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File: 1627514249069.jpg ( 203.35 KB , 1908x1217 , mascots.jpg )


With respect to the will of the users of GETchan, I propose removing both links to /GET/ and /ref/ in the boardlist and the landing page, as well as severing most other remaining ties.
GETchan and leftypol have diverged significantly enough to have developed irreconcilable differences. But more importantly, neither site benefits from linking to one another. If anything, attempting to maintain a relationship with GETchan is ultimately a fruitless waste of time for the administrators of both sites. Furthermore, I do not expect any noticeable drop in board traffic or post quality by removing such links, and it goes without saying that if GETchan users want to use leftypol they probably know where to find us.
I understand the historical significance of GETchan to leftypol, and I'm not suggesting that we go full Orwell and memoryhole it. I'm only suggesting that we opt to remember and respect GETchan "from a distance" so to speak.


>GETchan and leftypol have diverged significantly enough to have developed irreconcilable differences.
No they haven't. We've had /leftypol/ users on /GET/+/ref/ and their users here for the past 6 years. The only thing irreconcilable is approximately two people who don't like the other website. Utterly trivial e-drama.
>But more importantly, neither site benefits from linking to one another.
Our link to them motivates me to check occasionally for new topics, and no-one there has said anything negative in response to me. So I'd say it benefits them.
You say there's no benefit from linking, but I say there's no benefit from removing the links. They're nice leftist boards to be aware of that fill niches that aren't suitable to be hosted here.


No. Only like 2 people on both sides want this.


What in the goddamn…?


I don't like what happened there either, but the good folks of getchan (the majority) are our friends.


>Utterly trivial e-drama.
>are our friends.
they're maps anon

File: 1626507837439.png ( 541.53 KB , 594x774 , taro.png )


Please create a public API so that people can write/use their own non browser clients for leftypol. thanks


There's already .json files for each page of a board, that may be a good start.


>Please create a public API so that people can write/use their own non browser clients for leftypol
Look at the mobile client maybe

File: 1627462580040.jpg ( 71.91 KB , 1200x675 , 1625427878904.jpg )


Give me ONE (1) reasonal explanation as to why /GET/ and /ref/ need to be in the lolicon's hands.
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File: 1627464062696.png ( 203.11 KB , 1280x1280 , 1627105431623.png )

then why are they locked saying that >the actual (board) is located at getchan.net
Why are jannies so dismissive of this I don't understand, it's the same 5 people from here that post in there and the rest can't even bother to click on the alt boards, much less on a completely different site.
Then complain why /b/ is so littered, and there's been people asking for an /int/ equivalent.

Literally just give me 1 reason
and they fucking sage this thread what the fuck


Because it is a different website which is older than /leftypol/


This board is for talking about leftypol, and your whole post is based on a false premise. Of course they saged it.
You might as well be complaining about /r/socialism being in the hands of Republicans.


>/r/socialism being in the hands of Republicans.
/r/socialism is based though

yet /get/ still defended and the site is associated with them
just like with bunkerchan



File: 1627459114968.jpg ( 52.06 KB , 640x556 , nwr9fjvj8xc61.jpg )


Care to explain why you're hypermanaging this thread but not locking it? This isn't a flat question, it's a formal complaint that I want a reply from a moderator that wasn't involved in, regards to the constitution. It's apparently very important and I want to hear
A) The moderator from the thread's opinions
B) A second moderator who will observe the complaint's opinions


Instead of locking it, it should be deleted, as well as any obvious /pol/ and/or idpol bait threads.


noted, thank you anon


also btw you dumb self entitled schizo, none of your posts were deleted by mods

File: 1623183150623-0.png ( 1.96 MB , 2936x1764 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1623183150623-1.png ( 1.75 MB , 2822x1638 , ClipboardImage.png )


I'll keep it as brief as possible.
Note: This is only ONE mod's idea. It does NOT represent any other mod's wishes except my own.

