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File: 1619461040689.png ( 567.47 KB , 660x424 , ClipboardImage.png )


Hi. leftypol.org currently does not strip EXIF data which is an absoloutely huge oversight. Is there anyone on the staff currently able to fix this ASAP or at least post a link to your git with a sticky so others can fix this ASAP?
Thanks jannies.
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If i remember I usually try to pust stuff in the memes I make such as 'leftypol.org, /leftypol/, bunkerchan' and related meme keywords. I have a hunch it helps with Search Engine Optimization.
Maybe the ideal solution would be to remove any identifying data such as GPS data without actually scrubbing the whole thing. Thoughts on this?
Danke anon.


Perhaps have a checkbox to "Keep EXIF Data", with it default to "off".


Can you guys host a git.leftypol.org instead of using fucking microsoft-owned github? Thanks.




Strangely, there is a pull request dated Jan 18 for EXIF stripping that is still open.

File: 1619311459826.png ( 766.32 KB , 992x767 , 1619207461231.png )


Train a neural network to detect wojaks and make it autoban anyone who posts one.
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there are much less computationally expensive forms of text classifiers that can be used than neural nets. Running deep neural nets at scale for EACH AND EVERY POST would be a nightmare imo

Just using a few simple regex rules should be sufficient for 80% of cases


File: 1619486994616.png ( 42.29 KB , 454x1360 , (you).png )



How do you use regex to detect pictures?


if grep -cv ">" == 0 { delete(post) } // false positives are shitposts anyway


There actually is Tesseract OCR code in the codebase, not sure how well it works.

File: 1619502785214.jpg ( 12.44 KB , 224x225 , jannie.jpg )




Your image is more offensive then that thread. It's just a retard chatting ON /b/
Just click hide lmao

File: 1618838480481.png ( 535.5 KB , 1219x497 , Capture.PNG )


Could we have a permanent cycling thread for rightoids to debate us. In this manner we could keep than contained to one thread and prevent right-wingers from making new thread's or spreading their shit on other threads.
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Does /pol/ have a permanent cycling thread for us? no. So no.


because you realize that ANY social media that just lets debate go on with out any uncessary censorship WILL OVERTIME BECOME RIGHT-WING

right wing idea's trump left-wing idea's in an free enviorment


Right now, it's just the fact that there are a 100x more /pol/yps then us so they just scream loudly and win arguments via tantrums.


>debate me bro
>le marketplace of ideas


Well as others have said, /pol/yps will colonize the place if we let them fester here. They need to get b&

File: 1619342047269.png ( 413.14 KB , 511x595 , ayys.png )


>Leftypol.org is not currently under investigation by any Federal, State, or Local Authorities.
don't warrant canaries have to be dated for them to be useful?

File: 1618986811137.jpg ( 173.58 KB , 1153x885 , 1582454511469.jpg )


Default name in the anime board should've been 名無し if you ask me.


Yeah probably.
Who drew that? It looks a lot like Hardkoba but probably isn't judging by the filename.

File: 1618925837725.png ( 707.14 KB , 968x1216 , a8d5e1f.png )


Ban social democrats and electoralists, anti-revisionist revolutionary communists only


File: 1618927883082.jpg ( 140.46 KB , 828x581 , t.tankie.jpg )

>Ban social democrats and electoralists, anti-revisionist revolutionary communists only




ok but i will start with you


File: 1619123593472.jpg ( 35.01 KB , 320x314 , b62a0f2e3772e7ccccf4fa79c7….jpg )

>Only MLs hate socdems

File: 1619052712598.png ( 113.76 KB , 1066x388 , Screenshot 2021-04-21 8.51….png )


Surprised no one's made a thread about this until now: https://bunkerchan.net/leftypol/res/1335277.html
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>What's the upside?
Didn't you hear? There will be an event in the coming days that will transform our community, and potentially greatly boost traffic and name recognition.


Why do people even comment in streams this quickly?


I feel like potentially is doing a lot of lifting here.


15 milliseconds of fame.


File: 1614894214086.jpg ( 11.72 KB , 250x201 , 2ae4bcdf810f39ee7caebcc417….jpg )


Does the guy relentlessly posting WSWS articles, like a bot, count as spam at this point? Should I start reporting it? Should we leave it alone until it triggers a massive backlash?

WoosWoos reporting, while covering subjects mainstream won't touch, is mired in clichés (ghost of Stalinism, sectarianism, autistic self-promotion) that can get grating very fast, and a lot of articles are lacking in analysis in favour of whining (usually about capitalism functioning as intended). So will there be an intervention to reduce user exposure to Trot autism, or will we just give them enough rope to hang themselves with? Because after their review of Judas and Black Messiah, I don't see how they'll stop themselves from saying something that will piss even more people off.
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The virgin wsws and the chad telesurenglish.


Sorry but wooswoos posting is a leftypol staple. Maybe a warning and a temp wsws ban whenever there is more than X links to wsws in the catalog (not counting newsanon, but only when the whole OP is about a wsws link specifically)? I find them a bit kneejerk at times, but I find Jacobin and Breadtubers worse.


I don't mind it and I like the Ushijima pictures as well.


Stop being a newfag.


Maybe we can ask him to keep it in one thread?

File: 1618961266521.jpeg ( 100.56 KB , 960x787 , vinyl.jpeg )


Reporting from the overboard doesn't work.


What do you mean exactly?


>Invalid board!

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