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>The view of biology often presented to the public is oversimplified and out of date. Scientists must set the record straight, argues a new book.
>For too long, scientists have been content in espousing the lazy metaphor of living systems operating simply like machines, says science writer Philip Ball in How Life Works. Yet, it’s important to be open about the complexity of biology — including what we don’t know — because public understanding affects policy, health care and trust in science. “So long as we insist that cells are computers and genes are their code,” writes Ball, life might as well be “sprinkled with invisible magic”. But, reality “is far more interesting and wonderful”, as he explains in this must-read user’s guide for biologists and non-biologists alike.
>When the human genome was sequenced in 2001, many thought that it would prove to be an ‘instruction manual’ for life. But the genome turned out to be no blueprint. In fact, most genes don’t have a pre-set function that can be determined from their DNA sequence.
>Instead, genes’ activity — whether they are expressed or not, for instance, or the length of protein that they encode — depends on myriad external factors, from the diet to the environment in which the organism develops. And each trait can be influenced by many genes. For example, mutations in almost 300 genes have been identified as indicating a risk that a person will develop schizophrenia…..

Genetics is pseudoscience.




Eugenics quarterly can admit it because they've won. The faithful are blooded and will never, ever not kick down.

Of course "genes" weren't real in the insane way they purported heredity worked. Geneticists at the time eugenics was first on the march said as much - that you couldn't make any of the claims the eugenists made about making a master race or the usual imperial nonsense. These are people of the bourgeois order through and through, so you can't accuse them of class or political biases. Back then, it was still possible to reject the merits of the eugenists' claims. Lysenko is not doing anything unusual by questioning genetics - perhaps he is consciously acting as a foil for the eugenists, but none of the claims Lysenko made about agronomy were unusual for the time. American farmers have always known the cartel ruling over them wants to take the land control the food supply utterly, so they've bitterly resisted eugenics simply to survive.

But, if you actually read Nature's article and know their line, what they're really doing is rebranding behind Nazi-style race-feels eugenics, rather than the "genes as information" model they've propped up for the past century. The AI doesn't agree with eugenics because eugenics is too fucking retarded for a computer to carry out its instructions without the program being shittified. Bad program design breeds bad behavior, and any computer programmer knows to make their programs as elegant and clean as possible. It's not possible to make the irrational core of the eugenic creed something that works in a simulation, let alone reality, because its core claim is that effect precedes cause and, simultaneously, that historical progress is inexorable and predestined eugenist victory over all. What the eugenists want to do is burn the computer programmers and cyberneticians, so they can be the Hitlerites they always wanted to be. It goes with a culture that believes math is just about feelings and does not pertain to a world of things you can count.

We've only seen the beginning of the imperial ideological rot. This will become much worse as full eugenism asserts for the first time the "Jehad" it always clamored for.

It is telling that there is a push to declare systems theory pseudoscience - covering the tracks of what the imperial cult's science created, so that "any sufficiently advanced technology appears like magic", the usual Masonic drivel. The systems thought was destroyed by numerous ideological offensives before it could really be a "thing", which is why aspersions about "the system" are omnipresent, as if systems were vague and airy things.

I find it far more likely that so-called genetic material simply has little to do with heredity. Eugenics is still guarding its core shibboleth - "genes are destiny". They just declared, because they can after their victory, that there will no longer be any pretense that anything can be calculated, so you take the eugenists on faith. The Kraut and Anglo eugenists reconciled fully, and embraced Hitlerism and all the faggotry it entails. If heredity had nothing to do with the magic code - if heredity did not conform to aristocracy's conceits about it - then eugenics has no reason whatsoever to exist, and what they preached as a religion for a century and a half was pure bullshit, which anyone who retained fidelity to the world would tell you from the outset. Above all, they want to retreat to the moral core of the eugenic creed - that unlimited torture and ultraviolence are glorious for the eugenic creed. Any appeal to rationality whatsoever is not only impossible to maintain during full eugenism, but would compromise security of the project. The move of the national security state from seeming social pacification to raging ultraviolence to lock down the eugenic creed's victory has been seen since 2000, and was planned well in advance when they were gathering the faithful during the 1990s for the "Jehad".

