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This sticky will be for discussion about the on goings of votes currently happening in the congress.
All votes that happen in the congress must be required to be posted here upon their establishment as a vote in the voting hall.

For anyone who is not aware:

Every single person on this board is entitled one vote on the matrix for any vote that is taking place on sed matrix. Voting functions as follows: Firstly you must join the matrix upon which you will enter a vetting room. The vetting is pretty much to make sure you are not a poltard and that you follow some tenant of socialism, nothing more.

After you are vetted you will be added to the chat, the voting hall and the congress respectively. Any anon may make any proposal at any time
In order for a proposal to become a vote, firstly, a proposal must be created (duh); simply make a post in the votting hall declaring your proposal.
A proposal must receive two thumbs up by two other congress members other than the person who drafted the proposal.

After you get two thumbs up you, or any other congress member, may open up a vote by declaring that it is a vote, a short summary of what the vote is over, and a date and a time for when the vote will conclude.
In order for a vote to pass there must be a civil majority (no ties) from the time the vote opens to the time the vote closes. Votes close, nominally after 3 days from the time they are start, but, if a majority of 6 or more anons over overwhelmingly support the proposal then the vote can be fast tracked to 24 hours upon such a threshold being reached. One last thing: A vote that is deemed critical cannot be fast tracked.
The numbers required for a proposal to become a vote and fast tracking are subject to change as the congress grows, fyi.

That's really all there is too it. As I stated in the news post I implore any current users to join the congress who already haven't and give feed back and cast your vote you are entitled too/make proposals etc etc.

Currently existing votes

1. Creation of /i/ - Currently fast tracked with an over whelming majority

2. Opening communication with the org - Currently has an over whelming majority, but, is considered a critical matter so it cannot be fast tracked.

3. Merge hobby into the coming - /entertainment/ board.

Recently passed/failed votes

- Move the PPH box to the FAQ - passed

- Disallow and modify all porn threads to be inclusive to all genders because shay got her feelings hurt failed


File: 1630651739063.jpg ( 34.37 KB , 640x480 , 1627669451031.jpg )

>/i/ incoming



Please do not delete the anime board.


/anime/ will not be altered. No vote or proposal has been established to alter the board in any way.


Please delete the anime board.


Please delete /b/


You srs?


Please delete


Ah its good to know that the merger proposal is being voted on.

I don't at present want to joind a matrix chat board. I feel I have a few too many messaging service accounts and want to reduce the number.

That said, in the case of a tie you can add a virtual +1 to the proposal for the inclusion of /hobby into /ent




put a godamned captcha on when snax starts spamming cp


it is on






have some cp instead.
Get rid off /i/ or i will never stop(kill yourself)






Why doesn't the captcha show up in the other boards except this one?


We just became aware of this we are working on it.


nazi scum foiled by malfunctioning shitty captcha


We never break and never told at leftychan 😎


Fold * 🤡



1. Merge /hobby/ into /ent/ - Passed With an over whelming majority after being fast tracked.

2. Rename /roulette/ to /777/



Hurray! Long live the consolidation of the People's Chan on a more modern basis in its own style!


Viva~ Friens!


I would suggest btw since there may be too many threads in the new board that the procedure adopted would be to delete those with less than 5 replies on both boards before merging them. Up it to 10 or 15 if there is still a problem.


VOTE Create a leftypol discord server. This vote will end on 09/09/21 @ - UTC 10:00


Propposal: change the default theme. This one is old and sucks.
The LainchanJP one is good, maybe just make the green into red.


Is the onion of this site down for everyone or just me?


This. This this this.

No, works for me.


Yeah its sown for me. It'll be back up soon, no worries.


It's up again.


VOTE: Ban pedo apologia. - This vote concludes on 09/10/21 @ 10:00 UTC



100% Support.




No, this is the same 'stop posting things I disagree with' crap the orge mods were pulling.






I want to remind everyone that this is just the window to the votes actually taking place and you need to join the matrix in order to vote


Vote for discord: passed. - 7 yes 6 no 1 abstention.


Remove /GET/ from the topbar and the webring. We have nothing to do with those pedophiles.


It's in the works.


So it seems like a few things have stalled in terms of reform:

The boards merger.
Getting rid of links to get/

Is it charitable to assume this is happening because the people with the ability to modify the site and implement the changes have been too busy? Or is it that they dob't quite yet know how to do it?

Please do confirm that this isn't however due to hidden infighting as to whether these things shouldbe done at all. 😔


It's dead Jim. transhumanists won



What do you mean by this? Was there a new internal conflict?


Do you see why troons are a key indicator of liberal cancer now?


We just have lives m8 some of us work 40 hours a week.


VOTE: Pine (The man responsible for the fbi.gov, IRC, matrix bridge) be officially added to the staff and given admin capabilities. Vote ends: 10/13/21 AT 04:00 UTC


VOTE: Bexgia will be allowed for an interview to become a janny. vote will conclude on 10-13-21 @ 08:00 UTC




dont care
lol, don't really care either, but the ogres will just use this as proof that this is just an incel community


Who cares what the ogres even think? Are we just going to constantly live in their shadow forever?


I dont care, I'm just stating the obvious


What makes him an incel? The fact that the ogres say he is?


Back on the bunker, he screwed up and posted with his mod tag on, and someone took a screenshot
I think its on the booru, dont even remember tbh. What I do know is they used it as ammunition against the bunker, and will probably do the same here.


I mean if we have bexgia they have bee who I'm pretty sure is a mod at this point. Even if he isn't wow lol.


is there a character minimum or limit maximum on norm posts?


add oekaki, por favor


Do vols even come here anymore? FFS get off fbi.gov, matrix or whatever and clean the fucking spam


I am a site admin.

I generally only respond to reports unless I see something really egregious. My duty, imo, is to serve the will of the community, not to push my own agendas.


File: 1702462788502.jpg ( 31.5 KB , 473x371 , 1694472661526020.jpg )

A vote has passed in the voting hall. After much and long waited debate and argument we were able to vote to remove the post counter. This was done because the constant tracking and monitoring of posts, skitzophrenically pitting ourselves against other board, etc etc, takes away from actual quality of discussion, we feel. So in lue of this we decided to get rid of it.& It's also worth noting that this type of tracking is actually relatively new to image-board culture. The oldest chans both past and present never monitored the amount of users visitin the site publicly as this takes away from the concept of anonymous posting. It's a fairly new development.


File: 1702877246224.jpg ( 44.69 KB , 347x346 , 71f15ec6f0969ff3b87d187b64….jpg )

Good decision.


File: 1709929714301.png ( 11.41 KB , 161x161 , sad kirby.png )

Uh, did someone add it back in? I notice the Unique IPs counter is back on threads, now giving an inaccurate count on every thread since it's only started counting after a certain date.


The global stats counter was removed, not the thread unique ip counter. The api seems to be returning bad data atm, will raise with zer0


File: 1709939855896.jpeg ( 26.24 KB , 350x350 , punpuny.jpeg )

Ah, well… I actually think the Unique IP per thread stuff is even more of a problem than the global stats. I guess I just hadn't noticed that it never went away. Providing a representation of the number of participants in a discussion clashes more directly with anonymity by making it trivial to keep track of the participants when the number is too small.


Originally it was only viewable by mods. In 2021 antinous made it visible to everyone because an anon requested that feature to prevent samefagging.

But I agree with you, it was probably only for mods for a reason.

For now we've fixed the count, but I've brought up the issue of removing it in the congress.

Unique IPs: 28

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