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File: 1628953107175.jpg ( 219.79 KB , 1100x793 , the-soviet-flag-over-the-r….jpg )


What exactly is going now? There are two websites, does this inducate a new split?

It was always pretty unclear to me what caused this drama. Too much behind the scenes that we the ordinairy board users aren't privy to.

Pic unrelated
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This seems to be becoming more common.




There now seems to be a third site leftychan.org

Has there been another split?


No, the .org jannies just bought that to mess with us. It just redirects to leftypol.org.


Look I don't any of these personalities on the mod board and am just a rank and file anon who usually avoids /meta/ boards.

Whatever the dumb reason one of the boards needs to change its aesthetic a bit because having two suspiciously similar sites makes both of them seem scammy. Move the images around or something on main page.

I'm more attracted to this one now that's you've added /posad/ haha

File: 1629404793373-0.png ( 595.9 KB , 994x989 , CIASOY.png )

File: 1629404793373-1.png ( 26.21 KB , 1024x768 , scr (1).png )


Just got banned from the honeypot for posting this
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>torification, which would nullify a big part of the metadata concern.
A small part, IP is not everything. Probably better to use Tor browser to make your fingerprint more uniform rather than a client with its own versioned user-agent and other shit.

But in any case if you want to avoid tracking you need to compartmentalize i.e. fragment and isolate your actions into multiple unlinked identities. At the very least that would mean creating different user accounts for your different interests and using different Tor browser sessions to at least somewhat isolate these accounts from each other.


>oh no not my hekin telephone number!

Literally nothing is going to happen, the government of Israel is not going to kill you for creating a shitposting imageboard, schizos


B-b-but the Hawaiian glowie is going to kill me with her thighs for shitposting!


>>Matrix IDs mapped to Email addresses/phone numbers added to a user’s settings.
Think I fixed this in theory. Do you have any tips for making it secure or should just switch to IRC÷.onion ?


don't panic yet, this isn't really saying much

File: 1629426140428.jpg ( 207.97 KB , 1520x720 , Screenshot_2021-08-19-21-1….jpg )


Bros, I think I broke leftypol, this message only appears when I reply to a post, I can post regular posts without a problem

Is space still around in leftypol to begin with? Can anybody here explain what is this?
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Or maybe I was ;) tell your butt buddies at .org to ban every ISP from Mexico hahahaha


>.ogre jannies are so fanny flustered they actually come here to yell at anons.


They are basically impotent little cuckbois who have started banning innocent anons because they have a complex over, I literally have them on perpetual schizophrenia Everytime they see a Leftcom flag

I have already started shitposting with other flags, let's see if they get the same treatment hahahah


ngl we should ban mexicans too. even if they did it for the wrong reasons.


look, its time for me to come clean
I am the original "Mexican nazbol" shitposter, the lore write itself, and it eventually became something completely different

File: 1629451425037.png ( 15.79 KB , 1002x212 , sassa.PNG )


This is spam according to cabalo


Lying in moderation reports is a proud ogre tradition.

File: 1629168115955.png ( 8.23 KB , 240x240 , main.png )


To be blunt and to the point: I've witnessed three splits of our community so far the last 8 years and I have detected a certain tendency I would like to reflect upon if that's okay with you guys.

First, and following thereunder, schematic representations:
>back on 8chan
>OldBO starts banning pro-imperialist talking points surrounding Syria
<RESULT: "split board" is created
Analysis of the split (and sorry if this hurts your sentiments, but I'm way past of idgaf):
>main 8ch/leftypol quality of posts improve, we are witnessing way higher % of effort posts and so on, while
on the "split board:"
<idiotic appeals to "board direct democracy" are instated, promises of way looser moderation ensues
<our worst community members of old start inhabiting the place – and I'm talking about post-work, post-left, pro-bookchin, anti-civ, etc. etc. "snowflake" types
<the fucking splitting board gets overrun with "anti-transhumanist" (etc.) 8/pol/ spam in merely days
<the board becomes deserted

Second, the bunkerchan split:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Your incorrect. there was a split on leftypol 8ch. A new board was created called leftpol. The justification for leftpol was to give explicit support for rojava which old BO was not a fan of. Leftpol quickly devolved into a spammed wasteland and the original board continued on unill the end.