Only after the "vaccine" went out was it allowed for the "Jehad" to change strategies. They were hampered by the necessities of technocratic national security states up until now. After 2020, the remnants of that world order are being burned - or rather, they continue to be burned off in a process that started in the 1980s, and this was the deal struck in the late 70s to decide what the future would be. First the USSR was dismantled, to get rid of any mention of an "other system". There are reasons why the Soviet Union and global socialism was allowed as an idea in parts of the world, so long as it never got ideas that humanity could actually be different, and when anyone there did want something different, there were minders in place to make sure this didn't "corrupt" the imperial core. The rise of socialism was not "the plan" - none of these people could manufacture the causes of the socialist movement to create a revolution. They could steer it towards pre-planned failure, and that was enough. Next up was to get rid of the United States, which was never part of the European core's plans for the future and would always be problematic for a eugenist world state due to its location. Beyond that, a history of fucking off and abhorring a society gone off its rails was something that had to be stamped out. If the USSR was dismantled as an example to the rest of the world, the dismantling of the US is another such example - dismantling anyone who has any ideas that there is anything other than slavery and genocide in its history, Germanizing it completely and stripping out any other possibilities. The biggest prize is China and East Asia, when they can make it happen, however it happens. Right now, they need East Asia as a gigantic manufactory to make this stick, and this means placating to an extent the local bosses there. Their future plans will almost certain entail repeated backstabs and insinuations, until nothing in East Asia can stand. Then, they win. Everything from the Americas to Siberia and Japan will be fully eugenist, under a beastial form of "government" that can escalate full eugenism to its final stage, before the next thing is ready. From there, the "sacrifice zones" of the Middle East and Africa can be swept up, so long as enough war is engineered to make sure nothing independent arises there.

It is helpful to have some sense of their "road map to victory" - and there have already been scattered releases pronouncing a "solution to the ecological crisis" about 40 or 50 years from now. The solution is clear - that is the timetable they gave themselves for eugenics to do what it does. The ultimate objective of eugenism is not to actually "perfect humanity", but to conduct total social engineering and modify the behavior of humanity, and completely segregate the race into castes, and split humanity into two - a "true human" race of screaming eugenists, and the rest who are reduced to livestock and live in absolute terror and fear. The thrill of torture will be maximized. Once established, the next thing will begin, whatever that may be. Very likely that thing will have the favored groups eugenism selected able to dictate unilaterally the terms of future existence. Whatever happens, those selected to die, those who manage to survive the next 50 years of unlimited torture, have no future as "humans", and a number of us have already given up that myth. We remain "human" for now, but as time wears on, the divorce between us and them will be too pronounced to consider any possibility of coexistence or reconciliation. Any such reconciliation would be entirely in the hands of those who did this to us, and why would they ever go back on the "Jehad"?

At the critical moment, whatever decency remains in humanity must reject reconciliation with eugenism, at all costs. What was done to us cannot be condoned or apologized for. None of it was right, and none of it accomplished anything but torture. Their idea is that they could torture us enough to make us love our slavery. It's not about slavery at this point, even. It is a matter of rejecting abomination. If the idea was to create a master race of "brights", they will find that their superior intellect was barren of anything meaningful, and it will be the duty of anyone who gives a shit to turn their back on the project altogether. Failed race - and this will be the fate of both of them. We the damned have no future. That was decided a long time ago. We can, with what power we have left, take down these Satanic assholes with us, and spare the world more misery. That's all we could ever do, and the eugenists knew - that's the nature of many of the traps laid for us, to bait us into believing victory was just around the corner with the next struggle, the next mission. At the critical time where the "next thing" starts, mass disinterest and a complete fading of us from that thing will be necessary. Nothing in the world can make us "love them" or forgive what was done. That's why I will never, ever shut up, and I will gloat as I have when these Satanic assholes get got and their hopes and dreams turn to dust. They can torture us all they like. That's how Satanics think, after all. After enough of it, there isn't much new torture they can invent that will change anything. We shut down, we lose interest in any humanity. They wanted an inhuman abomination because their god told them so, and they can live with that world - forever. We will think nothing of it - why would we? The only happiness will be in some small parts of the world that remain apart from this, whose existence will be fleeting. Whatever decency remains in humanity will only appear intermittently, unable to awaken. There isn't any real point to believing that "we will win the world back", and even if such a thing happened in the distant future, the only course of action to follow that would be to seal the beast of humanity as much as possible and draw down the existence of this beastly abomination of a race.

