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File: 1628621917356.jpg (69.88 KB, 660x985, Underwater-Nun.jpg)


Where tf the copypasta thread
Not for serious shit but for jokes/memes plus effortposts
I lost my files of effortpost screenshots and need them back


In /b/

File: 1628668207648.jpg (200.48 KB, 1080x731, leftypol mods.jpg)


I've been an Imageboard user for 10 years, I've been posting regularly on 8 imageboards ranging from 4chan, to other more niche oriented imageboards and others focused on certain languages.

And I can say with total certainty that leftypol has by far the worst mod team I've ever seen, they can't agree on what the rules mean, they don't understand their own rules, they challenge and dispute each other over petty things, they feel the need to constantly post using their mod caps as a way to bring attention to them, they are unnecessarily obnoxious etc etc.

They all behave like spoiled 15 year olds, no they're even worse, moot managed to moderate and manage a much bigger imageboard at that age, you have absolutely no excuse for your behavior, and this applies to all of you.

Do you really need to make tons and tons of stickies to complain about others? Tons and tons of threads playing victim and blaming other mods? This is not a game, you're running a website, you're at the vanguard of a movement that will be very strong and far reaching in a few years, and instead of doing your jobs as quietly and diligently as possible with clear rules and moderation policies you feel the need to destroy the site with your drama, your stupid backstabbing, your stubbornness and plain horrible behavior.

You're supposed to be adults, well read and intelligent adults, but for some reason you feel the need to act like pic related. While destroying the site at the same time.

Grow a pair, all of you, and focus ffs, this whole shitshow may be fun for some of you (roleplaying as Coupists, dictators or poor victims of the opposition) but it's not fun at all for us, the users of this place.
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>using 4chan

fuck off conservative socialist


rules ought to be guidelines and moderation ought to be based on discretion rather than lawyer-like adherence to rules. where the mod team fell short was not bringing their disputes into the public domain for discussion before they grew to the point where they started removing one another. in this way, a general policy could be decided for how to moderate any given subject (with rules added, clarified or altered as necessary.)

sorry about the 10 wasted years.


Migrating from bunkerchan was a mistake

also see my thread: >>441498


>fuck off conservative socialist
no u

File: 1628692095509.png (80.64 KB, 347x288, tf.png)


Enable flags and IDs in [ assembly / meta ]


Not a bad idea.


It should have been that way since the start. Who knows all the astroturfing that could be going on here


Why not, though it can be easily circumvented. That being said, it could be too hard to implement from scratch from the existing software to be a realistic proposal.
ok glowie


no u

File: 1628464054096.gif (11.78 KB, 220x213, pepe.gif)


the postertariat has had enough of this! the janitourgeoisie infighting and couping each other, the site turning to absolute shit! we cant take it anymore and we will not take it anymore!

this thread will be one where the posters will initiate their demands directly to the current ruling junta and finally unionize to protect the place they know and love!

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That wasn’t the response. The rest of the mods aren’t on his side in this to begin with.

t. Was fucking there.


Fucking liar.
The mods agreed to any changes to the system that were to be imposed.


File: 1628675432728.jpg (97.29 KB, 1280x720, Don't get too big for your….jpg)

To all mods, kill yourselves. The postertariat is more important than your faggotry. It's not going to be the /pol/ raids, the soyjakkers, or even the avatarfags, its you that's going to kill this website.


>The mods agreed to any changes to the system that were to be imposed.
That's not the whole picture.
The coupists have no experience doing anything. So the mods were willing to do ALL the work to implement the changes to the system.

The coupists behaved like the classic incompetent hostage scenarios where the retards don't even know what they want so they order pizza.

Let's not forget the hilarious idpol and fedposting """rules"""" that were proposed by the coupists. Weaponized incompetence.
The mods are grill pilled, which was part of the issue because Zul, the drama wrecking faggot, was allowed too long. When the mod team finally unanimously (including watermelon) decided to kick him, the sysadmin initiated a coup. Now Zul and watermelon are fuckbuddies? Lmfao.

Clean up the fucking site, coupists.


once again there seems to be a spate of pol rapefugees in the midst of an attempt to slide into the boards and frankly it makes a person miss the days where the highest annoyance mostly was an excess of pornographic threads by shay

File: 1627112818406.png (364.14 KB, 500x1000, 1551925387923.png)


Mods should help /edu/ more. Move any thread that can be moved there. Like straight up take that shit on /edu/
It"s the only way of making it relevant.
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/b/ was objectively better before the redirect, and it isn't necessary either.


without /b/ all this shitposting woud happen on /leftypol/ and this woud make /leftypol/ even worse


Mods should help edu


It was. /b/ is complete trash now except for the copypasta thread and a few more. Also it seems like radlibs and /pol/yps are constantly trying to colonize it.


We should only have /b/, /leftypol/, /edu/, /hobby/ and /meta/

b for shitposts, lefttpol for discussiong, edu as an archive, hobby should host tech, games, anime and music, and meta as it is

File: 1628629603668.jpeg (23.31 KB, 700x350, external-content.duckduck….jpeg)


Where can I access the old & the new Matrix server?

