared out a huge Necromancer tower & am claiming it for a base.

Now named "The Juche Tower".


File: 1608528114041.png (1.04 MB, 2560x1440, 2020-10-12_00.07.51.png)



Was anyone able to play this way?


I've tried it, but it didn't seem to be able to read the crackpack files.


Anarcho-communist and exicited!


i'm gonna join all five and betray all five of them!


File: 1608528121642-0.png (983.66 KB, 2560x1440, 2020-10-14_15.03.39.png)

File: 1608528121642-1.png (60.48 KB, 500x496, 6856956.png)



The guy who's runnning this thing, Comradeler I think it's his name.
If you could connect to minecraft we could discuss how the faction war could function and shit.
I think, instead of 5 factions, how about 2?
Anarchists and marxists?
That way there would be more people in each side, which wuould be better I think.


What is that thing? I haven't played Miney-craftey in a long while.


We should organize minecraft days, so that more people are around.
Like maybe Sunday is the "official" minecraft day or something.


It's modded.


File: 1608528125915.png (1.05 MB, 2560x1440, 2020-10-15_23.39.22.png)

Huh. Strangely kinda simetrical cave.
I hope there's nothing malicious in there.


I can't find aluminum anywhere.


Anyone have thoughts on the SevTech Ages modpack?


Why are there like 3-4 minecraft threads on the board, and all of them with collectively less than 100 posts?


hey,is this thing still on? wanted to play minecraft so much in the last few days soo..
also,that ufile link is dead


I highly recommend checking out the direwolf20 1.16 modpack comrade


I know nothing about crackpack3 or multiMC, I have a vanilla minecraft account, do I just do the same steps?


Is this still active?


Not all threads need to be a +300 posts "general".


ufile says that the file is expired. is there a way i can get the file without paying premium


Is this still on?


This thread is an old bunkerchan thread that was imported in the move to leftypol.org. The newer minecraft server thread is over here >>9389

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