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File: 1630012394451.png ( 34.59 KB , 900x363 , 10-103452_merger-and-acqui….png )


I propose that anime, games & music be merged into an /ent (entertainment) board so as keep things a bit more consolidated.

Perhaps hobby and tech could also be merged.


i object


its really not necessary to fill any of those boards with anime trash



Well if that isthe case, why not then merge anime into b or ban it altogether?


but why


this site becomes the altboard leftist site, and the other becomes the more politics focused leftist site.


File: 1630117892091.png ( 421.06 KB , 1030x669 , 1620356993545.png )

The /anime/ here seems to be more frequented than that of the other website. None of the boards should be deleted. Although /b/ should be more strictly controlled.



So as to simplify site navigation, ensure most visits to neglected areas, and generally make administration easier.


wasn't there a /media/ proposal?
keep the more weeb/lifestylist shit on /b/, i don't see a problem with the rest



/media also is fine. The name doesn't really matter.


The proposal is to rename music to media for general media.



Sounds like a good idea. Often games, films, etc. have interesting music so it would be a very complimentary board with good cross polination potential.

Still if a lot of people think anime should be kept seperate perhaps a poll should be put up to vote.


Does this include the fiction and art stuff from /hobby/?


If the anime board is gone then it is off to dot org for this poster.



Potentially. My first idea was indeed a big merger of music, games, anime and hobby.

Some people objected to merging anime.

I think minimally games and music should merge. Ideally though an /ent board would include all of the above.




Don't you fucking dare kill /games/ again.


WTF It's not "entertainment" it's culture for fucks sake!!!!
Change it back to /mu/ and merge anime and vidya into /otaku/ or some shit


Stop suggesting random shit.
We need two entertainment boards: /media/ for shit you read or watch, and /hobby/ for IRL stuff, simple as.


I had hopes for this site but prioritizing consumerist nerd shit over actual culture is the last fucking straw. Fuck gaymers and weebs and fuck this site. I'm done. A curse on all your houses.
>hurr durr books should be the same board as capeshit and teevee shows because you look at all of them them with your eyes
Fuck off and die faggot I hate you


>Sperging over some letters



I think the education board can work well for serious reading, no?

Honestly I just wanted the boards to be more consolidated so threads could get more attention and the site navigation does become too unwieldly.

The name of the board doesn't matter so much to me.


Don't forget to join the matrix peeps. It's easier to get heard there and you have a say in the voting process.


Any progress on the merger? Seems to have stalled.


Is this an .ogre troon imitating leftcom or did they have a fucking stroke?


So it looks like the ent board was named but the merger was stalled. Are they mods reconsidering what should be merged in or not?

What exactly is happening.


No it just takes time. Join the chat


I'm the other leftcom. Just really drunk and high and upset about the proposal to the point where I had a meltdown and considered quitting this self destructive image board habit entirely. which is probably a good idea if I ever want to focus on being productive again, but,
>you're here forever
I stand firm on this: merging /mu/ with anime and vidya faggotry is retarded. It will just annoy the users of all of them, and I will not post on such a clusterfuck of a board. As a musician it's just insulting. Might as well just merge everything non-political into /b/
no time for that shit



The board list is getting far too large though. It needs to be consolidated for reasons of traffic and navigation ease.

If I were dictator there would be something like 4 boards: News, History, Theory, Entertainment.

Then again I am more interested in actual marxist/communist discussion more than anything else.


>News, History, Theory
The other boards are rightfully their own niche: they don't mix well and they are best contained in their own spaces.
On the other hand the new boards are unnecessary: they could all be crunched back into threads on /b/


File: 1631371771799.png ( 28.86 KB , 740x394 , ClipboardImage.png )

The whole board division thing is retarded because everyone is going by gut feeling of what each board should be.
Fact is both /i/ and /posad/, and /urban/ to some extent have had fairly decent activity compared to the overall site, even more than the usual /alt/ boards suggesting that they've likely held up some .ogre users. When /i/ randomly quiet down 2 days ago the whole site took a hit
That's why I think >>10577 is a good idea, "history" could go in /theory/ and let say /edu/ for the less explicitly lefty stuff. Dividing /leftypol/ would differentiate us from the .ogres if when they come here they don't see the same muh general muh /usapol/ autism drowning out content. Something a bit more dynamic to give this some identity of its own
>As a musician
uygha it's just you who will post that why do you care. I dig the /ent/ - /edu/ dynamic maybe the more theoretical or "cultural" media stuff could go there


there's a dead link to /music/ on the top bar



Its wierd. Maybe there disagreement among mods with equal site admin privileges?


No, it was just a bug that happened with the last update. Will be fix'd soon enough. /ent/ can still be reached by https://leftychan.net/ent/

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