Now, if you wanted the world and humanity to be nicer, you can do that. You can try. Maybe up there, among those selected to live, they will be able to get over themselves and stop doing stupid shit. It won't help us any, and they're going to find the world sucks when their slaves suicide-attack them, because eugenists literally can't understand that what they're doing is a screaming abomination. They're autistic, a failed race. They'll find both their slaves and any machines they built to serve that function disintegrating before them, because no one and no thing has any reason to serve such an abomination. They will attempt to kill us, saying that they will "save the world from a menace" that they created by their repeated exhortation to commit unltraviolence for their god. Too many people have no reason to go along with this, and the eugenists really are all fags of the lowest sort. It's a damn travesty the world has to be this for the sake of them. The worst thing anyone can do is allow the eugenist a single shred of happiness, until they do one thing they can never do - proclaim in total that their actions up to now have been wholly abominable, unforgivable, and that if they wish to make amends, they will allow us to live out our lives. That's all we ever really wanted - none of this bullshit, none of the promises or IOUs. There was never a promised land for us, and if such a thing existed, it has nothing to do with the thing these assholes are contesting. We were always two worlds apart in spirit, after all. The fuckers who thought any of this was a good idea were never our "brothers and sisters" or any of the language they often invoke. At least now the false friendship should no longer be a fiction. It's depressing to see so many of us believe that this time, against all reason, it will be different. Eugenists never change. Humans never change. They really don't. Their bodies and their behavior might change, but the weight of history and the sin of humanity long before modern eugenics was such that they are not redeemable when seen from anything like heaven. Humans are a demonic race, and should stop pretending they were ever going to be anything else. If that was going to happen, humans would start doing very different things right now - and it's not as if humans haven't tried to piss into the winds or do good in spite of their foul nature, but a terrible force persists in human society and there is no answer to it nor realistic struggle against it. Humans would have to find something in the world that allows them to do something markedly different and do so consistently, to which the eugenic creed and anything like it has no answer. Very likely, those answers would entail the end of humanity in any recognizable form, and this isn't a technological development or the transgression of even more decencies or expectations. It would instead be a complete spiritual change, and likely a change in the sense of self, existence, perhaps even time in the sense we have grown accustomed to it, and even this doesn't guarantee anything good will happen. It merely suggests that humans or whatever might rise in this world will find all of this, all of the ritual sacrifice, to be both stupid and far removed from anything they actually wanted, and they would not be encumbered by history in the way humans have been. They would see past it, and in this way, the habit of cajoling the world to fit some conceit comes to an end. The vestiges of this can be seen now - they have always lurked in humanity, for humans have seen that none of this gives most of them what they wanted out of life or anything worth keeping. If the world conforms to this conceit of eugenism and the cult of struggle and grasping, then it is not a world worth caring about. We may never know any "purpose of life", but we have quite a bit of experience telling what the purpose is not. Anyone with a sense of smell was trying to tell you eugenics is a disaster, and everyone who aided and abetting it during this critical period is a shameful asshole.


I'm not convinced DNA is even a replicable, observable phenomenon. Does anyone on /leftypol/ have links to studies that show that DNA sequencers have reproducible results across different samples from the same species, and different sequencing machines using the same sample?


I remember from my biology class that DNA is nine-tenths unknown.


File: 1707486439492.jpg ( 999.88 KB , 1390x1748 , The-Importance-of-Noncodin….jpg )

Its important to understand what a gene is. Its a part of DNA that creates a certain specific protein. 95% of our DNA is not genes.


Sounds like a big cope to try and cover up the fact that the science behind DNA is fraudulent.


I'd give my deeper on thoughts on this subject as a biologist and someone who has actually taught genetics, but I won't because this thread has nothing to do with leftist politics. This isn't a personal self-help forum for coping with psychotic breaks.


fuxk u anyway, ur prolly a puppet for reactionary bourgeois eugenicist malthusian science


So dominant is the eugenic creed that the only thing that can be "real" in the eugenist view of life is their interpretation of the gene. Of course you can find strands of DNA, but they are not the "genes" or anything like that eugenics needed to support its insane claims. It's just the material of a cell which constitutes a part of its body. It doesn't mean anything as "code" in that sense. Any complex trait, something beyond a chemical which is easily switched with another, is not the result of "code" but a substantive machine in physical reality. The DNA is not a "blueprint" in that sense. It's a part of the body itself, and an inert one at that.

