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File: 1618784386819.png ( 517.45 KB , 2396x912 , 2 retards fighting.png )


>be mods
>claim everything is solved since we left the bunker
>check secret club board for jannies
>mods fighting behind closed doors
>one janny wants another janny gone
>jannies are now fighting over it
>one janny is very pro idpol

if any of you guys have had any issues with the moderation staff and it being inconsistent as fuck in the past while then this may shine a light on that reason, because they're fighting over how to manage the site



>internal drama



File: 1618784567673.png ( 470.12 KB , 2374x500 , janny.png )

The other major post in the thread in case you're too lazy to just click the link


>Being proidpol in a time when even basic bitch shitlibs are getting tired of it.
Why are you so married to shitty strategies radlibs?


As much as I understand the need to overthrow the moderator-janitorial class, your attempts at using the class hatred felt by us, the anontariat to attack your fellow MJCs is futile, Zul.


File: 1618785382694.jpg ( 700.25 KB , 1242x1510 , heckin.jpg )

isn't this infighting the reason why space_ prevented them mods from having full access to the site


This is the democratic process. This is why having one cunt at the top calling the shots is undemocratic. This is what happens when you have many people pulling to different sides.

And the board is insulated from this shit drama. We take the blunt of the drama for the sake of the community. If you want to get involved in the drama, become a mod, otherwise, we don't share these petty squabbles to not bother the wider community.

Yeah, inconsistent moderation is annoying, but it's the brice of freedom etc.


Nothing amazing is happening. If you actually read the constitution this is par the course. We are deliberating on how (if) anything is currently going to happen, but, there is not going to be anything major happening other than one mod might be reprimanded, or, not. This is exactly why people NEED TO be in the congress because I am working right now to make a congressional hearing a reality if we think that i actually needs to be taken seriously at all. Every mod with holds the right to bring another mod in front of a body of his peers for perceived fuck ups, should the need arise,and sed accused mod has a right to defend himself.
There wont be a shitstorm.


No. Space promised to give access to the site many times. The reason he didn't want to was control and "privacy" according to him. Don't invent shit, wrecker.


Don't make the mistake of letting trannies and shit control the site.




if /leftypol/ is really democracy and not just another LARP then maybe you guys should put /assembly/ on the front page and have the users of this site easily access it for the sake of openness



This is a good idea, i've put my support behind it.


File: 1618786223578.jpeg ( 7.85 KB , 210x210 , trerh4re6t5yh4e6.jpeg )

I am the one who updooted the preposal.

I agree with this 100%, but, right now I am doing what I have always done: Working to push the the board in a direction that includes more democracy and more transparency. There's issues with letting anons on the board itself post that other mods have brought up and I think that holds validity; wreckers. That is why there is a more democratic push in the matrix area of the board. I would deff say that if you are concerned with it you should join

The link in

We should probably put it on the front page, that isn't a bad idea. This also takes work though; that is neither here nore there currently. Contrary to OP's fanning of the flames this is actually par the course.


the pro idpol janny is trans btw


I wouldn't say leftypol is a democracy, just that it is more democratic than other online communities.
and it is a LARP, but we also take it seriously

It's a long story on how we got there, but we were testing out more avenues of transparency. We've been testing it for a while now and we've had mixed results. We've discussed rolling it back too, because it actually stifles discussion internally and also mods forget to check the board. Things are moving, which is good.

Btw: This chatroom is now for user-mod moderation. It doesn't have long since it's inception, but it has given good results so far. >>4967


No they aren't lol.


File: 1618786969473.jpg ( 687.12 KB , 2048x1536 , finlan.jpg )

boymoder conspiracy uncovered once again! they can keep getting away with it wtf!


>deletes the post


Take some T and don't wreck this shit you mods.


Had some issues with the mod flair because i am shit with technology, that's why i deleted my initial post stating that there wasn't a trans person on the mod team to my knowledge.




stop👏 being👏 prob👏 lem👏 atic👏
Yes. Me, I take trans pills and read the combehe komatay kumata river collective. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKhjVElzfnQ

If you aren't trans you are 👏 lit👏 er👏 ally👏 prob👏 lem👏 atic👏 and will be banned immediately. ksksksksks


File: 1618787813596.gif ( 617.89 KB , 500x375 , 1540287554039.gif )

Mod. Please. Stop being such a cunt. Oh god.


bruh moment

thanks overboard


wtf is this thread


File: 1618787948641.jpg ( 39.65 KB , 500x550 , retarded.jpg )

wadermeloops u are not very smard bro


Sweaty, it's not my job to educate you.


