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File: 1648912266831.jpg (88.37 KB, 630x630, 1623648852320.jpg)


The server hosting matrix.leftychan.net as well as our mumble and a few other internal services has been kicked offline by our service provider. On Friday there were some raids and our isp kicked that server offline for 10 minutes and then again for 30 minutes, today it happened again and it will be offline for 24h.

I will find a solution to the spam, hopefully that happens soon as there no reason for me to ask support to bring that server back online without fixing the problem first (since it will just happen again).

Please excuse the inconvenience. If you already were in the matrix room you can still use it using a matrix.org account.
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sometimes canencynnnnvfczzzbcontentquestionsquestionsquestionscbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

File: 1631516747166.png (708.72 KB, 1280x720, 1625033774820.png)


The vote to create a leftychan discord community has passed. By a slim margin, but, it has passed none the less. In lieu of this I am going to take the liberty to lay down some very basic ground rules.

1. The discord will have Zero influence over the affairs of the board. Only Matrix Users will be granted that privilege.

2. No Drama or faggotry is going to be tolerated in our discord. We are going to appoint mods very apt at sniffing out faggotry and other fbi.gov type drama whores and they will be granted the privilege of booting anyone they see fit who is attempting to do so.

3. The discord will be subject to removal at any point in time. If you can't use it then you will loose it should the congress see fit.

4. The discord is subject to the will of the congress in the Matrix. Any and all major action taken against the discord and its users will be handled by the congress and the general attitude of the board itself as we see fit.

I personally don't use discord much if at all, so, I am not super familiar with the culture of discord, but, I have heard many negative things about it. (The subject of privacy is another debate entirely.) We strongly encourage using the matrix (which will soon be on our own servers) over the discord for many reasons spanning from privacy to having influence on the on goings of the board. We also understand that this is not a reasonable for every single person and some people just want to grill, so, use the discord at your own discretion, but, be on your P's and Q's.
I was going to lock this thread, but, I think I will leave it unlocked for general discord debate and conversation revolving around it for the time being.

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Yes. In the same vein as democratically voting for legalizing child rape would be a bad thing.

File: 1629044840359.png (715.51 KB, 454x1199, janny.png)


Site-Wide Feedback Thread
Complain about bans and other meta related things

Board Logs
View different board logs by changing the end of the url
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File: 1630649281565.png (137.13 KB, 800x430, a5554132d1de42a64fec0665f1….png)


This sticky will be for discussion about the on goings of votes currently happening in the congress.
All votes that happen in the congress must be required to be posted here upon their establishment as a vote in the voting hall.

For anyone who is not aware:

Every single person on this board is entitled one vote on the matrix for any vote that is taking place on sed matrix. Voting functions as follows: Firstly you must join the matrix upon which you will enter a vetting room. The vetting is pretty much to make sure you are not a poltard and that you follow some tenant of socialism, nothing more.

After you are vetted you will be added to the chat, the voting hall and the congress respectively. Any anon may make any proposal at any time
In order for a proposal to become a vote, firstly, a proposal must be created (duh); simply make a post in the votting hall declaring your proposal.
A proposal must receive two thumbs up by two other congress members other than the person who drafted the proposal.

After you get two thumbs up you, or any other congress member, may open up a vote by declaring that it is a vote, a short summary of what the vote is over, and a date and a time for when the vote will conclude.
In order for a vote to pass there must be a civil majority (no ties) from the time the vote opens to the time the vote closes. Votes close, nominally after 3 days from the time they are start, but, if a majority of 6 or more anons over overwhelmingly support the proposal then the vote can be fast tracked to 24 hours upon such a threshold being reached. One last thing: A vote that is deemed critical cannot be fast tracked.
The numbers required for a proposal to become a vote and fast tracking are subject to change as the congress grows, fyi.

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I am a site admin.

I generally only respond to reports unless I see something really egregious. My duty, imo, is to serve the will of the community, not to push my own agendas.

File: 1638484991494.jpg (67.5 KB, 537x600, anaarchogreen.jpg)


I feel like it has been long enough split apart and there's no real reason to have two boards.
who agrees
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.org mods are worse than 4chan mods.


Caught a 13-week ban on .ogre
These people are utter faggots


File: 1653675203912.jpg (33.28 KB, 303x298, 1652215513792.jpg)

What for anon? Welcome.


I said something mean about China in my thread OP so a bitter mod fabricated the excuse that I was “ban evading”


>The fags at leftypol ban you for posting soyjaks


And 4chan for that matter; Is .org just the equivalent of a Facebook alternative for leftists? No one at org really accomplishes anything and they just echo their own opinions at one another and the moderation stays nebulous just like on Facebook or reddit and while we're at it 4chaj is pretty much like that for poltards.

People bash us for being smaller but at least our rules are pretty objective and our staff aren't up their own asses. Pleroma and net and other alternative services that aren't glow pilled are much better, imo
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File: 1649208846851.jpg (18.45 KB, 480x319, FB_IMG_1494744098448.jpg)

Coping about what? Not posting on a dying board run by a bunch of mentally ill faggots? I'm good M8. I think this is cope projection.


>still ass chapped by the 5 people that won't post on .ogre.
Many keks.


1. Egoism is correct

2. Racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. are the natural products of millions of years of evolution.

3. Therefore, all the standards of cultural marxism (racism is wrong, sexism is wrong, homophobia is wrong, etc.) are just moral spooks of society, to be disregarded?