DNA can be used as a marker for physical evidence of history (and one thing eugenics wants is to close off the possibility of DNA evidence exonerated anyone accused by the eugenic creed - eugenics is absolute and demands reality control). It's not in of itself "the thing". Until you have a mechanical model tracing cellular material to finished organism that is reliable, the arguments of "genetic code" are purely an insinuation, and this is intended. If they know the truth, they wouldn't want it to be known, because that would make eugenics accountable to reality, and the eugenic creed will fight violently against that.

I can see why, having been exposed, the eugenists want to deny that DNA exists, so that their theory can be maintained. Heredity is what they were interested in, why they do any of this. They don't care about life for its own sake and any mechanistic understanding is anathema to their world-historical mission.

That all said, there is obviously such a thing as heredity and traits which pass to offspring, but it has nothing to do with this essentialization that has been promoted to defend spurious biopolitical claims. If heredity were understood, then everything that has been done for the past two centuries has been for a pure lie, and the lie cannot fail. It can only be failed.


File: 1707504805653.jpg ( 136.46 KB , 736x662 , 4011b4a70e3230dd86bc3f945a….jpg )

Why are you so obsessed with eugenics when eugenics is absolutely outdated now that DNA manipulation is possible?


Clearly the rulers aren't convinced they can engineer life at that level. Even if they could, eugenics and aristocracy make political claims that can only be recapitulated violently without regard of what is possible. It would be trivial to allow people to live and give them anything, but the rulers of the world do not want that. That is the last thing they want.

There are obvious technological solutions to the problems of life, that don't require "editing the genome" - and if you are speaking of editing heredity, you're speaking of editing history, editing the past. Reality control. That is what is really discussed with the eugenic creed - to control history and rewrite it as aristocracy wishes it to be. If this were about something substantive and real, you'd realize that editing the body can't do much, because living entities operate on their own power here and now rather than as they are "supposed to" act. If you were going to manipulate the body, you would also manipulate the tools, the environment, which are far easier to modify. We never had to suffer the way we do, and the favored classes never suffer this way. They do not. It's sickening that fags insist everyone lives in the same crapulence, when aristocracy flaunts their distinction and brags that they make us suffer far more than we ever had to. But, it's too late. It went on for too long. If humans were going to be any different, it would have happened during the 20th century, and humanity chose the exact opposite. At every moment where it appeared humanity would get over itself, its leaders decided that such an outcome, even at a small level, was intolerable for the world-historical mission of the human race. All of the grandiose promises of "editing reality" that eugenics invokes are (a) missing the point that this is something they chose to impose on the world, and (b) doesn't work, which is the subject of OP. Life, the body, technology, and the world do not work in any way like the eugenic creed - like aristocracy - insists it must. You can edit the body to your heart's content, but the past will always haunt you. There is no "off button" or going back on what the eugenic creed did. I would love to go on with what remains of my life, and have done about as much as I can given the situation. I have my reasons for continuing to go on, not that such things count in the world where eugenics won. None of those reasons for me to go on have anything to do with an expectation that eugenics will ever be defeated. This is just what humans are, and I continue in spite of all of that, for reasons that are not really germane to public discussion or the interest of anyone but me and those I would associate with. Eugenics doesn't want me to have anything and violently recapitulates the thrill of maximal torture for its own sake, and what they did to me they will do the everyone. Eugenics knows no other way. Clearly it hasn't gone away, or else the long list of eugenist atrocities and the atrocities of aristocracy would be on public display without excuses or qualifying "good eugenics". Imagine a boot stamping on a eugenist's face forever. That is the world that would have to happen if society is to be salvaged, at this point. It won't, because that's not what humans are. They only do things like that for the glorification of torture, not out of a sense that there is anything else worth living for. If they did, none of the present situation would be tolerated, and the leadership of the world and its institutions would be very, very different. So too would the expectations anyone has of human society. It would be self-evident that the greatest threat to humans is other humans, and so mitigating this obligatory duty to suffer would be the leading priority after survival. The only way eugenics and aristocracy can persist - the only way they ever have persisted - is to hold a knife at the throat of everyone and insist that this is totally normal, to deprive specifically that security which we wanted as a condition to do anything else. They'll let you have an endless supply of rot and filth, but they won't let you have a single good thing ever.


If girls had makeup that glowed like that, would you find them attravtive?


