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Clean up /anime/ please………….


Can you give examples? I deleted the reddit thread.




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First start by moving all the coom stuff to /b/ or at least a (sage) cmon, you don't see rule34 threads all over /games/ and /hobby/ do you?
There's a lot more of random shit that obfuscate discussion but degens are a constant on anime boards so there isn't much you can do, those are the most obvious ones

As for the loli and shota threads i'd outright delete them. Weather you think it is genuine pedophilia or not this always devolves in the discussion of it and its fucking sickening
Also jannies should know what happens to a site when they let these things slide


messed up the last ones


It seems like the people on /anime/ like those threads though, and they would get drowned out on /b/. Honestly if someone made a porn thread on /games/ I would be fine with it as long as it was related. I asked a while back on /anime/ if they wanted me to do anything and they said no, so I didn't do anything.


>and they would get drowned out on /b/

> long as it was related.

but most times it isn't related at all. it's just unrelated porn threads


>muh lolicon discussion
Thanks for deleting the 1 thread that actually questioned the Otaku narrative and BTFO them


Also who the fuck deleted most of the archive.is content for bunkerchan?! What the actual fuck?

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