- Geo-political content and happening threads represent a large portion of threads on /leftypol/ (close to half?).
- Lesser known happenings, news, global south happening generals, but specifically non-geo-political leftist discussion topics, sink more quickly.
- First few pages are high value real estate.

- Split /leftypol/ board into two clusters.
- Cluster 1: geo-politics, history, happenings, news, country/region generals, etc.
- Cluster 2: Anything that isn't the above, viz. general leftist discussions, theory, etc.

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>Unless real life keeps killing our devs
did one of our devs die ?


Only figuratively.


>Tentative names for Cluster 1 are
>- /geo/
>- /politics/
>- /world/.
/politics/ is too generic and overlaps with /leftypol/.
/geo/ could be confusing (geography, earth, ecology?).
The benefit of /world/ is that it automatically frames all threads as related to the world-system. Hopefully it will remind people not to view happenings idealistically as atoms in the void and think about how they're related to each other. The same word is also used by media to group together all "world news", so people already have that association.


I don't know, it sounds like cluster 2 would just be a more focused /b/ and cluster 1 is what /leftypol/ is now.


I don't know, it sounds like cluster 2 would just be a more focused /b/ and cluster 1 is what /leftypol/ is now….

File: 1626606575292.png ( 300.36 KB , 780x523 , chudes.png )


The recent filtering of the word "chu.d" into "FAGGOT" is unnecessarily bigoted and racist towards Baltic and Finnic peoples.

Please take it back and thank you.


kike -> kino


Good. They are all a bunch of uyghurs so they deserve it.


Pls do this mods, so we can detect /pol/ cockraches easily.




"Baltic Finns" would actually be a funny wordfilter for it, unlike the chan culture cringe we're stuck with at the moment.

File: 1622629683547.jpg ( 526.72 KB , 1374x1923 , screens.jpg )


These are notable archived threads which were saved on the bunkerchan website itself complete with working files but were unfortunately not transferred over to leftypol.org by the mods.
Bunkerchan is now only available over TOR and will probably go down even from there within this year. Save any files and make any screencaps you need from these threads while you still can. Archive links are also provided in cases where they are available but these only saved the thumbnails.

All links collected from:
Originally bunkerchan.net/archives.js before the redirection

Id: leftypol/8537
Name: For New Anons and Lurkers: FAQ, rules, and reading list
Date: 08/05/2019
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/8537.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/mlrGj

Id: leftypol/8622
Name: OC Thread 4.0
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


1300123 archive: https://archive.fo/Kdkuf
1202251 archive: https://archive.fo/Gbae6
1171034 archive: https://archive.fo/JKl9a
b/12358 archive: https://archive.fo/XKaaa
b/5711 archive: https://archive.fo/K699s
1041002 archive: https://archive.fo/wTVto
984007 archive: https://archive.fo/D2jhw
719970 archive: https://archive.fo/Yh5mG
489257 archive: https://archive.fo/Yqzaj
edu/400 archive: https://archive.fo/xS3xT
gulag/3941 archive: https://archive.fo/aoby9
gulag/2437 archive: https://archive.fo/Al0vX
gulag/1928 archive: https://archive.fo/WIR5B

File: 1627095495979.jpg ( 14.46 KB , 250x396 , Althusser.jpg )


Our janitorial team is 60-80% "anglo" (Canadian, UK, USA, AUS, etc.), while our posters are like 60% non-anglo.

How come?

Makes me THUNK really hard.
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File: 1627195718576.jpg ( 194.64 KB , 1490x1080 , lainbtfoing.jpg )

>Like has been pointed out already ITT, most agree there were excesses.
Lmao, the usual handwaving away of the issue, typical ML. There were excesses, BUT everything they did was basically right. Fuck off with your hypocritical partyspeak dip.