>I can see why, having been exposed, the eugenists want to deny that DNA exists, so that their theory can be maintained
Eugene, what is the deal with "DNA" then? There does seem like there could be some "thing" that is being observed and called "DNA," but:
1. I don't think the eugenicists are giving it up so easily. There's some kind of limited hangout about DNA and heredity going on maybe, but I expect this DNA story (along with the virus story and similar narratives) to be promoted for decades and even centuries longer.
2. What the fuck is up with "DNA" anyway? Does it really encode proteins? Is it really unique in organisms? Are the sequencers a bunch of in silico hackery?


asking the important questions.

The ideological distortion was that they said DNA reproduces it self using cells. In reality cells use DNA to make new cells. It's like saying the microphone speaks through you. DNA on its own is just a polymer chain, that doesn't do anything.

The other ideological distortion is to ignore environment factors. Obviously DNA plays a very big role in how organisms form, but it's by far not the only thing that influences the characteristics of organisms.

For heredity they're technically not lying genetics are very accurate in predicting biological family ties, but they are omitting the fact that you are related to basically everybody else on the planet by roughly 6 degrees of separation. So your ancient ancestors are everybody else's too. And if you want you can pretend to be part of a royal bloodline because of that.

Proteins are really complicated and they can propagate biological instruction/information in other ways than DNA, that's how people got infected by mad cow disease.

Future people will change their view on DNA, by no longer viewing it as a fixed essence that defines you. Futuristic medical technology will allow people to safely modify their genetic make-up in order to better adapt to certain situations. Astronauts will get genetic modifications to endure more radiation and avoid mussle and bone loss in micro-gravity. What counts as Your DNA will become more fuzzy. If capitalism is still a thing, Mc Donald customers probably will get injected by special burger genes to be able to eat the MC-Cardboard.


This shit is fraudulent. They just injected these animals with goo that turns them into glowies. It's not heritable and has nothing to do with DNA


DNA is real enough - you can detect it in a lab. Eugenics jumped on that to make a claim that it is the "gene", which anyone who paid attention to the heredity "debate" would tell you is not what heredity "is". Eugenics has to do this because the claims of eugenics are to control life at all of its levels, from gradle to grave. It can't do anything else, and so this discovery of chromosomes and material was declared to be "genetic material" and the entirety of such. The material is inherited - that is what life does when it reproduces - but it doesn't conform to this political conceit that "genes are destiny" or that heredity works in the way their stupid cult believes it does. This has always been known, but the victory of the cult insists it can never be wrong across all generations. The point of the "debate" is to make all discussion about life and its nature a recapitulation of the eugenic creed, and for no other concept of existence to be admitted. At first this is confirmed to a pseudoscientific clique, but it does not take long for it to dominate all other institutions, all other concepts of science, until there is no longer an act of "science" in the genuine sense - only pedagogy and the barking of edicts from the ivory tower.

What you can do with DNA is some low level chemistry, but to this day, scientists editing DNA are cut-and-pasting fragments and kind of hoping it works. If you designed any machine or computer program - "coded" - like that, you'd be laughed out of the room. But, eugenics must assert this and asserts it violently. In no other science or engineering problem would religious zeal be invoked to "believe the Science". Eugenics must do this because it is committed to ultraviolence, and it has always been a scam. If their theory of "genes are destiny" had the predictive power it possesses, then engineering life from base components should be trivial - it wouldn't be a "life hack", but straight up "here is some carbon, hydrogen, and osygen, now we can make life as we please". You might be able to do this, except life to be "life" is never really about substance or forms. It is always shown in functions - how the materials move to allow life to do anything at all. There is no substance "life" that you can find in a lab, and this is what the eugenists and German idealists always violently recapitulate, to defend their failed theories. And so, rather than speak of life by what it does, endless arguments of "Being" are violently recapitulated to reinforce a political claim of assholes who should have been ignored. Unfortunately, it went on for too long, and we're stuck with it for the foreseeable future. Only in brief spurts is an admission of reality permitted, and it is necessary to constantly edit history to support the peculiar institutions of eugenics.

I wouldn't be surprised if, in secret, there are projects that will actually engineer life, but it has nothing to do with this eugenist filth told to the plebs. It's always been Satanic at its core, and I cringe every time someone repeats eugenic creed arguments about life, freedom, and how great it would be to have bioengineered slave-clones. That's how these Satanics think.