I know.


In my honest opinion this mod should be reprimended but I don't really see any specific issues about brinigng in genzedong fags or whatever here. So long as they stop being idpozzed and actually want to do actual shit or post good shit then it's good. I know i'm not the best poster here. I just got noided because I don't want another leftypol split. I'm in the mode that we should forgive and not split whenever we can. Dramafaggotry should not be encouraged. SOrry for being a shit and being paranoid.




>>Wvobbly wants a leftypol thats totally different than what leftypol currently is.
>Do I? Or do I simply accept that the community shall change over time, and that the moderation should change to suit that community?
uhh this doesn't sound very good


The migration was fucking tragic, but we're seriously nowhere near a split. I wouldn't worry about that. This is just petty drama shit.


>I just got noided because I don't want another leftypol split.

Don't worry, this is internal drama but not a split, either Wobbly will get removed or not, nobody is gonna start a new leftypol over it.


File: 1618789268558.jpg ( 7.76 KB , 626x128 , god i wish that were me.jpg )



Trying to LARP like an online anonymous forum needs to be a Wolff Co-op is retarded in the first place. There’s a reason most mod teams keep their drama behind closed doors and it isn’t up to the whim of a vote of a bunch of random anonymous avatars. Literally anarchotards just can’t accept that their copy paste utopia just isn’t going to fucking work


File: 1618792529865.jpeg ( 8.24 KB , 299x182 , fsdfsdf.jpeg )

How's bunkerchan.xyz working out?


File: 1618794324195-0.png ( 104.47 KB , 1647x291 , Krates Chat 01.png )

File: 1618794324195-1.png ( 24.63 KB , 1593x87 , Krates Chat 02.png )

File: 1618794324195-2.png ( 80.73 KB , 1593x266 , Krates Chat 03.png )

File: 1618794324195-3.png ( 47.49 KB , 1600x152 , Krates Chat 04.png )

File: 1618794324195-4.png ( 291.94 KB , 1405x1767 , krates chat 05.png )


I have put forward a proposal to remove Zul as I believe there is no other option to save the site from his and his clique's power grab.


Don't we all?


File: 1618795607814.png ( 24.63 KB , 1593x87 , 1618794324195-1.png )

This just makes Zul look good m8


hmmmm yes today i will make unfounded allegations against another mod


File: 1618795837935-0.png ( 113.24 KB , 1170x560 , log2.png )

File: 1618795837935-1.png ( 119.51 KB , 680x912 , log.png )

i'll defend myself and say this was after a particularly contentious period of modding and i ended up not wanting to purge people but to open up the modding process to more people. Here's some more context to those, krates himself admits here that wvobbly wants to turn leftypol into GETchan 2.0


File: 1618795941071.png ( 217.12 KB , 1883x1148 , Krates Resignation.png )

And yet, clearly Krates has changed his mind and can see you for the true danger that you really are.


lets get one thing straight both of you wanna purge the other, everything in this argument so far has been he said - she said, the only other thing from that i know is that you're a colossal faggot also zul was right on everything except that he used the word purge, mods don't control the site or discussion although you and wvoobly would like to believe otherwise


>Mods have a secret board
>Only two votes against the trannymod
Ya'll are pieces of shit




File: 1618797284583.png ( 29.13 KB , 656x152 , Screen Shot 2021-04-18 at ….png )

leftypol funny moments




>the trannymod
what the fuck are you talking about, reactionary?


>he doesn't know




Hello guys, we sorted this out, sort of, so don't worry. We had a very long chat in the congress and came to a compromise. So don't worry, /leftypol/ is here to stay!


