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Why is there lots of coronavirus disinfo in /leftypol/? And why aren't jannies so quick on preventing the spread of these kinds of falsehoods?


Because they have a life and better things to do than care about idiots.


They could simply delete their threads, why won’t they? This is not a platform of misinformation.


then why are they jannies in the first place


90% chance you made this thread to be a contrarian's contrarian, but the reason is because so much of the userbase are (a) contrarians and (b) like to pander to rightists and schizos because they more closely relate to the schizo who makes brexit part of his personal identity than to the normie who just got a phone call offering the jabs and said yes simple as.

also, although anti-vaccine stuff is stupid, /leftypol/ isn't actually influential enough for that stupidity to be a public health risk.


>a contrarian's contrarian
I'm posting this because I'm concerned about the many virus disinformation being posted recently. From the leftcom to that unnamed anon, they have indeed pushed lies and convincing fellow anons to believe in their lies. This epidemic must be stopped. Yet the jannies remain quiet. Big Tech has done a very good job why can't the jannies?


File: 1628084831904.jpg ( 36.58 KB , 640x480 , 0qe7lxn6zj021.jpg )

>Big Tech has done a very good job why can't the jannies?
overegging it lad.


What I meant is that
>Why can other social media mods tackle disinformation that fast, that quick, that instant, why can't the jannies learn from them???


we could delete it quickly but it's not banned anon


It should be


>Big Tech has done a very good job
Yeah they helped make the anti vaxer movement big in the first place. This has existed for a lot longer than Covid ?
Also groups like anti-vaxers are tolerated because they are useful to smear potentially legitimate critics.

Deleting what these people say online counts as a "good job". Science gained so much social power because it used to be very persuasive, historically the opponents of science lost the debate and social credibility. But the rigor has been lost at least in the public sphere. Remember that at the beginning of the pandemic there were people in mainstream media posing as scientists or the "voice of science" that told everybody that masks don't work, which was Bullshitt, and everybody with the smallest bit of scientific literacy knew it. One has to be reminded that in the first world there actually was a time when vaccines were seen as an uncontroversial good. And i have to ask why was all this trust lost, who fucked that up ?


>Deleting what these people say online counts as a "good job"
Deleting what these people say online should not counts as a "good job"


>why was all this trust lost, who fucked that up ?
1) Andrew Wakefield
2) Vaccine misinformation on early days of pandemic
3) Cntinued vaccine misinformation
4) Trump's tweets
5) Qanon

Why? Censorship?




Just say you're supporting vaxx misinfo, absolute retard.
Go fuck yourmom, fuckwad, dan jangan lupa minum racun,
Kalau kamu gak ada kerjaan disini, diem aja, gomong sama gw pake bahasa isyarat ajj.
Kita udah eneg sama berita hoaks EHHH malah lu dateng bilang
What for?


that's just a silly question: "why can facebook, the 6th largest company in the world, selling a product based on mass surveillance, do a better job at suppressing something than a few unpaid volunteers running no-doubt janky as fuck anonymous board software and mostly reliant on user reports?"


Oh okay then, but the jannies should be more proactive in countering anti-COVID and anti-vaccine conspiracy theories that are straight-out FALSE.


I don't know who Andrew Wakefield is. My point was that all the mistrust in vaccines was much longer in the making than Covid, there were outbreaks of old diseases we thought were eradicated, because parents started refusing to vaccinate their children like a decade before covid.

I think that if you have to censor science denial you already lost the fight. The enlightenment movement that popularized the scientific method as a tool for knowing what's going on had to fight against the church, and they had no institutional backing that could censor on their behalf, in fact they had to fight against censorship them self. And yet they won against all of this. What ever they had that made them win is what we need to get back. I see this period in time as reality asserting it self. Your ministry of truth even if it deserves that name in earnest is week sauce in comparison. Scientific knowledge became an undeniable, irresistible force that altered how people looked at the world. I want this real enlightenment not just a secular priesthood.

There's like a new youtube "meme" or format where two or more scientists have a public fight over scientific theory, sometimes they make a wager. Maybe something like that is the way to go.


dangerously idealist. (even if there is discussion to be had about scientists losing credibility, where i'd put forward the case that a lot of the time it's intertwined with the way politicians and non-scientific experts like economists have spunked away their credibility)
science didn't beat religious fervor by debating them to death, it won because (1) it actually worked. "god's on my side!" doesn't count for for much when you're taking a sword to a gunfight, and (2) people were compelled into getting vaccinated or otherwise complying with such directives. (even if, by modern standards, the level of compulsion may seem benign. consider, for example, the way that men in WW1 were press-ganged into the trenches before generalized conscription by "mere" social pressure.)
repression and the use of force is always the name of the game. there was never any mystical time where ordinary people were converted to the scientific method (or any other worldview) by reasoned debate. that was always an illusion caused by the fact that for a period, the entry costs to mass publication were so high that official censorship was of limited necessity. (and even then, unofficial, private censorship was rampant.)

there is surely an essay to be written about the rise of antivax nonsense correlating with neoliberalism, a worldview that puts the market above the public to the extent that the freedom of grifters to sell lies and placebos is considered more important than the public's freedom from the plague. if you want your root problem, that's where it lies.


Seriously the report queue is frequently empty.
And simply there is too much content for effective moderation.

Plus, there's been a concentrated attack by fresh IPs spreading misinfo.
Plus we have the retard leninhat among one or two others that also push this shit.


Sneed my anus golem uyghur faggot


If you think it should be banned you can join the chat congress and voting hall and argue your point anon.

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