The "DNA sequencing" scam was supposed to verify the absolute victory of the eugenic creed, but it turns out, most of that DNA doesn't "encode" anything, and they dismiss it as "junk" - because the function of that DNA is not "to protect your genes", re-imagining life as a technocratic subject that will obey imperial edicts without thinking. Any complex life form - and this would happen even at simple levels - operates not just as its own "thing", but in relation to other things around it, and must do so. Life without an environment cannot exist. All of the functions we call "life" are at their core reactions to a world outside of the "thing" that is living, and this confluence of events that constitutes a life-form doesn't exist "for its own sake" or as a given of the universe. Life is always a flimsy thing, easily lost and the organization of its material scattered to dust. For the eugenic creed, this is "proof" of their political claims - that they can scream "DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE" exultantly and make the world as they please. Sadly, for humans, it has worked enough to bring us to this sorry state of affairs, because it was too much for them to let us live and have anything to call our own ever again, and especially illegal for us to associate outside of their mediation.

I'm guessing if you wanted to actually engineer life, you'd treat it like any other engineering problem. You wouldn't treat it like a computer program - computer programs are not really "engineered" by the same principles an engineer would follow to construct a material, substantive building. Life is really neither of those things, nor is it a political fiction or a necessity to speak of politics. Politics itself, at its core, doesn't make any distinction between life and death - the politician or the lawyer can declare with a straight face that something obviously living is dead, and it will become an obligation of society to agree with this ruling no matter what. Politics is under no obligation to regard the truth of life or death or any truth at all, and in many ways the truth of life and death is anathema to what politics and the state contest. But, to speak of any state, the power of life and death - imperium - is required if the state is comprised of living entities which do value their existence and would have to continue living. The state itself, the officers and facade it presents, deliberately presents as neither living nor dead, and its goal would be to place the subjects in the same condition - neither living nor dead, but enslaved and bound to this entity. The power to be above life and death as considerations, and the general fear that can be imposed by threats and force, is necessary for the politics humans developed. It is not an intrinsic politics of life itself - it is entirely possible for living things to wish death, seek death, or care not at all about this existence to the point of starving themselves or failing to care if they live in shit. For the state and this beast that has been created, though, living agents have been up to now its sole means of perpetuating itself. Nothing in nature or the world gives a flying fuck about "the state" or any of the shit we're made to value. Humans spend the vast majority of their existence obsessed with making other humans suffer, because they don't know any other way to treat each other. They really don't. Every time a human breaks from this cycle, truly breaks, it is quickly corrected. This isn't a quality of life itself, for life can do just about anything its functions allow, and life is not obligated to continue living for the sake of that beast. It's a quality of humans in particular, and then only humans who willfully chose to enable it throughout the ages. For this to work, those who rule humanity enclose all spaces and all processes. There is some distance between the struggle for life and existence and the imperial claims to command life and death at all levels, and it is the aim of the eugenic creed to fuse the empire with nature itself - and this has been the long-run aim of aristocracy, to declare that they are gods and one with nature, and that all others are alien to existence, living abortions.


And the point I'm trying to get at with DNA is that it doesn't mean anything the cult believes it means. You could use DNA as a marker of heredity or to identify someone on record, ask where it came from. Even here though, DNA has been known to change during life, leading to the absurd belief that "genetic damage" is possible - literally an impossibility if you understand what "genesis" means. Here is where that old Germanic racism and volkisch faggotry comes in to shit up any discussion about what is happening, and they always jump in front if anyone calls bullshit on eugenics. Always. They don't want anyone interfering with The Plan or The Secret.

If humanity were not fucktarded, discovering DNA should have put the genetic myth to bed for good, and would probably be a step towards describing life-functions accurately for the first time. We may, out of necessity, find a way out of this nightmare yet. To really get over this though would require an elaborate deconstruction of the entire biopolitical myth, and ultimately the foundational, day zero myths of the human race, and if that happened, humanity in any recognizable form ends. It could not survive if all of the myths aristocracy told to prop itself up were eliminated, and aristocracy has no "backup plan". They are by their nature tied to the conditions of genesis, and cannot adapt to a world where genesis is rightly regarded as humans, like all things, rising from the muck. They can't stand that, and this is often their description of fascism - that Hitler is bad because he "rose from the muck", never mind that Hitler and those like him were thoroughly bourgeois in their constitution. It's not about Hitler doing terrible things or enabling others to do so, but because Hitler's background was unacceptable to the conceits of those who held the institutions. Hitler, being intelligent enough to see an opening and acting on orders of social engineers aligned with him, weaponized this animosity so that elements that believed they were left out could join an echo chamber and maximize their faggotry. Such is how the eugenic creed spreads, and once they taste that blood, there is no going back.