I am so disappoint


File: 1618815268266.png ( 556.43 KB , 548x670 , final soylution.png )

based and estrogen pilled


I asked the same of logs, and even suggested the matrix open mod chat would be mirrored on the front page as well
also asked the same of the current community votes, they should be visible on the front page or smth
also a list of current mods/jannies should be available somewhere

I wasnt even aware /assembly/ existed, despite trying to check up on meta from time to time


You have to go back.


File: 1618930912983.png ( 85.22 KB , 540x607 , warning about wobbly.png )

Posting from mod room - https://lemmygrad.ml/post/12165

Wvobby has an account here, and had one before he was a mod. He further had a mod of the website, "Seabourne_PLA" say that "To address concerns of brocialism and western leftism on /leftypol/, though yes that used to be a major issue, the people in charge of Bunkerchan are well-read Marxists and are trying to turn the community around on those things. I don’t scroll it myself, however. The information I’ve shared is entirely second hand from a close friend who’s a respected member of the community."

"Seabourne_PLA"'s post was on the 25th of Janurary and Wvobbly was interviewed for a moderator position on the 19th. This and Wvobbly having an account on the site as well as Wvobbly's pro-idpol modding behavior strongly implies that Wvobbly is the "close friend" PLA is referencing.

One of the mods discovered this and was warning about wvobbly back in February


Brocialism is an actual issue in the community, we don't need more trannyposting and incel threads shitting up the catalog. Anfem poster may be a schizo misandrist but she is right to some extent.


We desperately want the social conservatives (which used to be filtered to actually reactionary if you remember the 8chan days)
we call this anti-idpol




The issue isn't anti-idpol, but rather how we conceive it. In /leftypol/ a lot of the time this is approached not by addressing the faulty reasoning of the reactionaries and trying to lead them to a better understanding of these issues (woke capital, pandering, co-opting) , but by sucking up to them to own the imaginary radlibs living rent free in their head.
Of course this isn't something that every single poster engages in, thankfully we have sane Comrades here, but we can't deny that it's usually these socially conservative users who usually derail conversations towards their talking points in regards to culture war nonsense.


>this is approached not by addressing the faulty reasoning of the reactionaries and trying to lead them to a better understanding of these issues (woke capital, pandering, co-opting) , but by sucking up to them to own the imaginary radlibs living rent free in their head.
First it happens in the other direction with libs too.
Second, most posters will either dismiss them through shitposting, or redpill them by explaining where this shit come from from a marxist perspective (but not as often, as it require effort for educating a retard, without guarantee of success).
I have never seen good posters (or even a big amount of shitposters) "sucking up to them", only retards getting called out. And yes, if they call out retarded libs sjw, we will join in. Just like we join libs calling out retarded polyps.
But in both case, with our own justification (that can often not be spelled out clearly in the case of shitposting, which is the majority)

Also, I will point out, the mainstream media power support both, but sjw are a lot more prominent in them, so they naturally receive more attention.


File: 1618946059963.png ( 18.2 KB , 720x380 , ripwatermelon.png )

Comrade Watermelon, the guy who fucking saved us from Bunkerchan, is targeted to be purged by the wvobbly faction.


Watermelon should have been purged when he deleted the boards on Bunkerchan.


the nuking was based


so long as someone else is enforcing bans for excessive liberal idpol, i don't care how radlib a place people advertise in. they will improve over time or fuck off because they're bored and don't buy into the psychological reward mechanisms of imageboards. (that is, they prefer retweets to (you)s )

it is more important to be vigilant against idpol of the right, which as we've seen enjoys a structural advantage on imageboard style sites with a culture of lax moderation. this is especially true if the rest of the web is turning away from liberal idpol, as that will only increase the power of right-idpol as western imageboard contrarians march ever rightwards in response.

"and since we conducted that meeting all sides have had a meeting and sorted everything out…"

the retards aren't called out often enough.

the purge was good and undoubtedly sped up the reunification of the community on the site with competent administrators. absent the purge we would probably still have two /leftypol/s, each going at quarter speed.


File: 1618947364436.jpg ( 77.24 KB , 687x928 , qtz8ddlwfq231.jpg )

>Mods are getting couped and they're totally okay with that
Fucking liberals, they don't let us have nice things


the mods are delusional retards that would prefer to LARP as politicians, believing /leftypol/ is some kinda political movement/party than actually run it like a fuckin site


I'm trying to summarize the gist of this thread: Banning reactionaries is good, except when it's done by the person who is too obsessed with banning reactionaries. On the other hand amok-deleting a mass of random posts is unquestionably good.