>inb4 ban/moved to another board

FFS, I'm merely asking the userbase to provide basic info which was considered to be "standard service" before this Retarded split or whatever.




File: 1628634886993.jpg (14.91 KB, 217x337, 198384.jpg)

So much for the constitution.

File: 1628531193109.jpg (67.68 KB, 857x591, 1453510245586.jpg)

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The incredibly based military junta ran by myself has decided on a number of reforms that will improve the way mods act and the way users are allowed to provide input to moderators.

Part of the thing that started this all was Zul taking a proposal to increase oversight of the mod team from some people in the matrix chat and implementing itself because he thought it was absolutely necessary for the team to continue functioning. We are going to implement most of those reforms, and some others aimed at resolving the differences in moderation styles that has been at the center of some of these conflicts.

For starters:

1. A new matrix room to replace lefypol congress will be put together with through vetting of the users in it, and in that room users will be able to directly vote and make suggestions to the mod team. The counterpart to this on the website will be /assembly/, which is the mod voting board. This board should be made open to the public and turned into a general suggestion and discussion bin while /meta/ is for more technical and specific issues regarding the site and moderation.

2. There will always be the potential of gridlock and drama in a mod team that is sharply divided, so whenever an issue that causes incredible opposition from half the team or even a minority of the team the first thing to do should be to poll the users and get input in the new matrix chat or the /assembly/ board. Input will also be requested for new admissions to the vol team and new vols might also be drawn from that matrix room.

The objective is to have an authentically user run management part of this website with a direct line to the vol team.

3. If all else fails and the opinion of the majority of the mod team seems to be sharply divorced from the opinion of the users, the matrix chat can simply vote on allowing a mod to override the rest of the mod team even if that mod is in the minority opinion. The watermelon military junta only happened because I and some others believed that the site itself was threatened by the degree of dysfunction in the mod team, and in the future overriding mods who like voting on things like this should have some basis in an established system.
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no not really in the end toast overacted and simp for soy posts that soy users don't even care about
>>434302, it was removed because of the fear of doxing and to others mods it could lead into it from what caballo and water said


most likely

no u


>there's now a third faction with Antinous
Any proof that this constitutes a third faction? Or has his allegiances been made clear prior to gaining this access now?


it could lead into that type of shit and lq posting is what lead him to delete it
he says he does this for everyone even for haz


just my take >>9210

File: 1628468575436.jpg (261.48 KB, 1435x1616, 1627323564790.jpg)


The problem with the site is that the staff believe they are above the rules, and this is because the rules are up to personal interpretation. The staff believe they are a superior clique above the userbase, and that this site should be moderated according to their will. In order to stop another staff chimp out you need to engage in a different set of policies or else this shit will happen again every now and then.

1.- Purge them every four-six months. Under no circumstances should the staff stay in power for over four-six months. This just causes them to power trip eternally. Create a better set of rules and make the staff police the site according to those policies, not according to personal interpretation.

2. They should be held accountable by the userbase, every ban should display who gave the user a ban and people should be allowed to discuss bans. That way people will be able to notice if a staff member is power tripping and can demand action against this person.

3.- The reason for a ban shouldn't be up to personal interpretation, the staff member should point out which rule the poster broke and it should be displayed in the ban notice.

4.- Do away with shitposts. At this point in time it is well known that certain shitposts are common occurance, create a general for those topics in /b/ and any post about these topics should be deleted and the poster should be directed there, some examples of these cyclical generals could be:
- The police question
- The nation/ethnicity question
- The religious question
- The race/IQ question
- Anything related to sexuality and gender
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Logistically infeasible.
This is already the case.
Good luck writing specific rules, I'm sure you can do better than every human society that has tried and failed to do so in the past 10000 years. In reality, we do not need iron clad rules as long as there exists an appeal process which in theory, already exists (meta/element chat).
Sure why not


How is it infeasible? People can learn to moderate this site in an hour, it isn't rocket science.


did some people actually take the joke imageboard cultural revolution proposal seriously?


Humor on /leftypol/ is no laughing matter.


Agree with everything but point 4, these questions are popular because they are important and we shouldn't punish users, especially new ones for talking about them.

File: 1628108693268.jpg (62.57 KB, 606x602, 1627945276866.jpg)


>ban someone for "no"
>doesnt link banned post
>doesnt allow you to appeal ban because you're banned
lovely transparency you guys got going


oh i can post on /meta/


If I had a magic wand I would give everyone waffle hands

File: 1627931560604.jpg (Spoiler Image, 104.1 KB, 976x850, Peeps.jpg)


It's yet another time when the /pol/yps raid again. It's always in spurts of activity too so I doubt it's native users
Where the fuck do these people come from?
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File: 1628324462638.png (753.85 KB, 1200x645, 58385908390534.png)

We need a purge.


It's not so bad when murica is asleep
maybe a captcha for burger hours?


how about you do your fucking job


Disc: I am Tetra4Anon, that Olympics thread poster back in Leftypol.
1) I need the mods to be reformed (put leftists instead of polturds)
2) All RW talking points must be banned AT FIRST GLANCE.
3) Ban Leninhat, Leftcom, and their accolades



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