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>No animal crossing thread for 10 pages
Absolutely disgusting you uncultured plebs.
Post friend codes and Island codes, or just screenshots in general.


Don't do that.


Why? it's just a general thread for AC stuff.


/acg/ is no


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are you gonna blackmail me into cross dressing in your basement?


please kiss me.


animal crossing is just chores


I was enjoying New Horizons a lot when it came out until bunny day happened which broke the economy and made me keenly aware I was just doing work inside of a video game.


Is OP around?


File: 1617596169311.jpg (316.79 KB, 1280x720, EyKjFojVgAUUWf8.jpg)

I played New Horizons a WHOLE LOT when I first got it, then got burnt out on it for a while. Pawned my switch a few times over a few months and just recently got back to playing it again.


Mind if I add you on Switch?


Sure. Post friend code m8


oh i was wondering if you were gonna post one, i'm playing right now so maybe if you're able to, mind if you drop a dodo for me to come visit?


That works too just gimme a sec :p


rip connection


I'm using a hotspot so that might be why you can't connect. What about me trying to connect to your island?


maybe another time, i'm about to head off to bed. post a fc and ill add you


sent. have a good night


Mods is this a doxxing risk? Should sharing friend codes be allowed?


thx anon


Can you connect with other players on emulator?



It might be possible if you're willing to deal with a little VPN autism like Hamachi.


Will I get a gf if I play this game?


lets gooooo


What are you hosting for?


are ur shops open


Just fishing or hanging out or whatever.
Ye they're open but not for too much longer.


I can stay in the shop to keep it open while i'm online though.


Wow thank you. I really didn't expect a positive reply.


animal crossing won’t help you have sex. you might as well play a real video game, creeps.

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