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Hello everyone. I am making this post to announce the establishment of the leftychan official IRC network: irc.leftychan.net/6697 #leftychan
It took about a days worth of work but we finally managed to get her up and running. We plan to establish a bridge connection in the future to the matrix and fbi.gov chats and possibly a massive bridge room too. Also I2P service is coming in the future. So, come join us, anon! It sure would be nice having you around the IRC!


>remote host closed socket


I haven't had any issues like this. Me and duds and my homie from 7chan have been chilling in the irc.
Also (update) we have bridged the dicksword and the IRC.


File: 1671269094141.jpg ( 35.97 KB , 474x707 , discord.jpg )

>we have bridged the fbi.gov and the IRC
Dropped like a lead weight. Really disappointing to see people who should know better embracing this bullshit.


File: 1671272996952.png ( 296.8 KB , 510x628 , 167047429944.png )

>nooo you can't choose to appeal to a more popular base of support. You have to be even more dead because of ideological purity! noooo!

If you really cared you would stop using the internet.


There's nothing "ideological" about not wanting to be surveilled by a venture capitalist firm while communicating with people.


File: 1671281647060.jpg ( 232.04 KB , 640x1136 , 166590714027.jpg )

Yes there is because you don't have to use it but other people want to use it. It's your choice. The chats are stronger together than they are separated. IRC is naturally going to be the least populated and if you want the board and chats to grow then there are going to have to be compromises made, sorry. Maybe it can be revisited in the future when we have a stronger userbase but you are just being salty. Like I said stop logging on cause your ISP is also logging your movements and sending them to big brother.


>if you want the board .. to grow



>Like I said stop logging on cause your ISP is also logging your movements and sending them to big brother.

retard """argument"""

anonymity is a process
the point is to make life harder for your ISP or anyone else who wants to track you
the point is to make it *cost* them to deanonimize you

from the fact that you could fail you jump straight to conclusion that you should just roll over and spread your buttcheeks


people who don't respect their privacy/freedom don't deserve any


mods are fags b t w


We already went over this and it was decided to have a fbi.gov by vote. Most people in the chats also seem to agree that a bridge in the main chats is the best path forward currently.

If you don't like it stop bitch and join the matrix where you can actually vote rather than just bitching and spreading meaningless fud.

>Having a bridge is the same as literally logging on fbi.gov.

Just don't use the same handle you retard. You're complaining but you don't even realize how easy it is to avoid the botnet in this regard. Literally never used the same handle anywhere. That's a basic rule of opsec.


The matrix has now been successfully bridged.


So is my understanding correct now that the rooms where voting and discussion of decisions occur are now infiltrated by corporate spyware? Because if so, you have just constructed a very serious barrier to participation for anyone with strong convictions about privacy and consent. I strongly recommend you reconsider this course of action. I've been in the Matrix rooms before but I sure as hell won't be coming back to participate in the community governance process as long as it involves an imposition of corporate datamining. If this is actually what you've done, you've made a terrible mistake and I hope you'll rethink it.


how do I register on your fucking matrix?
nheko returns "Autodiscovery failed. Received malformed response" when typing "matrix.leftychan.net" as a homeserver

fucking fedishit with its registrations
overcomplicated bullshit


Yeah we actually became aware of this last week. There's a bug with out captcha system we have to fix. For now you can go to https://talk.leftychan.net/ in your browser and register there.

Then after your account is made you should be able to log on from the element client.


The rooms that involve voting aren't bridge.
Also I mean we can make non bridged rooms


can't connect to irc too

>* Looking up irc.leftychan.net

>* Looking up
>* Connecting to (
>* Connected. Now logging in.
>* Disconnected (Remote host closed socket)


I think it might not be the captcha key but I'll try to reproduce the issue with nheko. It might also be a bug in the client…


I'm connecting through a torified hexchat
your server blocks tor exits? tried different circuits


>It might also be a bug in the client…
nheko registration works fine with matrix.org


It shouldn't. I checked the config file and there's nothing that blocks exit nodes. I'll look into this later this weekend when I am off.

Also we are moving the fbi.gov bridge to its own room with all three bridges and leaving the main chat only for IRC and matrix. We abologize for our stupidity.


Can you give me the exact error you are getting?

The devs are saying that ergo doesn't block anything by default.
It's possible the VPS is blocking tor.

The devs are saying it could be a vps issue.


I'm connected over a tor exit node right now. I have no idea what is going on. What are your tor settings like?


That port doesn't look correct: Try connecting over 9050.


I'm in on port 9101 after restarting
dunno what happened, maybe because I didn't enforce ssl at fist


If you try to connect to the irc make sure you have SSL enabled. That's what >>11041 did and that seems to have worked


File: 1671877500784.jpeg ( 918.89 KB , 2400x2800 , 165256hbjh3109026-0.jpeg )

A room specifically for all bridges can be found on the IRC #bridge and on the Matrix @ bridgeroon:matrix.leftychan.net

This will include fbi.gov and all future protocols created and will be seperated from the main chats Leftypolchat:matrix.org && #Leftychan via irc.

On another note yes the vote to seperate the fbi.gov passed nearly 8 - 1.


I'm on hexchat, getting this error too but I have a different ip and port that it's trying to connect:

* Looking up irc.leftychan.net
* Connecting to irc.leftychan.net (
* Connected. Now logging in.
* Disconnected (Remote host closed socket)
Cycling to next server in Leftychan…
* Disconnected ()
* Looking up irc.leftychan.net
* Connecting to irc.leftychan.net (
* Connected. Now logging in.
* Disconnected (Remote host closed socket)


You have to force SSL on your client. What are you using?


I'm using hexchat. I got it working. You have to check the box "accept invalid ssl certificates" so you might want to check your certs.


Okay so the IRC server was neglected and now it's kill. And I don't think anyone is motivated enough to fix it.

Since I really only use the IRC server in the case of matrix being down, I'm not very motivated to set up a new IRC server as well as a matrix bridge.

Do we need an IRC server? Were people using it? Or should I just remove the link to it?


Apparently we do, so I've set one up. Same domain and port as in the OP. It's bridged to the matrix room.

Additionally I hooked it up to i2p, so you can access the irc over i2p by using the domain leftypolmatpqjy3d653eqncfblx6iaze6dlxcax6r6asbito2tq.b32.i2p and either port 6697 (make sure you can accept invalid certs) or 6667 (doesn't use TLS).

Unique IPs: 12

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