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Are the sites going to merge now or not? Is the article even out? Someone explain the situation


It was all a prank dy buck5.


Explain more faggot


the "article" promised by d0llars hasn't dropped so the jannies would be fools to accept now, that there will be literally no benefit. Part of me thinks it was a last minute prank to try to get on the mod team here. He's probably gonna throw in the towel after this after its apparent, i would be surprised if he still wants to keep paying for bunkerchan month after month to support like 50 posters who are remaining


Imageboards are cheap, especially small ones. You could host your average imageboard on a $10/year VPS.


I've heard that Dollars is paying much more than that, yes you could run a small board cheap but Dollars was probably hoping not to be a small board.


Honestly this whole shitshow is why we need some transparency with the mods. The thread on this was pretty heavily against Dollars bullshit yet all we heard was "we made a decision" from the mods without hearing anything. Im hoping they told him to go to hell but we will never know. inb4 more hidden drama causes another split.


Then he's fucking stupid for not sizing up when it happens.

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