>the retards aren't called out often enough.
I agree with the newfag.


Is there any proof at all that this wobbly guy is up to what he's being accused of? Coming down harder on reactionary idpol is a very welcome change imo, even if I ultimately believe the root of this kind of drama is that theres no workable definition of "idpol", especially as a term that can allow for consistent moderation.

/leftypol/ has always primarily used "idpol" to mean liberal and left-liberal excesses regarding the prioritizing of various identities over class, and an overemphasis on discourse as determinative. /leftypol/ has also always been more permissive of "right wing idpol", both because it was almost a welcome change to deal with that instead of liberal hysterics, and because the climate of *chan culture that most of us come out of desensitizes the community to what would otherwise very much be considered "right wing idpol." Face it, there's no reason that left-liberals posting about lukewarm intersectionality racial politics would "divide the working class along identity lines" more than users saying uyghur and faggot all the time, but there's an implicit understanding that when people on here say idpol they mean liberals talking about identity. It's always been like that and there have been waxing and waning periods when /pol/ spam was banned with the justification of it being right wing idpol, but we should be honest about what /leftypol/ has always fundamentally meant by being "anti-idpol." If you act like "identity politics" is such a self evident thing and that its easy to distinguish in such a way to enforce a ban on it, of course the moderation is going to devour itself by chasing shadows.


>there's no reason that left-liberals posting about lukewarm intersectionality racial politics would "divide the working class along identity lines" more than users saying uyghur and faggot all the time
wrong, it's because if it's allowed, the board will become filled with that shit and irrelevant idpol flamewar in record time
go to twitter if you want that
on the opposite, users using lingo does not detract from discussion except if you instantly latch onto it


I'm not saying slurs should be banned or anything like that, I would strongly disagree with any proposition to do so. I'm just saying we should be honest that being allowed to say uyghur etc on here without moderation has nothing to do with a principled anti-idpol stance, it's just for better or worse a holdover from prior *chan culture and at this point relieving just because someone being allowed to be racist and not being racist anyway is a rare kind of environment these days and one that a lot of people understandably feel more comfortable in.


you can either allow left liberal types and allow more reactionary way of thinking or you can ban both, to have it tilt in one way or another will turn this site into a retarded circlejerk


File: 1619721199935.png ( 11.36 KB , 246x205 , epictroll.png )

As much of a circlejerk as banning Digimon from a Pokemon forum would be.


I agree completely


The truth is they want it to be a circlejerk


>whenever people with similar interests group together it's a circlejerk
I'm so tired of imageboard zoomies thinking like this.


Have you ever considered that the mods just want to have meaningful desicion in the actions they take on a site they work on?


People with similar interests aren't grouping together though are they? Some mods have been recruited and given the vote, and want leftypol to be more like every other website they've destroyed. Take a look at how well chapochat or lemmygrad or whatever they're calling it now is doing to get a good grasp on what their idea of "fixing" something looks like.
Maybe these mods should leave and go moderate dismantle.capital ?


>and want leftypol to be more like every other website they've destroyed
As someone not invested in drama I don't know if you're a schizo making shit up or the staff team is actually populated by uhh people from whatever websites you're claiming they come from.


No my point is that pro-idpol jannies would have perfectly fine communities that matched their views to go moderate if it wasn't for their views constantly trashing every website.
For example chapo.chat will ban you for downvoting trans posts, pronouns are mandatory, and there's a struggle session and drama at least every month. They wonder why their users are declining, and one of their users comes here to make this place "better".
It's not deliberate or a cabal or anything they're just fucking stupid people and they're everywhere.


>one of their users comes here to make this place "better".
Who and how?


Oh maybe it's not in this thread, I just read the actual one on /assembly/ because my internet was struggling with pics


File: 1619729974119.jpg ( 185.74 KB , 1306x1306 , tnd51or7b0421.jpg )

>chapo.chat will ban you for downvoting trans posts, pronouns are mandatory,

Unique IPs: 30

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