>That doesn't negate the fact that on average it was way better than the ancap-logic type moderation that was the overreaction and has stayed with us from /leftpol/ -> Bunkerchan -> leftypol.org

First, leftpol had not enough critical mass of posters and was overrun. Leftypol on the other hand has.
Second, nice smearing hands-off approach with ancapistan, typical ML again. Ancap is an economic position, and what we discuss here is politics. Your aversion to all things free is characteristic, especially your position on a degree of actual free speech that we have here.
I say it again, ban spam, cp, guro etc., lock especially cancerous threads or move them, but take it fucking easy and let the userbase battle it out by themselves. We don't NEED your overbearing assistance like a fucking vanguard or whatever. Fuck off with your ML cancerous mentality.


File: 1627196127324.jpg ( 19.06 KB , 300x283 , shrek.jpg )

>I suffered repeated bans from BO
<I was fucked in the ass by a banhammer too and I liked it!
okay buddy, I can see why you have that flag

>took a long time to break from the Anglo mental conditioning

you're stokholming hard


>The Nazis trying to exterminate entire groups of people “whitewashes” their crime
<Obviously the only way to uphold the sacrifice of the Soviets is to deny that the Nazis sought to exterminate all jews rather than acknowledge they sought to exterminate all slavs and roma as well!
Temperature of the universe after Heat Death occurs IQ


there is nothing more cringe then wanting the moderation team to push your personal political ideology.
people take leftypol far too seriously as a political entity and nowhere near seriously enough as a discussion board.

here's a radical idea: if you disagree with someone and they're not a tedious rightoid, argue with them, mock them, have fun with it. you're not the fucking checka, you're not here to protect some revolution. every single user on this board could join the US military tomorrow and the main historical effect would be a chart in stars and stripes magazine being a little bigger than it would otherwise be.

uncritical support for US intervention in Cuba, uncritical support for the balkanization of russia, uncriical support for the invasion of iran, uncritical support for america going back into afghanistan, Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times, Taiwan is not china, uncritical support for the overthrow of the Kim dictatorship, uncritical support for an invasion of Venezuela, the Bolivian coup was good, Israel is the only democracy in the middle east, and if there's any other countries you like, i hate them too.
no, not really, idiot. but look outside: look on Russia today, look on pressTV, look on KCNA, look on CNN. what do you see? i said the words and nothing changed. they aren't magical incantations and this isn't a wizards tower. they're just line noise on your internet signal.


You were buck broken lmao
Its okay to say Iran is bad and repressive tyrannical regime that needs human rights. Acknowledging the truth won't cause the sky to fall down. No one will care

File: 1627228299096.png ( 5.96 KB , 214x236 , shockjak.png )


Like seriously what happened several minutes ago? How can some people post gory images such as the one with the islamic terrorist tagline (where Samuel Paty's beheaded head can be seen). And also why is one post praising Kyle Rittenhouse? Like are those posts from /pol/ or is that a collection of /pol/ false flags disguised as antifa discussions?! Or is it just a spammer, posting useless things with a bot?

Are we attacked just now?
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go back faggot


And now you're harassing me? I'm just asking you guys what happened several minutes ago and counting into this exact moment.


> I'm curious what's happening inside their minds.
Lead poisoning. https://www.motherjones.com/kevin-drum/2018/02/an-updated-lead-crime-roundup-for-2018/
Tetra4Anon seems pretty based from the posts I've seen, let him stay.


File: 1627233234493.jpg ( 131.1 KB , 616x900 , нет.jpg )

Yo Tetra4Anon, replying to dumb troll posts doesn't help. That person comes around occasionally and responding just gives them attention. They're doing it to get a reaction. That's what's going on in their head.


File: 1627265932923.mp4 ( 5.09 MB , 1280x720 , pol cuck porn spam gore th….mp4 )

File: 1627233558215.png ( 10.24 KB , 1217x104 , Do your fucking Job!.PNG )


This site is being flooded with low quality rightoid bait, then the mods ban any /pol/ack shitposts. The quality of this site has taken an alarming dive.


That fag has been derailing thread after thread for days now.

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