Why force yourself to struggle against natural instincts that benefit the propagation of your genes and memes and grant them increased evolutionary fitness?

Race is the product of genetic traits, and extended family, if you will, which means that if you are white, that means that other white people share a greater amount of genes with you than those of other races, so anything that benefits whites over other races is an evolutionary advantage to your genes.

The "realness" of race has little bearing on this:

It works regardless of how you think racial groupings and genetic traits relate to one another.

Regardless of whether the variation of genetic traits within races has any bearing on the fact that racial groups have a different distribution of genetic traits from one another and are, in fact, defined by such differences (the fact remains that even though the circles around the genes which define racial groups are larger than the gap between the circles, you still have to accept that there is a gap betwen the two circles that sets them apart as clearly separate cirlces without significant enough overlap to say that the differences in genetics arent significant enough to qualify them for taxonomic distinction from one another).
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Holy shit go back


What a retard he thinks stirner is right while also being a fanatical Nazi.

File: 1655805416834.jpg (283.47 KB, 820x546, 1651805158923.jpg)


I am curious about this because I feel like our community is small enough and close enough to achieve something like this.
Only a select few chads actually use this site and I feel like we could bring more quality posting on this boiard by appealing to the nature of secret haxxor culture and making the site only accessible through private secure and anonymous nodes such as tor, i2p, lokinet, etc etc etc.



Yeah, getchan already exists, so that can become the bunker on the clearnet if .ogre goes down or attracts to many rightoids.


Nah, we want to be read for outsiders to join this chan if we ever get popular.


get is full of fags no way


File: 1655912268206.jpg (11.17 KB, 293x301, 165532503323.jpg)

Getchan is also full of pedophiles.

File: 1653234614489.jpg (37.44 KB, 474x479, 1652388690177.jpg)


The damage isn't that bad but if you notice the art thread is missing and hand full of posts gone that's because user interface for the mod panel is shit.

A VPN using spammer had his post deleted and once again "delete post by IP" has done its damage. Its not has but I am asking the anon who made this thread to please make it again.


Not that bad**

File: 1627523059440.jpg (15.46 KB, 362x442, 1287483264329432749237.jpg)


On a daily basis we get threads regarding this topic which devolve into endless autistic screeching, moralizing, thinly veiled or mask off reactionary judgements, essentialism, bastardization of materialism, conflation of gender and sex, liberal crybullying, woke scolding, false flagging, without the conversation ever moving anywhere and overall it's just very tiresome to deal with to the point that it would be necessary to do something about this before it completely undermines the already lack luster quality of the site.

If nothing is done, we might as well all just stop posting here and leave the Culture Warriors to do their thing until they cause yet another split.
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>which devolve into endless autistic screeching
this could very quickly devolve into everything i don't like is autistic
this is true
>thinly veiled or mask off reactionary judgements
that might also be an opportunity to change minds of lurkers if proper refutations are made.
>essentialism, bastardization of materialism
nobody here is free from idealism honestly, it would be helpful if we could level up together
>conflation of gender and sex
You can't enforce this. The gender identities separate from sex that were recently invented or discovered, aren't yet scientifically verified. At the moment they are just based on people saying that they feel a certain way or another. That's good enough for sexual preferences that don't apply to everybody, but if you apply new baseline-categories to all people you have to be able to independently verify that stuff. (I don't feel like i have a gender separate from my sex and I will not accept you applying this to me, unless you have evidence, i also don't have a race or soul, nor am i possessed by demons, and i would be furiously angry, if you tried to contradict me on this)
There also is a strategical problem you would re-open the door for white supremacy, they could easily change it from hwhite race to hwhite gender. Don't look at how it is being used right now, look at how it could be abused. Technically speaking purely self professed genders are based on essentialism and it's not a materialist analysis if you have to accept it on faith. So you are breaking your own rules.
can somebody explain to me what that is, i read the dictionary definition: "harassing others while claiming to be the victim"
but i don't really get it.
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Better slow than glow.


Truer words have never been spoken.


You'd be better off banning all discussion of the topic if you don't want to see it. Prevents radlibs using it as a wedge topic to seize control of a community and inciting inflammatory responses. Banning one side of the argument only amounts to allowing the other to sperg endlessly. The fact that the ogres were insistent on only banning people who rejected the ideas of Butler, Serano et al is a large part of what revealed them as reddit radlibs. As well as the endless butthurt about reddit's stupidpol (which allows dissent on that topic).


This is how we become org

File: 1642792292309.png (173.78 KB, 324x318, 14292a60ccd52b7ea6dda2f9f0….png)


A vote was passed in the congress to merge anime and games into /ent/ I was moving threads and all seemed well. I deleted the boards, but, upon further inspection the pertinent threads from the boards did not merge properly for whatever reason. We're working to fix. Might do a full restore and try again, or, it might not be worth it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Well I did move all the pertinent threads but there's bugs so -_(0.0)_-


all or most of the anime threads are gone, is there a gzip


Way back?


Most seem to not be existent in the WB machine.

Did the mods here forget how selected threads can be restored from the backups? The board, if even that is beyond the competence of the administration, is one raid away from its end. Why not do the old way of board deprecation and save them to a hidden archived board?


Lol get fucked manchild

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