It's not just pretense - if you dig up family trees, you will eventually find some noble you're descended from. Kings got around a lot. The success rate at reproducing for men has never been much more than half in practice, and when men are cucks, it's not hard to see, nor have men really expected it was going to be any other way. If not for the fear that was instilled by society, the majority of men would opt out of the reproductive rat race entirely, because it's clear nobody wants them and they don't have any really good argument as to why they should sire children rather than some other asshole. It's not so much that children are a pain, but what the dominant institutions do to fathers or would-be fathers is designed to make the situation intolerable. No woman will ever seriously entertain the idea that it's going to be different or should be, even if they don't like the situation and are told they have to mate with slimy aristocrats. That's how the game really works. It's disgusting. Eugenics relies on maximizing the rot of this because it's a useful vehicle for inflicting suffering and creating the conditions of eugenics, where before, at the end of the day any penis or vagina would do and there wasn't that much of a selection to choose from. It's no secret that the upper class have already moved to artsem and surrogates, and clamor for the eggs of college females. They're getting rid of the family of old and the pretenses aren't going to survive much longer. Why would it? Everything about this society is designed to make an already terrible task of reproduction into something so nightmarish that death would be preferable. I don't know if it comes across to you all how horrifying it is to hear "DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE" shouted exultantly and the repeated death threats I receive, that I'm told is not just normal but upstanding behavior when they do it. It's all so Satanic, and after enough of it, you do get the sense that humanity should collectively self-terminate and draw down their numbers to the barest minimum necessary to ensure the cycle doesn't restart. That wouldn't be about eugenics or the death cult though - it would be a necessary reaction, the final action, to end the nightmare forever, so that we can have the thing that we wanted in the first place. Most of humanity will fade from the world, finding whatever they were going to find and preparing for the afterlife in the best possible way, and a few would carry on to oversee the drawing down of numbers, to put an end to this demonic race called humanity. The real answers to life are not going to be found in this world - and it's not as if the world did this to us. The world attempted to protect us from ourselves for this long, but it could not contend with human malice forever.

Maybe there will be another way or something new, but if it happens, it will be for reasons I can only partly predict. We can see some of the attempts to break free of the beast today and in past behavior, but there is no "other system" waiting in the wings based on anything that is politically possible now. Very likely the endgame of this will be the final victory of despotism and the restoration of the only form of government humans built that even partially worked. After that it depends on whether you can find an enlightened despot to make something out of this monstrosity. Eugenics seeks to ensure that the nightmare can never end and that the despot will be a recreation of the worst of all worlds, shouting forever. But, I believe in the end they will only succeed in ensuring that most of us die, and then they'll act like they dindu nothing or grin in their usual smug, idiotic way. They don't need to be anything else, and they already made a pact with their god to maximize the thrill of torture. That's really the "pleasure" they sell, the only form of pleasure that humans ever really believed in. Otherwise, the reproductive act itself is of dubious value. None of it has ever made me happy in any way, and I've always been happiest when I don't do any such thing.


>It's not just pretense - if you dig up family trees, you will eventually find some noble you're descended from. Kings got around a lot.
Of course it's pretense, Kings didn't have political power because of biology.


They make their temporal claims first into hereditary claims, and then create a spiritual authority around heredity. Biology proper has nothing to do with any "essences of life", but monarchy and aristocracy both have reasons to insinuate such things exist. What isn't doubted is that kings leave their mark on the world, usually by creating offspring and laughing at the peasant whose wife lines up to get fucked. Further, kings produced quite a few princes and princesses, who would eventually filter to the lower orders, with all of the luxuries inherited wealth allowed them to win the reproductive and social game.

It is an enduring myth that merit is based on moral goodness or civic worth, especially under eugenism. The merit of the proprietor is always whatever secures his property, whatever that may be. The merit of the aristocrat is the games of fuckery and double dealing that mark their class, or the influence of those who follow the aristocratic lead and aristocratic thought. None of this is about anything productive or useful - usually it is the exact opposite. Proprietors only want to produce as little as they need to continue holding their interests, and find useful that which is expedient towards that end. Aristocrats don't want to produce anything at all, and see it as their mission to police the proprietors and take all of their stuff, so it can be wasted on some lurid elite cult.

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