That didn't cause an exodus to bunkerchan though.


Actually, the justification for leftpol was a censorship-free leftist discussion board. I know, I went there and I never gave a shit about Rojava.


is that a separate website though?


That's just false. /marx/ was made by a guy called Ismail years before the split ever happened. That board was almost as old as /leftypol/ itself.
Ismail remade it as a forum on his own website after 8chan died.

File: 1625593892670.jpg ( 35.38 KB , 736x705 , brvop.jpg )


Can you add an /int/ board?
I would love if /leftypol/ hosted an international board that wasn't infested with alt-right weirdos, one that really focused on fostering international cooperation and learning/sharing each others cultures.
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mods should consider this, now that pol.org have heir own site and are pretty close to GETchan's /ref/, a local /int/ board would be a differentiating aspect to engage people


I think it shouldn't really be politics specific


but what if Im not a pedophile


File: 1628964142303.jpg ( 37.43 KB , 539x960 , esta.jpg )

I actually do like this idea ngl


Do this but move the /int/ style threads from /b/ or else it'll be deserted


I am not sure whether it is currently with admin team capabilitied to implement, but here goes:

In order to save server space and kerp the boards cleaber I propose that saged threads be auto-deleted after 5-7 days.

A similar thing could also be useful for threads that have a very small number of replies after a week (like less than 2-3).

Vid unrelated.


Really we should be prioritizing deletions before saging. We shouldn't be saging threads that need to be deleted.



You may be right, but this is meant as way to keep safe threads from crowding out decent but less viewed ones.

File: 1628808292274-0.png ( 47.2 KB , 1527x344 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1628808292274-1.png ( 93.58 KB , 1320x494 , ClipboardImage.png )

 No.9714[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

So far I've got two applications for vol, and I will post more as they come. See if you like these guys.
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>Most of the bee posting was coming from the TOR node.I've banned that on the /meta/ only for a week
:^) you are such a fuckup it's amusing


bee should've been banned much earlier if they were this passive aggresive and psychotic from the get go imho


Literally none of the tor posts are mine though.


If they suggested the /music/ board in the first place, then I do not have a problem with them.
Political nuances are irrelevant when your job us to clean up gore and cp


and clean /pol/yp please.

File: 1628950588344.jpg ( 180.76 KB , 487x487 , liberalism.jpg )


I've been touching grass for the past 2 weeks, what exactly is this new site? Who's the admin and why have you caused a split?
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>Because we’re not constantly jerking each other off
Sounds like a cope to me
>overt pro LGBTQ sentiment was allowed to run rampant
no It wasn't. You're just a retard who refuses to use the report function, and who expects moderators to be terminally online in every single thread


>Sounds like a cope to me
Nah, you all cluck on and on like a gaggle of old hens. Of course your PPH will be higher.


>Nah, you all cluck on and on like a gaggle of old hens. Of course your PPH will be higher.
This is pure cope because our PPH is 5 posts LOWER on /meta/ and 20 posts higher on /leftypol/. The only one clucking about the drama here is you, meanwhile we discuss serious leftist topic.


You guys use every board to bawk on. Your fastest thread is about leftychad. Serious topics my ass. Anyway if it's do great go there now, shoo!


>no It wasn't
So much of their board is Shay's nudes and chaser anons thirstposting they might as well retitle it /onlytrans/

File: 1629000855701.jpeg ( 76.74 KB , 1024x709 , 1610963487496.jpeg )


We currently have several applications that are over overwhelmingly in favor in the congress. We are waiting for them to resolve. Right now, yes, we are short staffed. Please be patient with us as we work to resolve the issues the board currently holds. If you are interested you can check the assembly board to see the currently existing votes.

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