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The current imageboard software (tinyboard/vichan/lainchan/leftypol) seems to have all been made and maintained without ever thinking properly about non-English letters. Let's fix that.

Have you had any issues with non-English letters? Please report any issues with examples here to help us fix them.
(If the site won't let you post a word, try posting it in a picture or writing it on another website like privatebin/cryptpad/pastebin and linking)

We already know that some word-filters are incorrectly filtering words with non-English characters (which will be fixed soon) and some letters breaking the post function >>6927 but there may be more issues that we can fix at the same time.

Post any features that have language issues: reporting, search, filenames, whatever.






Russian Cyrillic has been no issue.
Arabic and Hebrew/Yiddish on the other hand, don't work.


ތާނަ އަކުރު ބޭނުން ކޮށްގެން ޕޯސްޓު ކުރެވޭ


I need more detail to fix it. What do you mean when you say it doesn't work? Does it give an error like >>6927 ? Can you give me a link to some Hebrew/Yiddish text that will not work, so that I can test if its fixes or not?


bug report 01/02/21 >>>/leftypol_archive/1439
explanation and solution 01/06/21 >>>/leftypol_archive/1517
spoonfeeding 03/20/21 >>>/tech/7071


Once I typed in Japanese and got caught by the word filter. I'll try it again:


You're the Japanese language?


right, i meant


i can't replicate it, oh well


>Japanese language person
This is actually painful.






File: 1622097707886.jpg ( 568.14 KB , 1200x1500 , YOU CAN'T.jpg )

The word-filter correction to enable UTF-8 multibyte awareness is now working, so it won't mistake random non-English words for filtered words.

The thread showing off languages you can speak on /b/? That kind of false positive should be fixed now, although I couldn't replicate it even without the fix so maybe that affected post had a typo.


(If anyone cares and finds technical stuff interesting, I did a small write-up on what was happening. >>7252 )




File: 1622408359950.jpg ( 76.11 KB , 605x328 , a74d658d6e9b5d62bb7e96bc8d….jpg )

Old Church Slavonic also has no issues


βέδυ ζὰψ χθὼμ πλῆκτρον σφίγξ

κνὰξ ζβὶ χθὺ πτὴς φλεγµὸ δρώψ

µάρπτε σφὶγξ κλὼψ ζβυχθηδόν


يا عمال العالم، اتحدوا


in /dprk/ i couldn't post in Korean once and had to stick the text in a linked pastebin if that counts

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